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levetaJanuary 25, 2011

I don't usually post here but I would like to have some input on and ideal that is in my heart. It may never happen but...

I'm on the board of our Game and Fish club. I'd like to have some kind of funraiser to raise money for improvements. I've always wanted to have a spring/summer tea. My sister has the perfect house(built in 1842). Of course there would be different hot teas, iced tea, lemonade,ect...OK now here is where your ideals come in. Limited money...

Thank You...

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I'm not sure what it is you are asking. So far all we know is that you need money for improvements for your club, and you'd like to raise it with a tea. What do you want to know? What to serve besides tea and lemonade? How to decorate? Or what?

A tea does sound like fun, but I don't think of a tea as a big money maker. How much money do you need this project to raise to be worth it? Did you choose a tea because it would be fun to do and your sister's house is perfect for one, or because you think that is your best money maker? How many people are on your lists of possible invitees? Do you think that a tea might appeal primarily to women, and if so, will that cut into your fundraising base too much?

There are a lot of people on this forum who would love to help, but I think you need to give more information, or at least be more clear what exactly you are asking.

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Yes pretty much looking for ideals on what refreshments to go with the tea and lemonade, and yes on how to use things that we may have around us to decorate with. I know it will limit things only inviting women. But we have other fundraiser that are for both. Should I send invitations or put ad in paper? I been looking up different things like scones and finger sandwhiches.

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So you're going to charge admission? Sell tickets? And your customer base reaches beyond the members of the club?

If this event were to be at my house, I'd be ok with inviting the members of the club. I would NOT be ok with putting an ad in the paper essentially inviting a world of strangers into my house. What's to prevent the not-so-honest element from helping themselves to more than the tea and tidbits? I mean, unless you only have ten people or fewer attending (which would defeat the fundraising purpose), I don't see how you'd be able to keep an eye on everyone.

I know it sounds very distrusting but that's today's world. And those who don't take today may be casing the house for a return visit when sis isn't home.

My advice is to limit the tea to members of the club or, if that won't be enough people, have it in a public place like a hall or private room of a restaurant.

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It would be an invite only I think. i know what you mean about having to watch everything. It would be people I knew that would enjoy such an occation(sp). RSVP. I want it to be imtamint(sp).

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Hi Leveta, do you have enough card tables
& chairs or would you have to rent them? Might have small plants(pansies in bloom with an ivy plant) in baskets for centerpieces & then sell them also at the end of the tea. Scones with clotted cream & lemon curd are delicious. That is what my DD had at her bridal shower. Not home made but from shop in Pasadena. I have seen recipes for the lemon curd tho. I made little tarts for my parents 60th anniversary, lemon & also pecan in the tiny about 1 in. tart pans. I have a good recipe for them. I would run the idea by the club members & see what they would be willing to spend on a tea & then figure out costs of paper goods, teas,sandwiches,etc. Need to see if it would actually be a money maker before you get in over your head. We used to raise money with a "dime a dip" all the ladies brought food, salads,casseroles & desserts & it was a dime for small scoop of each item & you paid before you sat down. All food was donated. Now it would have to be 50 cents a dip or more. You would have to decide if there would be a limit on food items people could take unless people were seated & served plate with items on it. Say 4 small sandwiches a mini scone & 2 small tarts. The lemon curd, jam & clotted cream would be in containers that could be passed like they do with butter. Mull it over & think about how it will work & get input from your club. Maybe they have some ideas too. A white elephant sale in the back yard where people bring nice use-able items to be sold. Maybe tie the tea in with bake sale if you have lot of good cooks in the club & they would donate the cherry choc,banana bread, date bread, pumpkin bread etc. Plates of cookies, homemade cakes. Good Luck! Oh, need to figure out how many you could serve comfortably in sis's house.

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