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nhsuzanneAugust 16, 2004

Good Morning All,

Patti, I hope that things are much better than you expect when you get home. I know things are a mess down there but it seems that they really get things up and running quickly after the storm leaves. I hope I am right. (((((HUGS)))))

It's so dark right now! We are loosing light quickly in the morning now and it's noticable on the other end now. It's practically dark at 7:30. Ugh. Of course the rain makes it seem all the darker.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I didn't do much with the weather but I did get the curtains for the trailer done, finished my book, What Horses Say, it was great and got some indoor stuff organized. Yes, organized!

Wake up and tell us how your weekend was.

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Good Morning NHSuzanne - We had our garage sale this weekend. We had beautiful weather so we got a good crowd of shoppers. I nickel and dimed my way to $155, so I was happy, considering I didn't have anything priced over $5. I only had to pack up a few small boxes and the rest went straight into the garbage.

(((Patti))) - I will be thinking of you and Dave and hoping that your home is safe and dry. Let us know as soon as you can.

(((Besh))) - Check in when you can.

I only have 3 weeks of my summer vacation left and I have so much to do. This week will be spent getting DD organized and then we take her to school on the 24th. Then I have to start thinking about getting ready for preschool.
DS is moving his last load of stuff home today and then he is here to stay. I won't be able to get on the computer as much as I would like, but I will check in as often as I can.

Have a great week,

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Good MONDAY morning everyone!

NH Suzanne, sounds like you had a nice weekend; isn't it great when you finish a book that you love? So nice to look back and reflect on it. I'm still trying to finish "Best Friends", but with company all last week, it was difficult to get an hour to myself.

Had so much fun with my nieces. In fact, they are still sleeping. I asked them to leave this morning because I didn't want them driving home (2 hour ride) in the rain. My niece who drives just turned 17 this May, and I felt she needs more experience before driving that distance on wet roads. Anywho, I'm working from home this morning until about 9am. Once they leave safely, I'll pack up this laptop and head off for the office. Then this vacation will officially over and it's back to the grind!!

[[[[[[[[[Patti & Dave]]]]]]]]]]], I hope things are manageable for you both. I have also heard that original estimates pertaining to down time may not be accurate,k so you may be up and running sooner than you think! Here's hoping that you are back to normal soon! Thank goodness you are both many were hurt. :(

Amy, please check in with us to let us know how you are feeling.

[[[[[[[[Besh & Peggy]]]]]]]]]] still holding you and your family in my prayers. Having gone through this, I do know how sad and exhausting this time is for patient and caregivers. If I can help in any way, please e:mail me.

Marci, I cannot believe you go back in 3 weeks. This time just flew by for you! You need another few projects! You never made it here to help me! I'll have to start planning my to-do list for you early next year!

I had about 20 people here yesterday for a luncheon; because it rained, everyone had to be inside. While I have plenty of room for 20 people, everyone seems to congregate into one area which was maddening at times! Of course, no one wants to leave, so it took until this morning to clear away the entire mess! LOL

Raeanne, yes, MONK is the OCD guy on USA network. I love that show and can relate to a few of the things he does. If I had the time, I could be very OCD about lots of stuff! Alas, time is my enemy! LMAO!!!!

Have a great week! I've got to get back to counting points starting right now!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello all.

Marci... happy belated birthday!!!!Hope you had a good one!

My DH and I survived Hurricane Charley. We were very fortunate. Punta Gorda which is about 25 miles away, got the eye of the hurricane. We had minimal Damage to our home, lost alot of trees and shrubs. The front of the house took the most pressure and our windows and doors leaked so we have water damage. The pressure inside the house was amazing. The doors and windows moved in and out like they were breathing. The front door needs to be re-hung, it is out of whack, but withstood the winds. Not anything we ever want to go through again. We started the storm out in a closet and then moved to a bedroom which is buffered by the garage.

The whole thing from start to finish was about 3 1/2 hrs. Friends of ours lost their boat, it took on too much water and it sank. Most homes who have Southern Exposure lost their lanai cages. Our winds were 90 miles an hour and the winds got up to 127 miles an hour in Punta Gorda. Driving around, it looks like we had a war/battle. No Power for most everyone and sounds like it will be weeks before some get power. We have no phone lines, but do have power. Again we are fortunate. We were only without for 24 hours.

We have friends staying with us, because their home had more damage and has no power. Needless to soon as the mayhem is over, we are getting hurricane shutters and a generator,

I know Patti (yankandtex)were concerned about Hurricane Bonnie and hope everything is fine with them.

Take care - Lynn

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Just read the thread prior to this one and read Patti's posts. We also have our fingers crossed that Earl does not come anywhere near SW Florida..... or anywhere for that matter.... everyone cross your fingers.

DeeMarie - I caught a MONK marathon not too long ago and loved it.

Anyone into Big Brother 5????


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Lynn, I am also hooked on Big Brother 5. Glad Jase is out of there!

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Hi Lynn,

Glad to hear you fared well through the storm! Tis the season! A generator is a great thing. We have one and use it frequently in the winter. I can't be without water for the horses for long which is my main reason for having it but it's nice to have the furnace and a few lights too!

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Speaking of Big Brother and Generators - the other night we lost our power briefly, while watching Big Brother and I was getting DH to put the generator on, so I could finish watching - but the electric came right back on LOL.

Dee - I am so thrilled that Jase is gone too - I couldn't stand watching him any longer. It is very unnerving when teens start to drive - you were wise to send them on their way early.

Lynne - So glad you didn't suffer any significant damage.

It poured buckets this afternoon while I was out and came home to find that my gravel drive is halfway down the street and my driveway is a series of 18" ravenes. DH was attending a funeral in NYC - so he will be thrilled to see this when he gets home later.

I have an appt with my dentist 7:30 tomorrow monring. I need to get another dreaded root canal. My tooth started to bother me on Thursday and my dentist was on vacation. It got bad enough for me to call his fill in on Saturday and he told me to leave work immediately and get some antibiotics in me at once. I think I like this guy LOL - even though I stayed at work and DH got the antibiotics for me. I'm not in pain, but one side of my face is a little puffier than normal.

Sending hugs to everyone that needs them.

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Good TUESDAY morning everyone!

[[[[[[[[[Raeanne]]]]]]]]]]]] - hope your tooth feels better by now! Isn't it awful when "stuff" gets in the way of your routine.

Tomorrow I take DH (yet again) for his kidney procedure. He passed a huge stone on his own this past weekend, and said the pain was so-so. I think he's actually getting used to it! He assures us that, because he knows what it is, the fear factor (!) is gone, so it makes it easier to divert attention away from the pain to some task or TV show. Not for me---I'd be demanding some serious, mind-altering drugs! LMAO!!!

NH Suzanne, I thought lots about you last week. We took my nieces and my DSDs to Medival Times. Not sure if you know much about it, but there is a show with the dinner, and the horses were spectacular. They all danced and pranced around like "My Little Pony"!!! We had so much fun! Also, I watched "Hidalgo"(?) with one of my nieces, and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it, if you'd like something to rent.

BJ, Maddie, Amy, Jen, Joanne, Gretchen, John, please check in.

Besh, please know that you and your family are still in my prayers. I know it may be some time before you can check in.

Patti, hope you got home OK.

Marci, how are things? I just left the house (exterior) painter before I came to the office. He asked me to leave the front door open so that they could paint it. I had a hard time with that one, as he had a crew of 4 with him (and I don't know a thing about them), but I had no choice. I may just leave here early to see what's going on there..... We are getting yellow stain (not paint, at DH's insistance) on the wood, with 'brilliant white' trim, and 'chrome green' on shutters and doors. I'm excited about seeing it tonight when I get home! I should have taken a "before" picture. LOL

OK, I've gotta get to work and earn some $$$ to pay that painter.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

QOD: What kind of supplements do you take? I take an OS-CAL Ultra, and a Geritol Complete every day.

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Dee Marie and Raeanne.....I too am glad about Jase. He was something else. Anything major happen on Saturday... Will and Marvin are up now right?

Anyone watch six feet under? I missed it Sunday (no cable yet) so just wanted a little synopsis as to what took place.

Thanks - Lynn

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Good Morning All,

DeeMarie, you sound so chipper! I don't know about the dinner/show you went to but I have attended medieval exhibitions with jousting, etc. It's fun and the horses and riders are quite exceptional athletes. Hildago is an amazing true story. I haven't seen the movie yet but I am very aware of his story. Amazing. It's nice you were thinking of me. Your DH is one tough guy those stones really hurt.

Raeanne, I hope your tooth is done and that you aren't in too much pain. I have managed to escape a root canal so far but I hear from some that it's painful and from others that it's no big deal? I guess it depends on the condition of the tooth?

I am having a horrible time concentrating today. Don't know why I am so distracted! I really need to focus and get busy selling this issue!

QOD: I take a multivitamin sometimes! I am terribly inconsistent about it and I don't know why. I need to find a way to take a calcium supplement and a multivitamin. I never remember it's stupid.

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Lynn, I could not tell you much about Six Feet Under without getting thrown off this board. Suffice to say, most of the members of that family have serious s*xual problems that have not stopped since you watched the last episode! You may want to go on the HBO website and read a synopsis, if they have one. I always to to and read the BB5 synopsis when I miss an episode (due to Yankee games, we miss a lot of them...they broadcast the Tuesday episodes at 1:37am!!! Can you believe that?)

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Lynn - I also watch 6 Feet Under, and last week was a good episode, but like Dee says, it is hard to tell you what happened without getting tossed off here.

NH Suzanne - the actual root canal isn't bad for me - but I HATE going to the dentist and I actually work myself up into making it worse. I get so tense - my friend offered me a tranquilizer, but I roughed it out. I let my dentist know how I feel, so he gives me a lot more TLC. However, this root canal has caused my face to swell up and my left eye is running, so I am not a pretty site.

I came home with plans on taking a nap, but I am too wound up. I may go for a walk - where no one can see me. My face is quite swollen and I am still a bit numb.

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Hi Raeanne,
You are braver than I am because I am terrified of the very thought!!! I hope I never have to have one. I hope your swelling goes down soon.

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Feel better, Raeanne :-)

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, I hope your swelling has gone down and that you are feeling back to normal. I get tense too. I wonder why we work ourselves up so much? I definitely have a fear but I guess lots of people do.

I don't watch Six Feet Under or Big Brother. I have gotten hooked on Nip Tuck. When I first so the promos for it last year I thought it was a stupid idea but somehow I got sucked into it! The characters are pretty compelling and the story line is good. Anybody else watching it?

I am off this morning to Springfield, MA to the Mass Morgan show! I love Morgan shows - so many lovely horses giving it thier heart and soul. I will get a major Morgan fix today!

Raeanne, I got a new book Hands-On Energy Therapy for Horses and Riders. It covers Reiki as well although I don't know how much in depth. It should help me with Sweet Pea alot. I am fortunate in that we get tons of good books in for review at work and I don't have to buy them all! How are your Morgans doing?

Have a good day everyone. I will check in when I get back to the office.

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Suzanne - I have Healing For Horses by Margrit Coates. I liked it, if you want to borrow it, let me know I will send it to you. I bought it to help me work with Dan. Let me know how your book is. I haven't been doing hands on work with the horses - just distance work. I am a little upset with the owner, but I don't want that to get in the way of Dan's healing. He has a lot of good people working with him right now, so he is in good hands. Have fun at the show. A friend of mine works with horses and riders at horse shows - she teaches the riders to make a connection with the horses, since most of the time, the riders don't know the horse.

The swolling hasn't gone, just moved down a bit - I guess I have a good idea how I will look in my later years - not wonderful LOL.

I haven't watched Nip Tuck, but I want to - I will try to catch it soon.

I watched Under the Tuscan Sun a couple nights ago and I loved it - if you haven't seen it, I suggest doing so.

Marci - is DS completely moved in? Enjoy these last few precious weeks. I always enjoyed getting ready for a new class.

DeeMarie - how was getting back to work. I think I would have no problem retiring - there is so much I want to do and don't have the time.

Lynn - did you catch BB5 last night? I still can't get over that she put Will up.

Have a great day.

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Good morning!!!!

Raeanne - yes, I watched the first half of BB5. We went out to get something to eat at a pizza place (we had a lightning storm yesterday and our power went out again) so we sat by a tv and changed the channel from the olympics to BB5.....Sorry. Anywho.....I got to see Adria win Power of Veto. She is a stong competitor...she better be careful of the next HOH if it is not her sister.

I find NHSuzanne and Raeanne's converstion of the horses this type of therapy like massage and the horse whisperer type of healing. I have rode a few times, but am afraid of them overall......horses are beautiful animals.

Raeanne - Root Canals - Yuck!!!!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Nip and Tuck, I have never seen, but I have heard from others that it is good. I watch way too much tv as it is so maybe I can catch them in reruns sometime. Or better yet, see them if they go on DVD. I did get to read the synopsis on Six feet under. I missed a good one.

I have totally thrown any ss eating out the window. As soon as I settle down, I have to start it up again. Seems like all I want is comfort food.

Take care and hope its a good day for everyone!


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Patti, Dave and Lynn, I am glad that you are all safe. I was thinking about Jersey Karen, isn't she living in Tampa now? I just have to tell you that Punta Gorda is one of my favorite places in Florida. It is a small quaint town and if I ever do move down there, that is a town I would like to live in. I feel so sorry for everyone down there.

Hospice met with DH and his sisters yesterday about my MIL. They will start today. They estimate she has about 1 month to live. It is amazing the difference in the care and compassion that you receive between hospice and the regular medical doctors. Hospice answered more questions than my SIL, who has been calling the Dr. daily for answers for the past week, was able to get. Some of the attitude and treatment that my MIL got from her primary care Dr. is borderline inhumane. It is very frustrating. DH is not taking this well. She has been in so much pain. Hospice will start administering morphine today, so at least she will be comfortable. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. It really means alot.

I went to see the Lion King last night. It was at the Opera House in Boston. The Opera House has been closed since 1990. Someone bought it and spend $38M to renovate it. The Lion King has been the first production since they opened this summer. It was awesome. So colorful. How can you not love the Lion King? My sisters grandchildren were with us. They are 5 and 7. My 7 year old great-niece slept through the whole thing!

I did read through the posts but honestly can't remember everything I read, sorry. My mind is on a lot of other things lately. I hope everyone is happy and doing well.

Oh, by the way. I decided to go back to my "roots" and the reason that I met all of you wonderful people. I am Somersizing again and have lost 10#. I had my physical yesterday and depending on the results of my blood work I most likely will have to start taking Lipitor for my cholesterol. So my goal is to get off of the Lipitor. My Dr. has also lossed alot of weight, so we had a great conversation about dieting. She said SS was a great way to go!

Love, Besh

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Good Morning!!

Besh - I am glad that your were able to get your MIL the care she needs to make these last few weeks comfortable. My sister's MIL had hospice care and my sister couldn't say enough nice things about all the workers who came.

Yes - DS is moved back in and in the process of trying to incorporate all his stuff back into the house. I found DD alseep on the couch this morning. When I peeked into her room, her bed was covered with stuff she is trying to sort out before she leaves. I have piles of stuff all over my house that need to either be packed for DD or stored. At least the garage sale stuff is gone and I have a little more room to work.

NHSuzanne - Have a great time this weekend. How is Sweet Pea feeling?

Lynn - I too have thrown SS out the window for now. I really think that once I get back in school and on a better schedule, I will be able to get back on track. But even though my eating is off track, I have still been exercising 4-5 days a week. I will start back to Curves in Sept. since I won't have time to walk before school.

Raeanne - I finished Angels and Demons. I thought it was good, but not as good as The DaVinci Code. The ending did catch me by surprise though. What did you think of it?

Patti - I hope you are home, safe and sound and dry.

BJ - Are you back yet???

DeeMarie - I didn't get a lot of little things on my to-do list accomplished this summer. I talked myself out of them and read a book instead!! LOL

I am in the process of sorting through DS's kitchen stuff and seeing what I can salvage for DD. DS insisted that everything was clean, but I am washing everything again. I think his idea of clean and mine are two different things. LOL

I will check in as often as I can,

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I'm back. I have been unpacking from my Interior AK trip, doing laundry, and packing everything back up for the trip home tonight. I am going to be spending the day at the post office mailing my possessions back home, cleaning out and washing the rental car, and then hitting one last office party tonight before boarding the red-eye flight. DH will be staying here another month tho'. The summer zoomed by once again.

(((((((((HUGS to all))))))))))))) Sounds like a lot is happening, although I haven't beeen able to do anything but skim the posts. I'll probably sleep most of Thursday --lol--, then read and catch up with the thread.

Raeanne~ Hope you feel better soon! My endodontist does the best root canals! He sticks a little camera in my mouth so I can watch the whole thing while he works. Very cool! I am looking forward to seeing you next month--should be a fun trip! The kids are really looking forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty and riding the subway in NYC--we should blow a few discs of film on this trip! Thanks for luring us there with your description of the towns and lifestyles; it's all DH can talk about!

On the weight loss front, I am doing okay, but no big drops. I packed up my scale yesterday--- :( --I am addicted to weighing in every morning before a shower...why, why, WHY? lol....

On the TV front, I am wading my way through the first 2 seasons of Six Feet Under on DVD. I don't have HBO, so I opted for the DVDs. The TV shows I watch are mostly TiVo'd: Clean Sweep (for constant motivation), Family Plots, and I watch Survivor on the night it's regular night because the DJs always have a recap on the radio the next day. The new profiles are out for the fall players on Survivor at Another weird group-should be an interesting season.

I hope things in Florida are looking better. Patti, check in, so we know you're surviving okay. Hope you have power. Congrats to your offspring in graduating---you must be proud!!!

Lynn, glad you made it through the storm. Stay safe!

Marci: Glad you liked the package. I had to take the salmon out of its original box and repack it, since length-wise, it didn't fit, but you probably figured that out!

Besh~ Wow. Your family has really been through the wringer. Glad to hear you found good hospice care. They are real earth angels. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. (((((BESH)))))) Glad you enjoyed Lion King---sounds really neat!

QOD: Supplements: I take a 2 different cactus pulp supplements---and a vitamin when I remember.

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Marci - I am STILL reading Angels and Demons - my DD just asked if I finished it and she motivated me to get back to it, so I read last night.

BJ - I am so excited, my DH will be sick of hearing about you, before he even meets you LOL. I am glad your DH is looking forward to the trip. The kids will have a ball.

Besh - ((((HUGS)))) to you and your entire family. I am glad your family brought Hospice in, they are such a great source of support - very special people. A friend of mine is in the Lion King on Broadway and I still haven't seen it. She does chorus singing (I think they call them Swingers - but I may be wrong). I bet the Opera House was beautiful.

Lynn - I do Reiki work that is hands on energy healing. I just recently started to work on a horse and have fallen in love with him, but I don't really ride or know much about horses. NH Suzanne is the expert in that area. The book I am reading shows how everyone has the ability to heal by touch (although it is about horses) and is very interesting.

QOD - I take Vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene and a calcium supplement and sometimes a multi-vitamin.

Speaking of horses I am off to Saratoga - but not the track. Looking for a new SUV.

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Hi Everyone,

Back from Mass Morgan. What a nice show and what magnificent animals. Love, love, love them.

Okay, I am confessing to the big fat jelly donut I ate this morning. I have been SO good and there it was calling to my empty stomach. And my empty stomach responed in kind! I feel like kicking myself but it's only a donut and not an invitation to start down the seafood diet path again. LOL Down 14lbs since July 27th on SBD!!!

Besh, hospice is wonderful. Don't you just love the opera house? It's so beautiful.

BJ, welcome back.

Raeanne, we can trade books when I am done and compare notes. We can make an exchange on September 13th!

Lynn, Raeanne and I are talking about energy / healing work with horses. Communicating like the horse whisperer is another aspect of natural horsemanship. By doing energy work with a horse you are able to communicate more effectively. If you are listening that is.

Marci, I have missed you alot of this summer. I hope you will be around more in the fall. Sweet P is doing better. I have noticed in the last few days that she has turned a corner. Her demeanor is so much better and she seems to be much like her old self.

Got to get to work.

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Congrats to all you big weight "losers"!!!! I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, so we will see what damage, if any, was done while my nieces were here.

Just got home with DH from The Stone Center, so I need to nurse him....he's really nausated this time. UGH!! The urologist told us he had to re-do the left side (which he blasted in June), so that means we need yet another procedure this year on DH's right side to get THOSE 2 suckers. sigh................

(((((((((((BESH)))))))) I just know that your DH will appreciate what those hospice angels (BJ is correct) will do for the patient and the family. My prayers are with you all.

OK, gotta go.
Take care, eat healthy and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie - I forgot to send you and DH hugs and positive thoughts. He has a great nurse to take care of him.

NH Suzanne - I will bring the book to our Manchester meeting.

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OK - I NEED to start back to school so I get on a schedule and can figure out what day of the week it is!!

NHSuzanne - I just realized after I read your post that I thought you were going to the Mass Morgan for the weekend. Didn't occur to me that this was only Wednesday! LOL Can you tell that I don't know if I am coming or going? LOL
I also think that because I have to steal moments at the computer when DS is gone, I don't have the time to compose a proper post. Anyway, glad you had fun TODAY, and I do hope you have a great weekend! LOL

QOD - I take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin E, Ester C (during the school year), Calcium with Vitamin D, and an 81 mg. aspirin tablet. In addition to the fiber in my diet, I also take fiber supplements. After I had a pre-cancerous colon polyp removed, I was told I needed more fiber.

(OK - I am feeling old today. I found 3 gray hairs this morning and I just spent the last paragraph discussing medications and supplements. On top of that I thought it was the weekend. Calgon.......take me away!! LOL)

BJ - I just picked up Murder in the Hearse Degree on inter-library loan. I have enjoyed Hitchcock Sewell's adventures. Thanks for recommending them. I will have to look for his fifth adventure, which I think just came out in hardback. I can't remember the title, but I do know it didn't have "Hearse" in it like the rest.

Speaking of books, I went to the used book store yesterday and exchanged some of the books that didn't sell at the garage sale and got $25 credit. Then I went to the bookstore and returned some books that I got for my birthday (that were duplicates of books I already had - long and embarassing story), and got $25 credit at B&N. Then I got a notice that I spent enough on my Amazon Visa card to get a $25 gift certificate for I feel like a kid in a candy store. I went to the Reader's Paradise on this forum and made a list of books that were recommended. But I would also like any recommendations you guys have to offer. I'll add this as a new QOD when everyone has gotten a chance to answer DeeMarie's current QOD.

You guys were talking about reality shows and series that you were hooked on. DS talked me into watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO this summer. I have never laughed so hard in my life. It has been on 4 seasons and they only made 10 episodes a season. I was able to watch all 40 episodes between On Demand, HBO and DVD. If you like irreverent humor and were a Seinfeld fan, check it out. I also got hooked on Last Comic Standing. I didn't watch it for the interaction among the comics, but I loved to hear their routines. I voted for the winner and wanted to watch him on Leno the night after he won, but I fell asleep waiting for the Olmpics to be over! (Uh-oh - another side of old age! LOL)
I am looking forward to a new season of Survivor and the return of Jeopardy so I can see how far Ken gets before (or should I say if) he loses.


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Hey Marci, I am going away this weekend too! I am taking my mares camping in the northeast kingdom of Vermont. It's Sweet Pea's first outing since June and although I am not going to be able to ride her much she will get to have a social time and visit with her friends. I am looking forward to it and I know when she seems that trailer hitched to the truck that she is going to be quite anxious to know where she's going!

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NHSuzanne - I knew you were going away all along!! LOL

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Happy Birthday Tikanas!! Come out, come out wherever you are! Hope you have a great day. So glad you are part of our group.

Uh-hem, Marci? Did you sleep at all last night? LOL

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TIKANSAS!! Have a happy, safe, and healthy birthday!!!!
Please check in with us!

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Tikanis - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope all your wishes come true. Glad you are part of our family. I will spare you my morning singing voice - it is worse than my regular voice - if that is possible. Have a great day.

Marci - you were a night owl last night. Hope you are sleeping in this morning. I also enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm too, but sometimes I feel like taking a hold of him and shaking him LOL.

BJ - I am counting the days! That is so cool with your dentist putting the camera in your mouth. I would like to see that - although my guy is a very descriptive narrator.

I have a lot to get done today, so I better get busy. Have a great day.

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Happy Birthday Tikanis!!! Have a great day.

Things are super busy here. I found a new babysitter who is wonderful. She is definately an answered prayer.

Work is hectic. I miss you all.


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OMG I just checked on an item I put on eBay for $9.99 and it is up to $305. It is a Byers Choice Christmas figure - I had no idea what I was putting on there, only that I really don't use him anymore. It is a Scrooge that was given to me as a gift many years ago and I always thought that I would probably add to the collection, but never did, so I thought it was time to retire him. YIPEEE

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Raeanne, Breyers or Byers? I know what Breyers is but not the other.

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Suzanne - it is Byers Choice. I have a ton of Breyers too, DD#1 was a collector and we went through them recently and she can't part with them LOL.

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Hey Raeanne, that's great news!!! If you find any more, you may be able to retire. LOL

BJ, have I missed something? It appears you are coming East, but are you considering moving here????

Just got back from the internist....blood pressure was 120/78 (great for me), and I have officially dropped (for good!) another 2 pounds. That's 25 pounds gone from this body since February.....steady as she goes! DH said I look as though I lost more than that, so I'm having a grateful day. I guess all that matters is that I'm down 2 sizes, and I got rid of all the "big" stuff. Still looking at losing another 45-50, so if it takes another year, I'm happy with that.

Have a wonderful THURSDAY!!!

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Happy Birthday, Tikanis! I hope that you have a great one.

The plane was supposed to leave at 6:17 p.m. on Sunday & left after 8:30 p.m. We didn't get home until after 2:00 a.m. Monday morning. The hurricane did quite a bit of damage but we were blessed. We didn't have any broken windows & had minimal damage, some of the shingles came off of the roof. We finally got our electricity back yesterday about 12:30 p.m. & the water & cable came on about 5:30 p.m. We went around looking at all of the devastation around here. So sad. Everyone was SO nice though. The Red Cross came out & provided us a couple of meals each day although we only took advantage of one. The church up the street brought in ice & water every day. Dave had another one of his awful spells. He fell into the canal & then he fell out of bed 3 times Tuesday night. I went as far as to get him a wheelchair yesterday but he came around about 2:00 p.m.

NH Suzanne~There are parts of your life that I want! LOL

BJ~Glad that you had a moment to post.

Besh~Hospice is so wonderful. We had them in before DFIL (& the D isn't for "dear") got his heart transplant.

Jen~Everything has been closed so we just got your birthday gift in the mail today. Hopefully, it will get there in time.

Marci~I am reading "Angry Housewives" by Lorna Landvik. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. I think it is pretty cute & it kind of reminds me of this thread.

DeeMarie~I am so sorry that your DH is having to go through all of this. Congratulations on the weight loss.

Raeanne~Dave has an uncle who has stable at Saratoga. Dave worked there one summer, I think. Sorry about your tooth.

Lynn~Glad that you got your power back on so quickly. I thought I was going to die in just the 4 days that we were without, lol. I don't know what I would have done if we had actually had to wait 2 weeks.

The men that got our electricity up & running were from Louisiana. It was special to have so much help around here. And, one good thing about renting is that you don't have to worry about picking up the shingles or the trees or whatnot.

I don't take any supplements. I take so many medications that I don't know what would have an adverse affect on me.

Hope to hear from those who have been missing.

From what I've seen on tv, Tampa didn't really have any damage. They got some a little further south. But, the tv stations & everything were up & running & they have been showing other places besides Tampa.

Everyone take care! Patti :)

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Patti - I am so glad you and Dave made it home, but I am sorry to hear that Dave had a spell. I am sure the stress of travel and the stress of the storms and not knowing what you were going to face when you got home didn't help the situation. How is Dave feeling now?

I did read Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons and I loved it. I bought my Mom Patti Jane's House of Curl for Mother's Day and it was good too. Now I am on the lookout for Tall Polka Pines.

I was hoping Tikanas would check in. Hopefully she is having a great birthday and will post soon.

I didn't sleep very well last night (as some of you noticed), so I am tired and going to hit the sack early and hope for the best.


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Marci - I am almost finished with Angels and Demons and am really enjoying it. I have to write down the other books you have mentioned. I hope you got a good nights sleep.

Patti - glad you were able to check in, I was worried about you. Sorry to hear about Dave, but he must've been experiencing a lot of anxiety.

Tomorrow I am going to an art exhibit reception and then to a Lobsterbake with the artist and a few friends - I have been looking forward to this for a while.

I'm getting ready for work, but will check in later. Have a wonderful day.

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Marci~I'll have to look for those books. I really like the way that she writes & take your recommendation to heart.

Marci & Raeanne~Dave has been under a tremendous amount of stress. It just got to be overwhelming for him. He is doing better now except for being very sore. (He gave this ol' girl a scare!)

Have a great weekend! Patti :)

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You Guys are AWESOME!!!

Thank you all for the great B-day wishes. I have not posted for a couple of weeks as I have been under the weather. Hopefully, we are done with that "carp".

We had so many B-days within a 2 week period each August, that this had always been a busy time for our family.
This year we lost 3 family members and times are a bit different. "Circle of life" you know : ) Planning a HUGE surprise party for my 16 yr old DS naxt weekend. He will NEVER see it coming as we have a very tiny family party planned for this weekend and he will THINK that alll celebrations are "over". Ha Ha!! More as these things develop...

I have really missed reading all of your posts, though, and am very glad to be back. Marci, your e card was wonderful! Thanks for taking the time!

Special thanks to Wild Child. It's always great to make new friends! Talk to ya soon... Y'all brought a tear to my eye.


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Patti, were you on vacation when the storm hit? Do you live in Fla part time and then texas the rest? You are in the Tampa area, right? How far from Punta Gorda are you? We are just 20 miles south of it. Glad you have power. We had it for two days and then it went down again for two days. I became very crabby. No power/Heat/sweating is not my idea comfort, not to mention I continued to go to work. I am thankful though.

Marci, you are funny.

Besh, Sorry about your MIL. Best wishes and thoughts for your family.

Tikanas - Happy belated b-day. Hope you had a nice one. Please do keep us posted about the surprise party for DS.

Suzanne, have a great time on your camp-out. Exciting. I am sure Sweet pea will have a ball. Was she getting a bit of barn fever?

Hope everyone else is doing well. Congrats on all the weight loses. I am happy for you all, but jealous too! I am gonna get the SS books out yet again and BUCKLE DOWN.


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Just popping in to say "have a great day".

Today is DH's birthday, and I've got to run out for a few things. We are supposed to get buckets and buckets of rain--just what we need in the NorthEast!


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DeeMarie - We have had buckets and buckets of rain the last two days. It is supposed to let up today. I am going to try to go to my favorite craft show today and hope I don't get too wet. I am also hoping that the weather keeps the crowds down. Most of the crafters have booths that protect their merchandise, so hopefully the crafters won't have pulled up stakes and run for cover!! LOL

Tikanas - Glad you had a nice birthday. For my DD's 16th birthday, I bought her 16 presents, ranging in price from $1 to $25. I had 16 gift bags (from all my preschool presents) and I put the gifts in the bags and lined them up, from smallest to largest. She had a blast opening all of them. The final one was a dress that she had admired and I secretly went back and bought for her. I had fun doing that and I am sure you will have fun with your DS's birthday. I love surprises.

I have to run and get ready to go to the craft show.


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Lynn - it always seems we are starting over together. I just can't keep motivated for some reason. I should reread the books too.

Tikanis - we missed you, don't stay away that long again LOL. Glad you are feeling better. My DD#1, DH and a niece and nephew are in the beginning of August, so it is crazy for us too. I bet your DS will be very surprised.

DeeMarie - I hope DH is feeling up to celebrating, wish him a great day from me.

BJ - are you unpacked yet? When do the kids start school? I have another Adirondack Life magazine to send you - it is about aviation in the Adirondacks and I thought of you the minute I saw it. My builder has a plane, but recently bought a helicopter and absolutely loves it - maybe I can arrange a tour for you and DH (it only takes 2 passengers).

Marci - very cute idea for your DD's 16th bday. You are so creative.

Gretchen - where are you???

It is raining buckets here today for a change, NOT. My plants are dying from too much water, for a change. I work all day, but a fun evening is planned so I have that to look forward to.

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Wow, so many people here on a Saturday!

Tikanis, happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! In April I had a surprise party for DS #2, 13th birthday. He was totally shocked and his friends were really into keeping it a surprise. Have fun with it.

Raeanne and BJ, did I miss something? It sounds like BJ is scoping out your neck of the woods. How cool would that be for you guys to live close to one another.

MIL is hanging in there. DH slept at her house last night and she finally slept a full night. I am sure she is more comfortable with him there. My FIL is there but he is 87 and has his own health issues. I think DH will probably be sleeping there until the end. It makes him feel better too. Hospice started yesterday but they are only coming 2 days a week for now. The nurse is just wonderful. What a switch from her regular doctors.

Dee, Happy Birthday to DH. I hope is up to a little celebrating.

Patti, I am glad that your home was spared. I hope that Dave is feeling better.

Lynn, my DH thanked me the day after the hurricane for not wanting to move to Florida when he wanted to. I am glad things are getting back to normal for you.

Marci, are you counting the days. We don't go back until after Labor Day. I can't believe how fast it is coming. I am really putting in a grand effort to get everything checked off of my to do list!

Raeanne, I checked out your Byors figure on eBay. Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise for you.

NH Suzanne, I hope that you and "the girls" are enjoying the weekend. It is raining here, hopefully you are getting better weather.

I got an email from Happyto. She is back to SS. I am encouraging her to join us here again, but she says she does not spend that much time on the computer any more. She was asking about you Amy.

I have laundry calling my name. It is terrible but I have to keep up with everything because we don't know from one day to the next what is going to happen. I have to take DS#2 to buy a suit. Under different circumstances I would probably be happy about that.

Love, Besh

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Hi goils!

Besh--your MIL is in my thoughts and prayers---(((hugs)))!! How is Happyto? I was thinking about her a while back, and was hoping that things were good for her--

Tikanas--happy belated birthday! :):)

Well, I got the auction--I signed it on Monday, and have a good chance to maybe get the real estate--it's been rezoned as commercial, so it would be a goooood thing for me--and I'd appreciate any and all good thoughts for me to get this--it can literally change my life--

Things are good here--the weather is great--I can't believe it's this nice--78, and low humidity.

Raeanne--since you liked my sticky chicken mishap, I think you'll enjoy this one--I decided in June to enter a cake in the KY State Fair (which started here on Thurs). So I sent off the $, got the rules, and waited until last Sunday morning to make the cake (it was due by Mon at 5pm, but I had to work...). Let me preface all of this by saying that I have never made this cake before--I found the recipe in a box of stuff that I bought at an auction(now, **that's** a surprise!), and so therefore had no idea just what I was walking into. On Sat night, after getting out of the bath, with wet hair and no makeup, I realize that I need a bottle of bourbon--well, actually, just 2 tablespoons. So, off the the liquor store I go, and find an airplane bottle of Maker's Mark, and then realize that I have no cash. So, I charged $2.50. I was sooo embarrassed. Anyway, I got up at 6am on Sun morning to preheat the oven, and off I go. I'm just a mixin and a stirin, and raisin all sorts of h3ll, and I pour the batter into 3 brand-new 9" pans, and they go into to the over for 45 minute. DING! They're done--whhoooboy--they are done--burned on the bottom, that is. I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen, hot, tired, and just bawling. I was just so mad--and I had a raging case of PMS to top it all of, and poor ol Rog--didn't know whether to hug or to laugh. He wisely chose to hug, and then told me that we can cut the botteom of the layers off, and noone would ever know (true.) So that was our plan. Now--to top all of this off, the entry department opened at noon, and I was supposed to be at work at an auction at noon, so I had to keep an eye on the time. I made the frosting following the directions, and dumped into way to much powdered sugar, which gave it that funny, sugar-y taste, so then I added more bananas, which changed the texture. THEN--my cat decided to love me as I was dropping in the yellow food coloring (did I mention that this is a banana cake?), which made my icing look like a horrible mustard color (made worse by the fact that it had lumpy stuff like toasted coconut and chopped pecans in it), only sicker. What a freaking mess---I wanted to throw the d@mned thing aqgainst the wall, but managed to refrain. I iced it, and it is sitting on my countertop, glowing like a d@mned lighthouse. Sigh.....

Anyhoo--I hope all is well with everyone--and where is Amy and John???



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