Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 8/2/09

harold14370August 2, 2009

Hello, everybody.

The results for last week are as follows:

Harold - Weight 209, lost 2, total lost 66

Silver - DNWI, lawn work

Eklektos - DNWI, migraine

Jasmi- Weight 134.6, lost 1.4, total lost 13.4. Losing weight so fast she thinks her scale battery is dying.

Betty- Weight 159, lost 0, total lost 21

Helen- Weight 162.2, lost 2.2, total lost 37.8. Good job.

Ivamae- Weight 183, lost 4, total lost 9. That's getting off to a good start.

My results for this week:

Weight 207, lost 2, total lost 68

Average Calories - Food 1878, Exercise 427

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Weight 159.6, lost 2.6, total lost 40.4.

I did good this week. Lots of wonderful fresh vegetables to eat, and very little fat or meat.

Harold, again you are my hero. You are doing so wonderfully. You keep on keeping on dear man.


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Good morning!!!
I'm at 131... bouncing back and forth, eating a lot of pizza and tacos... the food of the working woman!
Hopefully this will be done soon, I'm seriously exhausted, would like to get back into exercising and bike riding and eating more healthy.

Am still happy with the pounds, but do want my thighs to get more toned!

Good Job Helen!!! Congratulations!

Hope you all have a nice week :)

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Congrats Harold and Helen for losing some more weight this week.
Silver, Glad to see you reporting on the thread again .You have always been an inspiration for me. It is nice that you are still able to keep your weight down to 131 after all that Pizza eating ( Pizza is a killer for me !!!!!).

Coming to weigh in , I am doing walk of shame this week. I was 136 this morning. I am 1000% sure this is not water retention. This is all the fat calories I have been adding up with my unhealthy choices from the last couple of weeks. Lesson Learned. Will be a good gal this week . I hate to see my weight in upper 130s after seeing 133.6 early this week.:-((((((

I hope rest of the people have lost some weight too ..

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Weight this mroning 180 pounds. I lost 3 this past week.

Total lost 12 pounds

I'm shocked at how much food is in 1200 calories


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Good Morning,

Sorry to be MIA so much lately. So busy. I Have a new Grandson that was born on July 23rd. Can't remember if I've told y'all or not. I'm on my way out the door to take them back to the Dr. this morning.

DH's aunt is VERY labor intensive and demands that I sit and talk with her every moment I'm not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry. She wants to eat constantly, so I'm cooking and serving a lot. It's hard to have any time for myself.

Thankfully, I've still managed to hold on to the weight loss, but no further downward progress. Some days I give in to temptation and make bad choices. I still do well at home. Temptation usually gets too strong when I go out for Chinese. My favorite.

The stress of never having any quiet time to renew myself is getting to me. I'm having a pretty serious bout with shingles right now. Had to go to the Dr and get some medication for it, but it is slow kicking in. I think I will look into a daycare program for her so our family can have a break. Right now her money (and ours trying to keep her fed!)is tight so there's not any money to pay for help. Keep me in your prayers.

This week: Still holding on at 159 pounds. Hoping to carve out some ME time soon.

I'm so happy and proud at everyone's numbers. Keep up the good work. It is encouraging to me.

Helen, We are right together now. I think I will just determine to try to keep up with you. You will have to "Pull" me along with you!! LOL


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Hi All

Today is my official weigh in day and I was 134.6 .
same as last week:-((

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House guests are gone. Mild headaches linger from last week's horrendous migraine. I haven't exercised at all.

I'm up again to 138.5. I'm not surprised at the pound gain.

Several of you are just doing great. Keep up the good work! You have every reason to be encouraged.

Back to work.

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