Absorption Refrigerators

kentuck_8bOctober 12, 2009

Does anyone have any experience using an absorption refrigerator?

I'm looking for a refrigeration source to use off-grid, preferably with solar panels.

Any users or literature is greatly appreciated.



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RV units are mostly absorbtion. Most are dual gas/120VAC (used to be some that ran on 12VDC but hard to find now). Some for larger motorhomes are quite big (and pricy). I think it would be easy to convert one of the new ones to run on 120VDC by removing the AC electronics and connecting a solar array directly to the heating element. Just be sure you don't connect too many panels in series to exceed 120VDC on a sunny day. Maybe use a battery (with solar charger) and a small 110VAC inverter with the original electronics to allow auto switching between gas and DC solar or just a relay that drops out when the solar array isn't delivering enough voltage to heat the fridge (and switch to gas). Let us know if you try that and how it works.

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Thanks Gary. I already have off-grid solar power, although it is a very small unit.

24V DC converted to 110VAC. I am looking for a very low watt/amp frig so that I won't drain the batteries in one night.


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