Installing Solar Panel on Chemwood Roof

habalsOctober 7, 2013

I am considering installing solar panels.
My roof is Chemwood which easily breaks and "discontinued".
The installer said that they can put other type of roof material under the solar panel (like composite shingle or wood shake) and they can do it right.
At least they have some experiences and are knowledgeable on this roof.
Is there anything I should ask or do the homework?
Or is this completely not a good idea?

One thing I was concerned if the difference of the thickness of the roof can cause any future problem.

Any comment appreciated!!

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Some solar installers do that with fragile roofs - clay tile, where they remove a good chunk of the original and put down composition shingle.

Depending on how things are done, there could be problems for the lower portions of the roof if the water run off is channelled between the roofing felt and the chemwood roof.

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