security cameraswireless?

ilmbgOctober 15, 2013

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Condominium complex.
We need wireless cameras due to the difficulty digging/laying cable in rock ground.
I am familiar with 'hunting wireless cameras' and wireless that are tied into your cctv dystem. The problem is condtantly replacing batteries!
These cameras monitor by sensing motion which happens all the time due to cars driving by.
We are desperate. We have crime all over our property!
How can we monitor ?

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Have you tried this one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Best buy

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This might show up as a repeat-had trouble responding...
Try again...
Hi Beehive
Thanks for help/guidance.
Which camera were you thinking about-more than 5 pages showed up? Or were just showing me the wireless kind?

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Thanks- but I guess I didn't explain myself good enough-not unusual for me!
A wireless camera like you mention nedds:
1. Electricity (the ones with batteries would need to have new batteries every few days because they are motion activated. Every time a person/car goes by it would turn on for a period of time, depleting the batteries. It would not make sense to have to change the batteries in the camera every couple days. The drug dealer would see them doing something in the trees every couple days and be alerted that there was surveillance.
2. Distance from receiver- the wireless cameras need to be within 50 feet to the receiver or the receiver can't record what the camera sees. The areas where the camerS need to be are 300 to 500 feet away from the receiver.
The term 'wireless' does not mean you can put a battery operated camera anywhere you want and it will receive the picture. 'Wireless' means that there is not a wire from the camera to the receiver.'wireless camera' still use either electric or batteries. There still has to be a way for the receiver to record what the camera sees. If the receiver is too far away (usually about 50 feet maximum)to connect to the receiver, the re is no picture recorded.
I am hoping for a camera/receiver that can work in greater distances apart.
Hope that explains what wireless cameras do!

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