T V Antenna, two wired in parallel

wiz4867October 29, 2008

I live between Columbus and Toledo Ohio. I want to point one out door antenna at Columbus and another antenna at Toledo and connect both of the antennas together at the back of a T V set. None of the channels are duplicated in the two towns. Such as channel 10 in Columbus is not used in Toledo and channel 11 in Toledo is not used in Columbus. What I want to accomplish is to view a Toledo channel on one set while viewing a Columbus channel on another set at the same time.

I now use one antenna equiped with a rotator to watch T V from both towns. I do not want to run two leadin wires to each T V set with a switch if I can get away from it.

TKS Bill

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75 OHM (round) Coax ?


use a standard "splitter" in reverse.

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Thank you regus. I am using 75 ohm coax. I will be getting H D TV. You just saved me a bunch of hard work. TKS Bill

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attach uhf ballan to each antenna then use a splitter in reverse to connect each antenna to a single output cable to your tv.

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Ok guys help this old farm boy, what is a uhf ballan ?

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a "Balun" is a 300 ohm to 75 ohm transformer. "Balun" is a contraction for BALanced/UNbalanced. SInce the output of an antenna is usually 300 ohms, you would need a transformer at each antenna to use 75 ohm coax to connect to them.

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Hi everyone I found this web site that tells it all:

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