Fiberglass Insulation: How Do I Cover the Attic?

chuehOctober 29, 2010

I laid a few Johns Manville R-25 insulation in the attic. Now I have no idea how to cover the rest, because the attic is not leveled with too many hinderences.

In picture L (left corner of the house), that's where I laid the R-25 there. However, I did not go further, because I don't see any wooden plank underneath the loose insulation beyond where I stopped. I am afraid to go further (I might poke a hole in the ceiling if I step further).

In picture F (behind the furnace), there is no way I can pass thru the area where the huge furnace is. I was standing right in front the furnace where there is the wooden plank.

In picture M (middle section of house), again, I don't see any wooden plank underneath the loose insulation. It's too much up and down, so would R-25 going to work? First thing I need to solve is: how am I going to go there?

The picture below is a close up for picture M

Please advice me:

1. how I need to proceed, such as a safe way to step on the "floor" of the attic, for I don't see the wooden plank "floor" anywhere else, except the very one I walk in the attic.

2. Is R-25 good for what I do? The loose insulation is only about a few inches deep. I guess that's why my utility bill is so high. I am a non-handy type person. I cannot BLOW the LOOSE insulation without any equipment or injure myself....

Thank you

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Solargary, thank you so much for your reply. Very helpful. I did not know that DIY blow insulation is that easy.... My house is about 1400 sq, and where I can stand is almost on the left edge. Do you think that the blow machine still can shoot out the insulation that far (about 35 feet away)?

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No, I don't think it will shoot that far -- my recollection is maybe half that far.


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I would be worthwhile to get a bid to have it blown in. It might be cheaper than what you think to have it done. I would also find out the cost to seal first before adding any more as this will be your largest savings.

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