Want to throw our own birthday party

teapot100January 27, 2009

My husband and I both turned 40 in early March of last year (our birthdays are a day apart) and we went on a weekend trip with our daughters to celebrate. This year I think I'd like to throw a party instead, something along the lines of, "Oh my God, We're Turning 41".

The thing is, we're not very social people. We're actually homebodies, shy and retiring, but I do have quite a few friends and acquaintances. We just don't party a lot (rarely, is more like it).

So, I need help on ideas of how to throw ourselves a birthday party at home and what to do, what to feed our guests. I need some fun ideas that don't cost a lot of money. I'm really looking at it as more of an excuse to have a party with all of our friends from different social circles (not that we're all that social, lol), but I need help figuring out how to plan it so that there's something for everyone so no one is bored out of their gourd.

We're not looking at a small intimate affair, but also not a raucous rowdy time either because our home is small.

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How many people? What time of day? A weekend? Will there be beer, wine, a full bar or just soft drinks? And do you want to serve them a meal?
Linda C

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Good questions!

I'm thinking no more than 20 people can fit in here at one time, Saturday evening (not a supper event), looking at beer, wine and certain cocktails, hors d'oeuvres. Dressy events are not our style.

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Make out your guest list, decide on a date and time, send the invitations....or as I lkie to do make phone calls....that way you get an instant RSVP.
Then depending on your house, decide where to put your bar and where the food table, buy the booze, set out glasses and mixers, and put food on the table, put on some music and stand back!
No need for games, just good food and drink.
Linda C

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I agree with lindac (as usual) -- you don't need games or planned activities. If you really are afraid that people won't socialize, then have a party to watch a game or other special event on TV. But I would trust your guests to enjoy getting to know each other. If you think these people simply won't enjoy each other, don't invite them all to the same party!

Why don't you want to serve supper? If I were invited to a party on a Saturday evening, unless it starts really late -- at least 9 pm -- I would assume you were giving me dinner. It doesn't have to be a sit-down meal or anything fancy, but substantial enough that people who didn't eat before won't go hungry (or scarf up all the snacks before the rest get any!). Cold cuts, chili, etc. all cost as little as appetizers and are a lot easier to prepare and serve, too.

Are you planning on indicating when you invite people that it is a birthday party, or just inviting them to "a" party? If the former, they will probably bring gifts, so you definitely don't want to seem skimpy with the food, as if you were trying to get gifts while spending as little as possible. I know that is NOT why you are having this party! But you want to make sure that none of your guests gets that feeling.

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teapot-my DH and I were born a day apart also! Our birthday is coming up and we're planning a party. I came here looking for ideas. I'm only planning on having about 5 couples for an informal meal. We'll probably have Italian beef from the crockpot, a couple of salads (that's where I need suggestions) and red velvet cake for dessert (DH's favorite). For drinks the guys prefer beer, we'll have some wine and maybe margaritas. I don't have any planned activities, but we may end up playing poker or some other card game.
Happy birthday!

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Thank you all for the ideas. I guess I wasn't as worried about the amount of food whether we serve dinner or hors d'oeuvres because usually I make it a point to make sure nobody ever goes hungry! But yes, maybe some chili or something similar. Soup shots? I saw that idea somewhere.

We were also thinking ... a karaoke party! So cheesy, but I bet it would be fun. Cocktails and Karaoke - maybe a match made in heaven.

Mommacass - too cool to have your birthdays so close too. I hope you

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