Audio shelf system w. Ipod, CD and radio?

spedprofOctober 16, 2009


OK, so I'm an old fart (with a wonderful wife) that lives in an apt. and listens to popular American music... Buble, Streisand, Jonathan Schwartz on radio, etc., etc or NPR talk. Looking for a shelf system with decent capabilities for living room, that might even be heard in other rooms. Looking at Sony BX20i, RCA 2121i and maybe Panasonic SC-HC3. (Has to be attractive enuf and not look like made for a dorm room.) Really limited knowledge of audio. i.e. RCA rated at 50W while Sony at 25W. Twice as good? loud? Haven't seen the Panasonic (40W) in person yet.

Input appreciated... even if you have other ideas.... willing to spend a couple of hundred but need the above capabilities and have limited space.


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I would 'recommend' the RCA 2768i

300W total. Sells at Walmart for $137.00

5CD changer, Ipod dock and charger; digital Stereo Radio...

I own one, and have been using it since slightly before Aug 1st /09 virtually 24x7 - and have experienced no problems whatsoever. (the first unit we purchased was BROKE, and did NOT function - at all.) Returned, and next works just fine thank you...

Has two 'large' speakers attached with wire. If wire is to short - you can easily add some...

Since this is a 'compact' stereo - the unit does not include any type of Balance control (left/right) for the speakers.

Also - if it was on 'radio' when you turned it off - when you turn it on - it will be on FM radio... doesn't matter if you were listening to an AM station...

If you mute it - and change source (radio to cd) - the mute will auto cancel out... All radio presets are just one continuous... so you can change quickly from AM to FM as you flip up your Radio presets. 32 presets total.

Separate Aux input; Ipod input, etc. You can control your Ipod selection from the Remote (remote doesn't include batteries (2AAA)) (I don't own an ipod).

The cd changer can hold 5 cds. You can play all at once, or only tell it to play 1,3 & 5; or tell it to play only cd4

Or tell it to play only 1 cd. Or only have 1 cd in it... You can tell it to play a bunch of titles all divided up between cd's... You can have it repeat 1 track or 1 cd; or all cd's...

When the CD player changes track - there is a slight quick chirp. Laser moving or something. Doesn't bother me... it did bother someone else quite a lot - who returned it to Walmart. (She reviewed it.)

The volume goes quite high, but I'm not one to overload or clip audio. Has RCA input plugs, headphone out...

And has a 1 year warranty - parts and labor.

Some people have panned it, saying RCA customer service is junk. Don't know about that. I listen to scripture a lot, and I have literally had it on for almost 24x7 since purchased just before August. No problems. I left a review on it after a week - at Walmart.

For the price - I find this unit hard to beat. Keeps your presets if power goes out... Also has a sleep timer - for if you want to listen to some stuff - but have it shut off automatically later on...

Some of the spec's at Walmart are messed. This is not a 500W unit;; and it does not play DVD's etc. It is a stereo... not a movie or picture player

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: RCA unit at Walmart RS2768I

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Thanks, Dave 777__2009,

It seems a bit too big for my place... A single CD player would work and I know that RCA makes them... but I was also considering separate components.


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