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joe_mnOctober 31, 2010

watched a home show this weekend. they walked thru replacing windows on a 20yr old house. house has 6" insulated walls FYI. probably built to fairly recent standards. tech said new windows would lower heat bill by 40% so they would pay for themselves in 2/1-2 years. if heat bill is 1000/yr and 15 new windows is 15k installed, how does that math add up?

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It doesn't.

Ask this question in the windows forum and you will should get some interesting answers from some very professional and knowledgeable window folks.

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sorry. i thought it would be an energy question. i see forums for heating, windows, remodeling, and so on. figured most home energy folks would know a lot about ways to improve house energy use thru improvements like better windows.

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When I had a local window company come out for an estimate I was ready with last winter heating gas bills($800 for November thru April)

Salesperson said new windows will save 40%. I pulled out gas bills from folder and showed I spent $800 last winter season. Providing we keep the thermostat at 68 and have a similar winter season I asked if he could guaranty this seasons bills would be no more than $480.

His short answer was they can't make that kind of guaranty but can only suggest the savings.

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you can not, its impossible. The difference bewteen a standard low E double pane and say a triple pane filled window is just a couple R, and the u is anywhere from .05-.08 lower. It really comes down then to air infiltration and the install. %5-10 savings is even a big stretch. Also keep in mind they compare those savings to houses that keep the t stats at 90 and have all the windows open ;)

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