need info on lg 42lv5500 42' led hdtv 1080p 120hz

mare_wbpaOctober 9, 2011

I'm new to this forum, but have read a few posts , and it seems that this is the place to get the info I need. I've been thinking of buying the "LG 42LV5500 42" LED HDTV 1080p 120Hz" for the reported picture quality and for it's WiFi capability. The specs claim the box includes the adapter. Does this mean that I will be able to connect to my home WiFi without any additional equipment? When I check out the online and Youtube videos for this TV, the pics of the screen display Facebook and Hulu Plus in a box onscreen labeled "Premium". Does that mean that I will have to pay to be able to access those sites on the TV. Netflix is also in that box, I know that it is a site that I would have to pay for. TIA Mare

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While LG is a major manufacturer, they have always had a history of releasing product with less than perfect software with an anticipated upgrade... that really never seems to come.

Yes, a WiFi adapter will allow for a network connection, but any adapter type interface usually falls short of an integral integrated designed interface.

I'd look around for a more integrated WiFi capability, but then at the same time, I actually prefer a wired connection - less interference and faster speed.

Be careful, I'm not sure about LG, but some manufacturers ability to connect to various online services, required paid accounts to third-party service providers.

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Yosemitebill, that was an excellent, power packed answer for me.

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Thanks Yosemitebill, I think I'll look around some more. By wired connection do you mean that the cable modem be wired right into the TV as it is to my desktop?

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Yes, by a wired connection I mean a standard CAT5e cable like you have from your cable modem to your PC. However, if that is your current setup, you will need a router to "split" that single LAN output from you modem to multiple wired/wireless connections.

There are now routers even optimized for video streaming that inspect and prioritize video data packets to provide smoother video streaming without so many hiccups.

By the way, my comment about LG was more from personal experience than from my professional position and how they typically release product.

Unfortunately, what I do see is more and more manufacturers releasing products with software/firmware that must be immediately upgraded by the consumer after purchase for the product to even work as advertised.

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