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nhsuzanneAugust 2, 2004

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Rise and shine everyone. How was your weekend?

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Good Monday morning!

Happy belated birthday, John!! Please check in and say hi--:)

Lynn--ouch!! I've had the little buggers before, and man! They are **not** fun! I hope you get to feeling better--:)

Well, we had a show this weekend, and Mike Tyson was fighting in the same expo center--what a crowd on Friday night! Kinda cool to see all of the ESPN and Showtime trucks lined up for miles--I was hoping to see someone famous, but didn't--Evander Holyfield was there, and I really would have like to have seen him--he seems like a classy guy--

I have jury duty in a bit, so I need to go get ready to sit and wait all day--LOL!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!



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Good Morning:

Maddie, I hope you have a good book to read or at least get on an interesting case. Might as well do something while you are there.

John, Happy Birthday. I hope it was great. Maybe that is why we have not heard from you!!!!!

Marci, I don't go back to school until after Labor Day. I never know one year to the next what day I will actually start on. They seem to change the starting dates for the para's every year. Whatever, I still have a month to go!
I have been going in on Thursday mornings so students can come in and check out their summer reading. They are required to read 2 books a summer from a great list of books. I can post the Middle School web site if anyone is interested at looking at the summer reading list. Ours is a great list with wonderful annotations and links to authors web sites. Let me know if you want to see it.

BJ, you asked about the Cape. We usually stay in West Yarmouth because it is pretty central to what we want to do down there. One day we went to Wellfleet. They have a huge flea market there with everything from designer knock offs to tupperware. If you can't find what you are looking for at this flea market, you probably don't need it. We also went back to it that night because it is a drive in movie theatre. We don't have those around here any more, so it was a treat. My DS friend had never been to one. We saw Shrek 2 and I, Robot, a double feature, how cool! We also went to Provincetown, which I love. I don't know if you all have heard of P-town, but it is a funky little town right on the tip of Massachusetts. It is full of fun little shops and restaurants. Anything goes in P-town. There are many drag shows in the evening, so some of the sites are interesting to say the least. We like to get a snack and a drink and sit up infront of the town hall and people watch. We also went on a whale watch out of P-town. We saw 3 little Minke whales and a big fin back. I was hoping for more of a show. You can also take a ferry boat from one of a few places and head out to Marthas Vineyard, which is one of my favorite places in the world. We opted not to do that this year because the day we had planned to do that it rained, and it would not have been much fun in the rain. That is it in a nutshell. BJ, you would probably find things to do that I have never heard of. We go down there to low key it and unwind.

I didn't take notes so I can't address you all. Hubby just left for work after 2 weeks off. It figures that it is supposed to be extremely hot this week, he was bumming out a bit because this is the weather he wanted last week. DS #2 is at boy scout camp all week and DS#1 is working so I am a free girl. I have lots of things planned to do this week, including a massage. Can't wait for that.

Enjoy the day and I like BJ's advice, be good to your body!

Love, Besh (who is back on Diet Divas today!)

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Here's an oldie but a goodie to start your day with a laugh!

Be back later...

It is with the saddest heart that I pass on the following news. Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community.

The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection, and complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71.

Doughboy is survived by his wife, Play Dough, two children, John Dough, and Jane Dough, who has one in the oven. He is also survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart.

Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Buttersworth, Hungry Jack,The California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies and Captain Crunch. The grave site was piled high with flours.

Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy, and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart "cookie", wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still, as a crusty old man,was considered a roll model for millions.

The funeral was held at 350F for about 20 minutes.


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Me again. Here is the web site for the summer reading list. Just click on the summer reading link in the top left corner of the home page. Hope this is useful to some of you, especially those of you with middle school age kids.


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DeeMarie, your dough boy story makes me hungry!! I want to eat the Pillsbury dough boy! LOL

Besh, I know P. Town quite well. We used to stay overnight there on fishing and diving trips. It is a fun place. I am going to Nantucket on Friday to stay on DFIL's boat for the weekend-. He is picking us up in Hyannis Friday morning. I can't wait.

Marci, you are so busy and organized. You should do that for a living!
I would pay for someone to organize my life!

Sweet Pea is holding her own. I have her back on grass for a few hours a day which makes her happy. We are still walking, not riding. She is still lame and tender but I think she is improving. I still am not hopeful that I will be back into the full swing of things this riding season. With any luck I will be able to get some light riding in.

Maddie, have fun at jury duty. It can be quite interesting. At least that was my experience.

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Besh - good luck with Day 1 of Diet Divas. It is Day 1 of SS for me - this has to end!

DeeMarie - thanks for the early morning laugh.

Maddie - I am sure you will make the most of jury duty.

NH Suzanne - You sound perky this morning!

BJ - can't wait to hear more about your Alaska excursions this week. I could never keep up with you.

I'm off to a picnic on an island this afternoon and my plan is to EAT HEALTHY and DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

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Forgot to mention this is the start of my second week on SBD. So far, so good. I feel pretty good and think I have lost some water weight but I will take it in ANY form.

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NHSuzanne - I am organized, if nothing else! LOL I guess that is my way of exerting some control over my life and surroundings. And because I am forgetful, I tend to remember things better if I am organized. Glad to hear that Sweet Pea is improving, slowly but surely.

Lynn - My DH has passed lots of kidney stones since I have known him and I have never seen someone in so much pain. He just told me he thinks he is passing another one and I feel so bad for him. When he was first diagnosed he was put on a low calcium diet, but I have read recently that the medical community has reversed its thinking and now recommends a HIGH calcium diet for those prone to kidney stones. It may be worth looking into.

Besh - Thanks for the reading list. I have it bookmarked and will explore it further when I get the chance. I start back the Tuesday after Labor Day but will have to put in 2 or 3 days before that getting ready. My early childhood conference this week (T-W-Th) should get me in the "teacher" mode.

Raeanne - Have a great time today. Good luck with your eating goals. My goal this week is to get through the conference without eating too many illegal foods. They always serve danish or doughnuts for breakfast and pasta salads and sandwiches for lunch, so I don't know how successful I will be, but I will try.

BJ - Have a great time exploring AK.

DeeMarie - I remember reading that "obit" before, but it is still good for a laugh. Thanks.

I need to go get some errands run before DS gets home and stock up on food! I am not used to shopping for 4.

Marci (Who is on her second 20oz. bottle of H2O, shooting for 4)

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Me, again--

Well, shoot--at least I made it to the questioning stage--but then got dismmissed. It was a civil trial only, but I would have liked to have been a juror--maybe someday! Here, we are on JD for a whole year, so I still have time. :):)

I went to work afterwards, and am learning how to do the ads for upcoming auctions. One of the lady's DD was in, and she is just so pretty and smart--she had us in stitches over one of her boyfriend stories. I'm lucky that I have such great peeps to work with--:)

Hope all is well with everyone!



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Good TUESDAY morning!!!

Maddie, you sound so happy with this new job. I know I speak for all of us when I tell you that we've been waiting for this for a really long time!!! We are all thrilled for you!!

Speaking of kidney stones, DH passed one on Sunday. He goes into The Stone Center again in mid-August to get a few blasted out of the right kidney. I get to babysit him for a few days while he passes the scattered pieces. Thank godness they have these new procedures that are non-invasive!!! He'd be in surgery twice a year!

pooh! gotta run............laters..............

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Good Morning All,

Kidney stones........ouch is all I can say. Passed a few of those when I was younger but have not had trouble since. Thank God.

This is deadline week. Wrapping up the September issue. WOW, time flies. I am about 6K short of my goal. Oh well. Better than last month where I was 12K short! It's a tough time of year for all of us. I am not alone.

Need to get done with this by Thursday so I can get on the big boat and float off to Nantucket! Wish me luck.

I will check in later. Have a great day.

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Slow day around here. I was in the basement most of my day, rounded up 3 bags of clothes to donate and got rid of 2 large trash bags of junk, plus condensed several boxes. That sure feels good.

I am suppose to go to an outdoor concert tonight with friends, but it just started to rain, so that may not happen.

NH Suzanne - a real estate guide that we just started to advertise with, just went out of business - I know those girls really hustled to try and get ads. I am glad you are closer to goal than last month. Nantucket sounds wonderful to me right now - enjoy.

Dee - I remember your DH having trouble with kidney stones in the past.

Maddie - sounds like you found a good place to work - funny how things work.

Hope everyone is well and off doing fun things.

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Good morning all...Hope everyone is well and is gonna have a great day!!!!!

I am down 10 lbs since a month ago.....I am happy!
I just need to keep it up....I had quite a few cheats in there.

DeeMarie....I feel for your DH. Yes, very painful. My next step is to get the blasting done. So I am gonna call my specialist to get the appointment. Not looking forward to it. I have a large one in the left kidney and several smaller ones in the right.

We have been getting quite a bit of rain here on the west coast of FLA. HOT and HUMID always. We are supposed to get a break this weekend. Yeah!!!!

Take care and have a GREAT DAy.


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Good Morning,

Maddie, I am so happy that you are loving your job. It makes all the difference in the world. Good for you!!!!

Lynn, Hot and humid? I feel for you. We have had it up here for just the last few days, which is not bad, but still miserable. Stay cool!

Dee, do you have your nurses uniform ready????

Raeanne, it feels good to declutter. That is what I have been doing all summer. One of these days, this house will be feng shui appropriate. DH and I were laughing the other day because when we went away this time, we didn't buy anything (which is unusual for us). We decided that we have finally bought everything that there is to buy and there is nothing left. I guess I can start saving my $$ now! LOL

Marci, I hope your conference is going well and you come back pumped up. I always need a boost to get back in the swing of school.

Suzanne, I am envious of your trip on "The Big Boat". I know that you always have a great time on that trip, so enjoy. Have a couple of frozen somethings for us all!

Patti and Amy, please check in again. I miss you when you are not here.

BJ, I am sure you are having a blast exploring. I will look forward to hear about what you have been up to this week!

Gretchen, Jen and Tikanis, where are you? Who else are we missing? (Forgive me if I didn't mention you, I think I have menopause brain!)

It is cooler here today so I am going to get some more painting done on the outside shutters and maybe some gardening. It has been too hot for any of that.

Oh yah, about the diet, or lifestyle, I have made it through 2 days of Diet Divas and had DS finally teach me how to use the bowflex and in a minute I'm taking Zoe for a good walk, so I think I am on the right track....again!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Sounds like a lot of us are getting our "act together" LOL.

I got up early this morning and took a long walk, I am armed with my water and plan on cleaning more of the basement this afternoon, unless I have to run errands.

Besh - we didn't buy 1 thing in Chicago, not that I didn't try, nothing shouted out to me LOL. Enjoy the walk and the workout - I always feel so good about myself after I exercise.

Lyn - OUCH, I am sorry about those kidney stones. But so happy about the 10 pounds WTG. Do you think you might be able to come to French Lick?

BJ - you have been way too quiet - your in-laws are brave people to come and visit you - they must be exhausted LOL.

Marci - hope the conference is going well and that food is somewhat healthy.

NH Suzanne - I am keeping SP in my thoughts, that she continues to improve.

The rain stopped and the concert went on, we had a great time - a lot of fun and small friendly crowd.

Time to get to work!

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Good Morning All,

Besh, Marci and Raeanne, you all are getting way too organized for me! I am actually envious as I cannot seem to manage my time well enough to tackle jobs like closets and cellars between the house, barn and yard. I always tell myself I will do this in the winter but I never do. I think I need to make a list and work off it. Of course I have to remember where the list is! LOL

Deadline is going well so far no major hangups that will keep me from going on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed. It would have to be an absolute disaster to keep me from going anyway.

Lynn, what town/city in FL do you live in? I am a native Floridian born in Panama City and raised in West Palm Beach. Of course I high tailed out of there at 17 and landed in NH ! Just like in the Wizard of Oz! I love NH.

Raeanne, are you still working on the Morgan? How is he doing? Do you want a horse of your own yet? Sweet Pea is doing pretty well considering what she has been through. I love her spirit and kind nature. She truly has a heart of pure gold. The humidity brings out the worst biting flies and they are driving the poor horses crazy. The horse flies are the size of B52 bombers this year. Then we have stable flies, deer flies and no-seeums. The poor things. I get home and scratch thier ears and bellies every night and they are so grateful! They have fans in thier stalls but I don't feel comfortable keeping them on when I am not home :(

QOD: How do all you organized people keep yourself so organized? All you unorganized people like me should attempt to answer this too! You may be more organzied than you realize.

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NH Suzanne, I just want to point out something that you said that you probably don't really think about. "I cannot seem to manage my time well enough to tackle jobs like closets and cellars between the house, barn and yard". Between the house, barn and yard I think you handle things pretty well. Taking care of each one of those things individually is a full time job in itself, plus you have a full time job. Don't beat yourself up, I'm sure you do great. Now on to the QOD.

QOD: I am not really that organized. Fortunately I have the luxury of summers off to reorganize everything that I let go while working. One thing that I am doing, and I think it is easier to do this as I get older, I am getting rid of stuff. I don't need to hold on to all this stuff that I never thought I could get rid of, or keep things, just in case I may need them. Yes, some of it seems wasteful, but I donate most items and feel good knowing someone else may be able to use them. If they can't, then they can throw it away. I have also been putting some things on consignment. I make 60% of what gets sold and the things that don't sell, she donates to charity. I am also a list maker. I love to cross off! I usually make a list every night of what needs to be done the next day. This does not mean that everything gets done, but it does help me to stay focused and I don't lose any sleep worrying about forgetting something. That is the extent of it.


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QOD - I am not well organized either, or else I wouldn't have to be cleaning the basement LOL. I usually tackle jobs when I can no longer stand looking at them LOL. I also only work 18 hours a week with no travel time involved, so I have more free time than most people. I am a bit lazy when it comes to housework, but I work well under pressure, so I have found that if I have company once a week that helps me keep the house pretty clean and tidy.

NH Suzanne - your QOD actually answers the question to me about getting a horse. I would love to own a horse, but I know I couldn't keep up with all the work involved and you know all about that and I have heard you should have 2 horses since they are social animals, which means twice the work LOL. Dan continues to show improvement and I will probably get over to him this week - I miss him.

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I agree with Besh, Suzanne. You are amazing; do you ever sleep?

QOD: I make my living as a business planning manager, so I get paid to be organized and to get others to follow through. I make lists; however, I don't cross stuff out---I highlight the things I get done. That is a better incentive, because I can see my progress, and it makes it easier to find my accomplishments when I get reviewed, or if I'm trying to remember if I did something (it's an "age" thing! LOL). At home, I need to force myself to clean a closet, organize a shelf, etc. I usually never go to sleep without cleaning up the house. Now, if you start with a clean house, there is usually very little to do that would accumulate for a couple (I know nothing about kids here!). When I come home from work, I hang up my coat, put away my briefcase, etc. While I cook, I clean up after myself. After dinner, I immediately put dishes into the dishwasher. It takes a bit more time, but my home is neat. Even if I'm sick, my home needs to be neat (of course, don't open a closet door!LOL). Like I said, it takes some effort (on MY part; DH has nothing to do with this!)

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Hi all!

Well, I hafta admit that I am extremely organized but only b/c I have a bad memory--if I don't put something back the minute that I use it, or file it, or throw it out, then I will spend days looking for it later. I'm not obessively neat, but this is the only way I can run me. Besides, I consign jewelry, and that right there leaves me little choice! LOL! I do go on throwing-cr@p-out days, and that's when the older stuff gets a good scrunity, and then tossed (more than likely). There's something almost liberating in throwing/cleaning out stuff. (Actually, os I can buy MORE stuff at auctions--hahaha!!)

Well, Steph from the KT is coming in this afternoon from CA with her DH for the car show--we are going to meet Fri, and have dinner somewhere--this will be the 2nd KTer I've met. :)

Rog and I are going on the 450 mile yard sale this Sunday. I don't know how far we'll make it before exhaustion and broken-ness sets in, but by golly, I intend to give it a good go round! I was fairly well restrained last year--only b/c I didn't have a big truck though! LOL! If anyone likes yard sales--this is like the granddaddy of 'em all--never seen so much stuff in my life--

Dee--yeeouch! I've had the dreaded kidney stones before, and wholey schnoley--I didn't think a person could hurt that bad and still live--all the morphine did was make me cuss louder--it didn't take any of the pain, but it did take any my inhibitions--

gotta go--



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Suzanne - I live in Cape Coral, work in Fort Myers. I am from Ohio, born and raised. Moved here 3 yrs ago and I am not a big fan of Florida in general....great place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. HAHAHA, here I am, living here. We are avid boaters and built a house on a canal leading into the Gulf of Mexico. Location Location Location. HOWEVER.....we don't have a boat down here yet. We just sold ours in Ohio and will be looking this weekend for some ideas of what we want here. So, I am sure I will change my tune about Florida then for sure. I do miss the fall/winter months.... Fall is my ultimate favorite season.

Raeanne - I would love to go to French Lick - I haven't checked out the site yet? It is for a special get together of SS people from this Thread, or is it a celebration of something?????

QOD: I get into moods where I want to organize everything, start to and then get over the mood quickly. I would like to be more consistant. I seem to declutter when we are going to have house guests. That helps me. I do have a large area in the garage which has future garage sale items.

Take care..... Lynn

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Lynn, most of us on this SS thread are going to meet for the first time in French Lick!! Hope you can join us for this weekend of pampering! Should be lots of laughs.

For those who cannot join us, I believe that one of us is bringing along a video camera. We'll be making copies of our adventures; maybe send one to Hollywood for a major release! LOL!!!!


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(note to self....)

big video camera to throw 'em off my trail
tiny, hidden cameras to **really** catch 'em in action
hidden microphones
signed contract for America's Funniest Videos...

(Yep--that about covers it...))


Lynn--please do join us--I have a feeling that the stories alone will not begin to tell the tale... LOL!

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Lyn - pleeeeeez come. Here is the link for French Lick, just to entice you a bit more. It will just be us SS sisters and they say what happens in French Lick - stays in French Lick.

Maddie - ROFL - I will be the one donning the big sunglasses and wide brim hat.

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Hey BJ!

Tell all the girls I miss them and thank them for the B day wishes. Im not able to use the web at work now so I cant check out the site just yet. Ive also put my PC on hold for the summer and have been trying to keep busy outside! I will fire it up this week one day im off work and do a little catchign up :) I hope everyone is having a good summer and staying on track. Things at work are still just OK, but I keep on sending out the resumes. I have been datting a wonderful lady named Stacey for about a month and a half now and things are going slow but steady. We are going on a 4 day trip in a couple weeks, so that will be a nice way to have some fun and see how we get along. We are heading to Six flags for 2 days then Lake George for a couple more, I cant wait! If you can post this as an update that would be great, I will be lurking again soon!

Take care I miss you all!


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Ahhhhhhh, Johnny, we missed ye!!!! Good luck with Stacey; just be your own sweet self, and she will be bowled over! Have fun and check in when you get the chance; all your sisters want to hear the details! LOL

Raeanne/Maddie, I'm LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in the process of picking out the perfect fake nose, glasses and moustache to wear...especially if there are any situations that require a bathing suit!! Ugh!!

Still at a stall, but feeling better that I'm drinking my H20!

Make it a great THURSDAY!!!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!

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BJ - thanks for posting John's update - we will be anxiously await his return. Now we need a BJ update.

Dee - OMG - I didn't even think about a bathing suit LOL.

John - when you return, I will give you some Lake George tips, if you need them.

Just returned from Yoga and dropping off boxes of stuff for a church yard sale. Both felt good.

Back to the basement for me - I did 2 hours last night and plan on another hour right now. I am hoping if I get it totally cleaned out, I can convince DH to finish it and put a family room/guest suite down there.

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Good Morning All,

DeeMarie, I was frantically searching for my big nose and glasses last night!!!!! I may have to invest in a several new pairs! Good Lord, I hadn't even given the bathing suit thing a thought!! LOL

Maddie, you are too funny. I can just imagine where you are going to strap that secret camera!! LOL

Thanks for the update John. Good luck on your trip with Stacey. Sounds like slow and steady is a good thing. Check in when you can.

Today is drop dead day and I am amazingly in good shape! I just can't understand why! Usually things are so frantic but the day is still young. I will probably be here until 8pm tonight for one stupid ad!

Raeanne, just how much stuff is there down in that basement of yours? I hate basements they seem so awful to me. I hate the smell of the must, etc. Ours is nice and dry but it has a musty smell that I can't stomach. What a delicate flower I am.

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NH Suzanne - you can't even begin to imagine how much stuff is down there. I have MIL's things from when she sold her house - mostly of sentimental value, but there are many boxes. I have both DD's excess from when they moved out of large apts - although DD#1 gave me permission to get rid of it all, I can't do it. Then I have my crap - which much is of a sentimental nature too. I have kept a lot of the kids crafts from school, etc, then there is DH's tools, etc. I also have antiques that I will one day sell on eBay - yeah, right! In the meantime, everything that can't find a home, ends up in the basement.

The rear of my basement is all above ground and has large windows, so it isn't a typical basement, but there can be a musty smell at times - not unbearable - I am no delicate flower LOL.

I got sidetracked when the sun came out and I decided to grab my book and sit in the sun for a little bit.

Someone asked about books recently. I am reading Angels and Demons and I am enjoying it.

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Books -- I'm reading "Best Friends"

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Books I am reading ---"Undoing Depression" I am reading to see if I can find a way to help DH. What's wrong with this picture? Ummmmmm, I think he should be reading it but it just sits there untouched when he's home! GRRRRRRRRRR

The book is very good.

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I just returned from my 3-day seminar and I am so motivated!!! Although the entire conference was exceptional this year, our last speaker was excellent! She talked about getting in ruts and gave us so many ways to motivate ourselves to get out of those ruts. When I get the chance, I will share some of her suggestions with you all. Right now I am not motivated to do it!! LOL

Raeanne - I have Angels and Demons on reserve at the library. I really liked The Da Vinci Code and can't wait to read A&D. I just hope I get my turn to read it before school starts.

Speaking of reading, I just finished I Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. This is the first book of his I read and I definitely plan on reading more. Our motivational speaker did encourage us to try to read one thing out of the ordinary, either a magazine we wouldn't normally read or a kind of book we wouldn't usually be attracted to. So that is my next goal, to read something different. She also talked about the healing powers of humor and encouraged each of us to go on a humor hunt. For the next 21 days, we are to collect bits of humor. It can be pictures, funny articles, jokes, stories, books, etc. Anything we find humorous, we are to collect and keep. So the girls and I are going to start our collection and see who has the best collection after 21 days and that person gets a prize.

Maddie - I wish I had a copy of your "Sticky Chicken" story, because that would be my first entry in my humor collection! I remember laughing until I had tears in my eyes when I read that.

QOD - I am like DeeMarie and I write lists. I do cross things off my list and have even been known to write something on my list AFTER I did it, just to get the satisfaction of crossing it off!! LOL I do have certain routines for paying bills, sorting through mail, taking care of correspondence, etc. that helps me accomplish those tasks on a timely basis. For instance, I sort the mail every day and immediately toss all junk mail. The rest gets opened and after I scan it, I put in a basket on my desk. Then once a week I go through it and file things, pay bills or put bills in a folder to be paid closer to their due date. I think having routines makes it easier to accomplish those mundane tasks. I am happy to say that I have never paid a finance charge on a bill.

I probably had more to say, but I have only had a chance to skim the posts and I don't enough time now to be more thorough. I need to go motivate my family to get moving. DS needs to get some of his things organized and out of my way and DD needs to start getting her things organized for school and the garage sale.

I will back later,


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I was good to hear from you John. Enjoy your trip!

Books - OK are you ready. Right now I am reading The Great Pretender by Millenia Black and Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (young adult). I just finished The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, I wouldn't highly recommend it, but it was ok. Before the summer is out and I am planning on two more young adult books, Messenger by Lois Lowry and The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler. I also have Best Friends to read DeeMarie, let me know what you think of it. I also want to read Wicked (I'm not sure of the author), but it is the story of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, supposed to be very good.

Have a great afternoon.

Love, Besh

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Amy posted on last weeks thread, here it is - so that it isn't missed:

Posted by: aamylynne (My Page) on Thu, Aug 5, 04 at 16:29

Hi all,
I come by and check but don't read everything. I see Marci and Dee said hi, and maybe others have, too. My family's left. I don't know if I mentioned it, but they were successful in their attempt to set up swimming with the dolphins. I couldn't go to that, but did get to swim in the ocean. That's not something I can ordinarily do because of my illness and disabilities.

I tried to post a couple of days ago, but everything that came out sounded upset and I didn't want to scare anyone. :)

I've been ill the last few days. I talked to my doctor and she said it sounds like viral meningitis. That's the mild kind, not the kind that can leave a person brain damaged or dead, so its nothing to worry about, just uncomfortable - who needs more pain and fatigue. I might go in to her office tomorrow.

Tropical Storm Celia went by here yesterday. She was a hurricane a few days ago, but diminished. There was thunder and lightning and heavy rain and winds, but nothing too damaging. Just enough excitement but not too much.

I've got into anime for reasons I won't go into. I ordered Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. Has anyone here seen it? Does anyone know or remember the song by Don McLean, "Chain Lightning?" I've always liked that song. Very dramatic.

My internet relationship, which I talked about earlier, is still going strong - seven months now. I said that he is very unhappy and troubled, which is still true, but he has turned out to be also very caring, intelligent, and sweet. I hope we can continue to be friends for a long time, and I hope his situation improves for him.

I've been reading about the get together next year. Remember, I'd like a video. :) I know that it will be a blast.

It's nice to come here and have this group. You are such a loving bunch where all are welcome. There have been so many ups and downs, but people are always supportive and caring.

Love to you, thanks for remembering me, and I hope everyone has a good day. I'm not spending as much time here as I was, which may change (who knows) but I won't get lost. It's been so frustrating to me when others that I care about quit posting and then I never know how they are doing. Also I've asked my son to let people here know if anything happens to me so that everyone won't be wondering. He knows how important this group has been to me.



RE: SS Support Mon. July 26th thru Sunday August 1st
Posted by: aamylynne (My Page) on Thu, Aug 5, 04 at 16:36

I want to add that for my eating plan, I've been trying to do WW points with low carb (under 75-80). Eating certain carb foods makes me unable to stay in the point range. Even fruits are difficult to manage. My garden is doing well, though my income is still low. No additional weight loss, but trying to stay stable. I'm better off then I was 3 years ago, when I started SS.

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Hello everyone,

Marci, sounds like your conference was really inspiring for you. I can't wait for you to share more of it with us.

Raeanne, thanks for posting Amy's post. I missed it.

Amy, thanks for checking in. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am glad that you got to swim in the ocean and I hope you can do that more often. The ocean can be very healing. It's a shame not to be able to when you live so close to it. I am glad your relationship is still going strong.

Just wanted to post to remind you all that I am leaving for Nantucket early tomorrow morning so I won't be posting this weekend. I don't know what the weather is going to do but Nantucket is another world away and hopefully it will be nice. It will be nice no matter what!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

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I started reading & gave up. I don't have much time. We leave for TX at 5:45 a.m. tomorrow so I'm off to bed. I wanted you to know that I am around & will be around more after we get back. I think that I am feeling much better. I have Jen's birthday package ready & will mail it when we get home. I hope that she likes it. I'm sorry that some are having problems with kidney stones. I'm sorry that SP isn't doing better by now, Suzanne. Lynn, I live in central FL so we are pretty close to each other. We usually miss out on the rain though. Happy birthday to John & Marci. I'm sorry that I haven't been around much. I think that they have the meds adjusted though that were keeping me so sleepy. Everyone take care & I just might have time to check in while I'm in TX. Don't know all of the plans yet. Love to all & I've missed each of you! Patti :)

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Thanks Raeanne - sorry about that.

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Wow! Three old friends stopped by to see us, and I wasn't prepared with tea or cakes! Thanks John, Amy, and Patti. We all think of you often and hope your lives are stress-free.

Amy, so glad you family enjoyed themselves. Perhaps they'll come by more often; it would be nice for you to have their company. How great that you swam in the ocean! Suzanne is correct; it has a healing property. When I was younger, I lived alone and had a very anxious time in my life....lots going on. I would fall asleep with a tape player near my bed with a cassette (remember those?) of waves hitting the shore. Sooo relaxing, if I think about it now I could fall asleep in this office!

Patti, have fun in TX and please visit us often to update us on your health and Dave. We miss you too!

Besh, so far I like Best Friends! I'm about 1/3 of the way through. I think you will enjoy it; but I'll keep you posted.

NH Suzanne, have FUN!!!! The weather may be a bit cool for you, but that's the best time. I love New England.

Gotta go; today I'm going to leave this place again at 2pm, but I need to finish some stuff before then. Next week, my nieces will be visiting, so I'm taking off. I'll check in here from home.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Nice to see some of our old friends posting. It was great to hear from you all!!!

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy weekend everybody!

Love, Besh

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Hi everyone. I haven't read the thread yet; just got back from Southern AK, posted John's message, and have been cleaning up from the trip, unpacking, laundry, etc. In-laws are fun, but stressful; I gained weight stress eating while they were here, but I still had many, many great times with them. It all equals out, I guess! Anyhow, I am getting some work done on my father's car today, so I gotta run.

I will read and post tonight, witha cup of tea and Splenda and a healthy snack!

DRINK WATER!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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I still haven't caught up on reading, but I did mail Marici's bday package today! It went priority and should be there on Tuesday, but don't open it till your bday on Wednesday! I will be leaving to drive to Northern Alaska on Tuesday morning, and will have no internet access for 4 days--- :( ---so I will click on early Tuesday morning to post bday wishes for you, Marci!

We're off to climb some rocks! Bah-bye!

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DS#1 is now officially graduated! We are so proud. My entire family was here & I think that my DB & DSIL are going to leave today sometime. We came back to DS#1's home b/c we were all tired. We had been going non-stop since 5:00 a.m. on Friday. I've already had one migraine headache here.

Maddie~I meant to say to you that I, too, am so glad that you are finally in a job that you love. It was a long time coming & nobody deserves it more.

Well, DS#2 is here & I need to visit with him. He picked us up at the airport & I walked right by him. (He has gotten SO grownup. LOL)

Marci~I do the same thing with lists--if I think of something else I will write it down & scratch it off. LOL Too funny.

Love to all~Patti :)

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