Signal Booster for cable TV?

blakeasOctober 27, 2007

My bonus room above the garage is at the far end of the house. When I hook a TV into the cable outlet I get a very weak picture. After sorting through the cables in the attic it looks like it has been split along with being such a long run. Is their such a thing like a cable signal booster? any suggestions on boosting the cable signal?

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It could be a problem if you have digital cable with an addressable box. Some boosters prevent the two-way communication necessary for the box to function properly. Additionally, they can cause problems for other people in your neighborhood.

Contact the cable company, hopefully they will send a tech to your house, free of charge, to check the decibel loss at the end of that run. Some cable companies offer a boost, for an additional charge, to increase the signal strength to your house. This can help both cable TV and broadband internet connections.

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I have a motorola cable box from comcast - How do I know if it a booster will work with it?

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Radio shack has a signal amplifier. Install it at the input end of the line going to the far side.

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Call the cable company first,you should not be using boosters or signal amps,it is usually free of charge they can boost the signal from the pole(if the problem is on there end,which is usually the case),With an amp/booster you are asking for trouble.

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