Preventing heating pipes from freezing when using woodstove

dpettOctober 19, 2005

I have a hot water heating pipe that runs through my garage against the ceiling. It has insulation on it and I never had a freezing problem. But this year with the new woodstove, I am concerned about it freezing due to not using the Oil boiler as much. Does anyone know if heat tapes could be used on a heating pipe, or just for water supply. Is there a pipe thermostat that I could put on the pipe to kick the heat on if the pipe reaches 35 deg?

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You may want to try this question at the heating and cooling forum.

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Dpett ,, you are wise to be concerned. I ran into this problem some years ago. The builder had not insulated the FHA heating pipe that was running through the garage ceiling to the other bedrooms. With my stove providing nearly all the heating of the house that pipe just got colder and colder. In the morning after the stove had gone out I turn on the furnace and ,,,, nothing , no heat at all. I called my father-in-law , a plumber who knew what the problem was right a way. He had me cut a hole in the garage ceiling and put a hair dry into the cavity set to HI. That thawed out the frozen pipes but the damage had already been done. The pipe had split in two places. The entire ceiling area next to the pipe had to be torn down, pipes insulated to the max and ceiling patched. Now we have the furnace set to go on when the house temps get below 68* rather than 60* and have not had a problem since.

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