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yankandtexAugust 25, 2008

I'll start us out & if someone wants to post a gif they can.

Happy Birthday again to Milkdud & Jen!! The birthday girls! Tell us about your gifts--enquiring minds! lol

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MILKDUD - Happy Birthday!!! We are so happy that you decided to become a part of our family. I love hearing about the grandkids, your decorating, and meeting people in your new community. You add so much to this group. How thoughtful of you to think of me near your own birthday. I hope all your wishes come true and your day was a special one.

Jen - continued thoughts to you and hoping things are better between you and your mom.

Patti - glad to hear Dave is home. I hope they get to the bottom of this. Thanks for getting us started and keeping the party alive.

Marci - great decorations as always.

Have a great day!

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Good Morning Ladies & John!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was a pretty good day. Busy, but good. I took the girls swimming in the afternoon and then we has a youth associational swimming party for church at nite. I really wanted to skip that, but since I am youth director, I had no choice.

NH Suzanne, You did an awesome job. I love everything! She sent me a bottle of New Hampshire Maple Syrup, a jar of Smokin Rib Rub, 3 scrapbook making kits, a wordbook kit, and Rosie O'Donnel's Crafts for kids. I was thrilled. Erica has taken charge of the Crafts for Kids book. She loves crafts and that book was perfect. We are going to make something out of it this weekend. Thanks again!

Milkdud, How was your birthday? I am not a very good present shopper. That's why you got such a weird variety! lol! Hope you had a great day!

Patti, Tell Dave I am glad he's home. Hugs to both of you.

Marci, I hope everything with the GYN turns out ok.

Better run, lots to catch up on.

Take care everyone,

Oh, one more thing before I forget! Tara is having her tonsils & adnoids out and tubes put in her ears early Wednesday morning. Please remember her in your prayers. I know it's a basic surgery, but the recovery is usually no fun.

Have a great day.


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Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Let's keep the party going this week. Milkdud your cake looks delicious!

Jen, the rib rub is my own recipe named afer my farm. The word book was a hint from Patti. She's been doing a lot of them and I think she will be a big help to you on that.

It's Monday!!

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Jen~Sounds like NH Suzanne did you good! Hope you like the word book & if you need help let me know.

Wodka~ [[[[ H U G S ]]]]

I haven't heard from Wodka in several days so I'm thinking things must be hectic. Patti

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Happy Birthday, Jen! You are a wonderful person and a great mom! I love gtting your holiday cards every year, seeing our "nieces" growing up so fast! I can relate to your mother troubles...totally. My mom is a piece of work but I guess I wouldn't be here without Her visits turn into absolute nightmares for me---maybe we should introduce our moms to each other!

Happy B-day, Milkdud! Love hearing about your life and what's happening on your side of the world!

Marci: Good to hear you trust your doc. Sounds like you have a plan and things will be fine. As you know, I had a hystie after several odd paps--it ended up being endometriosis. I have never regretted ditching my uterus though! I kept my ovaries, so no hormones for me so far. ---School starts here on 9/2 as well.

My visit to the Palouse was HOT! The hay fields were absolutely beautiful!!! I moved my DD#2 over there for her 1st year of college. It's a 1-1/2 hour wait in teh ferry line, an hour ferry ride, an 1 hr, 45 minute drive to the house, and then we packed everything in the truck and headed out for the 5 hour drive to the college. After unloading in the chaotic dorm atmosphere, she went off to RUSH, the sorority recruitment activities that would last AM till PM, for the rest of the week. Her BF and I decorated her dorm and left at about 6pm that night, arriving home at MIDNIGHT!!! The next day, I showed the house twice before heading back to the rock. No sale.

Friday night (bid night for the sorority recruits), we got a call at 12:38AM. DD#2 was sobbing. A sorority escort (RhoGama) had just stopped by her room and said that she wasn't chosen for a sorority. We stayed on the phone for about an hour and I think I felt worse than she did. She couldn't understand when she was in gymnast, a cheerleader, and had so many friends in high school how this could happen. I have been through the girls' breakups, etc, but this was IT. How sad not to be able to get into something you want so badly. Plus, I was hoping the sorority would kind of be her 2nd family... But...that's why I only join clubs where you have to PAY to be a member-no rejection! Well, classes begin for her today and so she'll be busy.

So, I was feeling all sad for her and checked the mail---A PACKAGE FROM RAEANNE!!!! It really couldn't have come at a better time! I LOVE YOU RAEANNE!!! Enclosed was a beautiful print of one of her paintings---I love it, and a kitchen towel that says, "Drink Coffee- Do Stupid Things Faster With More Evergy!" (very funny!)and---AND---a St. Joseph statue! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am making a trip this week to the mainland to "plant" it! I need to get off this rock anyway!

This past weekend, we picked a large bucket full of yellow apples and left them on our porch. We heard some clunking around out there and LO and BEHOLD, a 3 point buck was on our porch, putting on the feedbag! We brought the apples in and threw some in the yard for the deer. Within minutes a family-daddy (or grown son?), momma, 2 babies arrived and chowed down. Fun to watch and take pictures of. The deer here have no enemies, so they are everywhere!

Baby V loves wildlife as much as the rest of us, so he was gleeful about the visitors! Speaking of, Baby V's next hearing is in September, and his release to the state will probably be in December. He will likely be released for adoption then. There are 2 families who want him. He is a perfect baby and we're going to be mighty sad to lose him.

Okay, blah, blah, blah...enough outta me.

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ohhhhh, so hectic around.

Here is a quick, but heartfelt song for ya...


Many, many joyous birthdays are wished for you.

[[[[BJ's DD#2]]]]]] We've all been there at one time or another. I'll be holding some very special thoughts for her this week.

Gotta runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Good afternoon! I was obviously wiped out from my weekend of soccer games and grandmothering, so I just kept sleeping and sleeping and being lazy.

But, now I'm here to tell y'all about the wonderful birthday box sent by Jen! She may think she's not a good shopper, but I do! The first thing I pulled up was a tube of body cream caled "Chocolate Amber" (B&BW), then bottles of my all-time faves from there: Cucumber Melon, Pink Grapefruit, and Sheer Freesia. Of course, there's very little at B&BW that I don't love. LOL She sent an inspiration plaque in the perfect colors for my house and all about "Hope" - perfect. I got 2 gorgeous autumn kitchen towels (she must know I LOVE Fall!), a pretty red candle to put me in a dreamstate, and a Longaberger travel mug! I'd say she did a fantastic job shopping for me, don't you think? Jen, you put a big smile on my face last night when I opened each item, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And, your note in the card was so sweet. Thank you, thank you! (Oh, and yes, I do LOVE coffee!)

Jen, I'm so glad that you had a nice birthday! Suzanne did an awesome job on your birthday gifts, too. You are such a good person and a great mom, so you're gifted daily, but it's nice to be recognized officially!

Hubby and I passed the test to be invited back for another Canasta evening!! I had no previous knowledge of the game, so I spent the evening in confusion, but I could tell that it was something I would come to enjoy immensely when I catch on to all the rules. The group we played with are 3 fun and nice couples from my new church. Hubby really liked all of them, too. I had long ago given up on ever doing couple things because he just wasn't into it at all.

The DGDs were sweet and precious this weekend, and I loved being with them. The heat and bugs at the Saturday game took their toll on us, but a nice long nap afterwards restored us enough to go out for dinner at Alexis's and my favorite Chinese buffet. Alexis remembered me telling about eating dessert first at the "Divas" thing I attended last month, so she teased about wanting to do that, too, so we did! We each (all 3 of us!) had a small dish of soft-serve ice cream with light sprinkles, then we ate the main course. Even Aubrie really got into it. She kept saying, "We eat ice cream. Now we eat dinner." I'm definitely in the running for one of their favorite grandmas this year! LOL

I bought several cute tops at SteinMart before coming home yesterday. Got 2 purple tops to wear to Red Hat functions this fall. I was looking for a nice wooden lazy susan for the kitchen table, too, so I checked out Pier 1 Import. They didn't have one, but I did find the perfect metal art to complete my dining room decorating. I found it in the "Clearance" stack on my way back from their restroom, and I just knew it was meant for me! (I know - grasping at straws, but it was just perfect!)

BJ, I'm so sorry that your DD was disappointed. It hurts, I'm sure, but we know that she's made of sterner stuff and she'll bounce back soon. The best thing for her will come along soon, and she'll be so glad the other thing didn't work out.

I just joined a service sorority for adult women (one where you pay to join!) called Epsilon Sigma Alpha. They do such good works for great causes that I just couldn't resist. My first "job" will be working a golf tournament in Kingwood to raise funds for a pediatric hospice. I'll next work a food booth at Ellington Air Force base for an air show to raise funds for St. Jude. I used to love volunteering when my kids were young and before I started working fulltime.

Marci, has your school started yet? If so, I'm wishing you a happy school year!

Peggy, I'm with you on getting back to basics and losing!

Suzanne, you make your own rub??? WOW! I've read some rub recipes online, but I'd never thought to make my own. What's the most special ingredient in yours?

Raeanne, that Slap Ya Mama will enliven any food - except Jello. I'm happy that you're enjoying it already. I probably average using it once daily.

I need to put laundry away now and catch up on my newspaper reading before heading out to WW. I wish y'all a wonderful Monday evening!

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BJ~You've been one busy gal! So glad to see your post.

DeeMarie~Beautiful singing as usual!!

Milkdud~Glad you had such a wonderful birthday. I'll call you, probably tomorrow since WW is tonight.

Zucchini lovers~I posted a recipe on the thread this morning. Haven't tried it but perhaps one of us can. It sounds like there is lots of zucchini around. :-)

This time 2 years ago we were at the hospital waiting for little Aubrey to make her entrance into the world. I can't believe she'll be 2 tomorrow. Hope your Monday was good. 'Til tomorrow! Patti :-)

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Good Tuesday all,

Patti, two years old already!! Happy Birthday to Aubrey!! You are correct there is lots of zucchini right now LOL.

Milkdud, you certainly sound like one busy and very happy woman! That makes me smile from ear to ear.

BJ, a surprise package in the mail is so much fun. That Raeanne is so thoughtful. Quick, bury that statue!! Love the deer story!! Hopefully the deer's enemy, man will not prevail.

Hay is being cut while I write so before this week is over I will have my loft completely full and ready for winter. I cannot tell you what a relief that will be.

Hope everyone has a chance to stop in and say hello today.

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NH Suzanne~You sound happy today. I'm so glad. That makes me smile. :-)

BJ~That Raeanne is a Sweetie!

Happy Birthday Aubrey! LOL I'm waiting until 5 to call her.

I went to the dr this morning & according to his scale I have lost 6 lb in the last 3 months. That doesn't match my scales but hey! it is a good thought.

[[[ Wodka ]]] Hugs to you & your sister!!

Hi to everyone else. I'll check back later. Patti

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Milkdud and Jen - Sounds like you both had great birthdays and great birthday packages. It is always fun hearing what everyone got.

Patti - I bet you are glad Dave is home. Have you heard anymore from the docs as to what actually happened?

NHSuzanne - I had a dream about your horses last night. I think I have been watching too much Animal Planet! LOL I was worried about Casey and kept offering to ride her, but you wouldn't let me!

I spent 5 hours at preschool yesterday and got a good head start on the paperwork. I plan to go up again tomorrow and try to get it finished. Then all 3 of us will be there on 9/2 to get the room ready and get the new aide situated. The kids will come on 9/4 and 9/5 for orientations and classes start on 9/8. I have had lots of last minute phone calls and I hope to register a few more kids before the week is out. They opened 2 new preschools within 5 miles of us and it has hurt our afternoon class size. Everyone wants morning and now with so many schools, parents have more choices. For the first time in 16 years, we aren't running a T-TH afternoon session. I plan to make the most of my time off, but it will hurt come payday.

Tomorrow is my parent's 60th wedding anniversary! My sister, brother and I, along with our spouses, are treating them to a get-away weekend at a B&B. We couldn't coordinate everyone's schedules until the weekend of 9/5, so they are going out to dinner in Pittsburgh tomorrow. We put their picture in the paper and are having an Edible Arrangement ("fruit" flower arrangement) delivered to them tomorrow. I only hope I can one day celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary.


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NH kids start school tomorrow! Hard to believe we will be seeing the big yellow buses out again. Your dream is funny - I wonder why you were worried about Casey and why I wouldn't let you ride her? I love dreams and trying to figure them out.

Patti, great on your continued loss.

Wodka, please check in.

Jen I will be thinking of Tara tomorrow.

Still wondering about Lynn, John and Maddie. I know Gretchen is lurking!

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Hi Guys,

Marci, your dream is funny---hmmmm...NHSuzanne wouldn't want ME to ride her horse; I always feel like I need a seat belt. I even took some lessons on posting so I would stay in the seat better, but it didn't help. Plus I have a boney rear (the only FLAT part of me!), so end up wishing the saddle pad was underneath ME instead of the horse! -Bummer about the competition! I would have some "customers" for you if I lived there!

Patti-Hope Dave is done with his attention-getting scare tactics. Geez! Men! They'll do anything to take the spotlight, eh? lol... Really, we're all hoping he STAYS WELL--ya hear that, Dave?

I met the staff at the elementary school and middle school here. Mostly very nice. The elementary school secretary gave me a tongue lashing for not putting my first name on DD's application for school. Really, I was thinking of changing my name before I moved here, and decided not to, so I just told her the truth about it...flat out. Of course, all the listening heads that were in the office turned toward me to check out who the "new" mom was. What fun already! I did make friends with the art teacher, though and LOVE her-great sense of humor she has. The middle school people were the BEST, SO friendly.

I hope everything works out here. I have been a tad lonely this summer.

Jen- HUGS to Tara! I'll be thinking of her all day long! SMOOCHIES!

Marci! Congrats on your parent's 60 year anniversary! I'd be in my 90's before that one comes around for us and I'm sure either DH or I will have kicked the bucket by then, but best of luck for you reaching it! We just got started a little late!

Well, I better get some stuff done around here whilst Baby V takes his nap, otherwise I'll be SORRY!

BTW, I'll be absent tomorrow as I'm headed off the rock at o'dark thirty to go to the city. I have to pick up some documents from the courthouse, deliver a computer to my DD#2's BF, and of course, the MOST IMPORTANT THING...bury St. Joseph!!!!

Huggles and Kisses!

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'Evening, ladies!

I finally went to work out this afternoon after the best of intentions early this morning! My next-door neighbor called and invited me to go junk/antique shopping with her, and I decided that exercise could be postponed, but shopping and friendship couldn't! LOL We had a fun time, and I went to places I'd never tried before and found something at every one that I "couldn't live without"!

Marci, I'd forgotten that you always start class after Labor Day. I always loved in-service week because that was such a relaxed and bonding time with the other teachers.

BJ, I know you won't be lonely much longer once others get to know you. School is always the best resource, well, that or church I guess. You're soon going to have more friends than you'll know what to do with. (Why, oh why, do I always end sentences with a preposition when I post???)

Suzanne, you have obviously been on more than just Marci's mind lately because I also had a dream about you last night! I dreamed that you wanted to let me ride Sweet Pea, but I kept asking to just drive the buggy with her pulling it instead. I have bad memories of my last ride obviously! LOL

Dee, thanks for singing Happy Birthday to me! I was typing for so long that you had time to post that whole thing before I hit "send"!

Patti, I'm so happy that our Dave is feeling better and back to his feisty old self! And, I hope that talking crafts with you today has inspired me to get going again. Time will tell!

Looks like we're going to get a big rain this evening. Also, I hear there's a possible hurricane brewing in the Gulf - Gustav this time. I do hope he loses interest in us before he grows up into a full-blown hurricane.

Take care and have a great evening, everyone!

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[[[[ T A R A ]]]] Jen ~ Check in if you get a chance. I know that you don't have computer at home so you might not be able to.

Milkdud~I had the best talk with you ever. I never end with a preposition unless I'm typing too. What's up with that? LOL

NH Suzanne~I had a dream, really, I don't remember what I dreamed about last night. I think it was yesterday I took a nap & dreamed my DSs were young again.

BJ~Hope you get your running around done. Eager for your house to sell so that is one less thing for you to concern yourself with. Sounds like getting DD off to college was quite a feat.

Marci~I'm not quite certain what went on with Dave. He sees the cardiologist on the 12th. He will decide then if he needs to do any further investigating, (testing).

Raeanne~Are you running like a chicken with its head cut off? Where are you GF?

McPeg~Are you working on gardens this week?

Wodka~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] I want you to know that we are still thinking of you.

Hi to everyone else. Post if you get the opportunity. Patti :-)

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(Jen & Tara) - Hope all goes well today. Special healing thoughts going out your way!

NHSuzanne - I think you are so good at describing your adventures with the horses, that when we need pleasant thoughts, we naturally think of you! LOL You wouldn't really want me to ride Casey, cause I am a novice rider and Casey would know she was boss from the moment I sat on her. LOL

Milkdud - I would have gone shopping too. Life is too short to pass up an opportunity to bond with a friend.

Patti - What are you working on this week? My DD made me a Florida scrapbook, with pictures from all our trips to visit DS. It was her first project and I think she did a good job. I am going to gather some of her college pictures, buy her a scrapbook and give it to her for her birthday. I already have some PSU paper and embellishments she can use and I think it will be more fun for her to put it together.

BJ - Just curious, but what were you going to change your name to? (Did I just end that sentence with a preposition? LOL) One hint about St. Joseph, bury him upside down, but facing toward your house. The house across the street will sell if you face him the wrong way! LOL

I am going back up to preschool today to finish my paperwork. I'll check back in later.


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Good morning. I figured I would check in. Thanks for everyone's concern. I am going to try to post good thoughts today, even though my sister is not doing well and Gustav is scaring me already. If it hits us, I hope I don't "snap." We lost it all in Katrina, and are in a new house, away from the water, but still on the Coast, and I don't know if I could bear losing it all again. If it happens, we will leave for good this time, even though it would be difficult with my husband's business based here. (The only reason we stayed after Katrina.)

Okay, I'm digressing. It's a beautiful, sunny day. We're alive and healthy and I have a full day to do some good. Take care, everybody. And for those in Gustav's path, be prepared and be safe.


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[[[[[Jen, Tara, Jan, Dave...........oh, heck! GROUP HUG EVERYONE]]]]]]]

Just wanted to check in quickly, as I must get back to working from home here.

DH and I just realized last night that we leave on Friday for a 4-day cruise-to-nowhere out of NYC! We have nothing, as in not-one-thing, packed. There is actually a formal night on saturday, so I need to get work cleaned up and start putting some stuff together.

I wish that Maddie would check in here. I'm very concerned about her.

Make today count!

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Hi Everyone,
I've been MIA because we are short staffed at work this week and last ... so I've been hustling with my buddy to try and help cover to positions with her in addition to my normal 3 day work. Very, very hectic week but we're getting there!
My feet have been throbbing every night.
Been too tired to 'bother' looking at the laptop so I've been just reclined with iced water goinng 'blah'. Also having a bout of insomnia but it will pass too.
I am glad to read the posts today, very happy to see Jan posting too.
LOL to everyone - I'm whacked and logging off for the evening.

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Good Thursday all,

Sweet Pea and Casey dreams make me smile alot!! I think it's neat that Marci and Milkdud are dreaming of my girls. They really are dreamy too.

Well it's hay day. Hay day! Hay day! I am off in a while to get the last 300 bales into the loft for the winter then the yearly ordeal will be over. It's such a lot of work. Getting off the field, onto the trailer and then into the loft. It's like cord wood - you have to handle it so many times!

Jan, I pray that you all are spared Gustav. I keep hearing that they aren't sure what he's going to do yet so there is alot of hope that it will miss you. Seems we all have crazy weather this year again.

BJ, I have been a tad lonely this summer too! It's been a strange year all around for me and I am going to be glad to kiss 2008 goodbye. Things will turn around for you soon.

Marci, Casey would be very kind to you.

Milkdud, SP would be delighted to take you out for a carriage ride. It's her favorite job.

Jen how did Tara make out?

Raeanne, how are you festival plans going. Fill us in.

I will check in later if I am still alive after the hay! LOL

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Jen~I've been thinking about you & Tara too!!

Jan~I'm watching Gustav & wondering where he will end up too. I am hoping that it keeps getting smaller. I noticed it had already changed from Cat 3 to Cat 2 prediction. x x x (Keeping my fingers crossed things get even better.)

I thought I would start out with some humor today, could we use some peeps?

Importance of Walking

Walking can add minutes to your life.
This enables you at 85 years old
to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing
home at $7000 per month.

My grandpa started walking
five miles a day when he was 60..
Now he's 97 years old
and we don't know where he is.

I like long walks,
especially when they are taken
by people who annoy me.

The only reason I would take up walking
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.

I have to walk early in the morning,
before my brain figures out what I'm doing..

I joined a health club last year,
spent about 400 bucks.
Haven't lost a pound.
Apparently you have to go there.

Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise',
I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

I do have flabby thighs,
but fortunately my stomach covers them.

The advantage of exercising every day
is so when you die, they'll say,
'Well, she looks good doesn't she.'

If you are going to try cross-country skiing,
start with a small country.

I know I got a lot of exercise
the last few years,......
just getting over the hill.

We all get heavier as we get older,
because there's a lot more information in our heads.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Every time I start thinking too much
about how I look,
I just find a Happy Hour
and by the time I leave,
I look just fine.

OK. That's my contribution. :-) Patti Have a great day!!

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Good morning! It's 85 and sunny today.

Jan, I've got prayers winging your way for a no Gustav-landfall!!!

Marci, how cool that your DD made you a scrapbook of your visit to her. She must be as sweet as her mom seems to be!

Suzanne, how you manage to do all the physical labor you do is just amazing to me! I love having such ambitious friends. LOL

Peg, sorry that you've been slammed with work. You are missed here. I have no words of wisdom this morning to make up for your absence.

Dee, where are y'all cruising to this time? I'd like to give cruising another try one of these days. My only experience was uniquely disastrous, but I'm willing to give it another go.

I finally got my new dryer today!!! Hubby has been nursing this one along for about 5 years now, and it finally died Tuesday night - just when I had a full load of workout clothes freshly washed. Hubby stopped at Lowe's on the way home from work last night and picked out a nice Maytag one (on sale no less!), and told me it would be delivered late this afternoon, but the guys wouldn't hook it up, so I'd have to wait until he got home to do it. Well, they brought it at 9 this morning and took pity on me and installed it and as of this moment, I now have dry clothes! This one has to be more energy efficient than our old one which we always had to run twice to get things dry. This took less than 25 minutes to get 'er done! Would you believe that my little town doesn't even have a laundromat here?

Well, as soon as I finish drinking my coffee from my new Longaberger coffee mug from Jen, I need to go work out. I've been busy the past 2 mornings and have gone to work out after 4, and I am just not an afternoon person.

QOD: What time of day person are you? LOL I just answered that. I'm a morning person, then a late night person.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Man, this is a tough audience today! LOL

Hi Milkdud, Sweetie! I guess that it is just you 'n me!

I hope that the rest of you aren't posting b/c you are out having so much fun & not b/c you are cramped up in an office doing TOO much work! :-(

Oh, all of the talk about tomatoes, I added a recipe for tomatoes. Yummy!!

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Hi Guys!

Im back now. Yesterday, ran the errands on the mainland and buried dear old St. Joseph (at least 3 feet away from the house, upside down, facing the house, and said the prayer). Strangely enough, after NO ACTIVITY for at least 3 weeks, and never an offer, the real estate agent emailed this morning and said another agent called and had a couple who were "interested" in the house. I told DH if it sold, that the WHOLE family was heading to church the next Sunday! (DH is an atheist) He actually said heÂd go for sure! Thanks, again, Raeanne! Just getting the Saint in the mail was a upper and renewed my hope!

Marci~ I was going to change my name because I am really sick of being Âjust initials to everyone and not using my given name for the last 25 years. I hadnÂt really picked out a whole name yet, but I was getting really close to it. IÂll probably change it when both my parents pass on, as they really like my nameÂI just donÂt.

Milkdud: IÂm with Marci---ALWAYS choose shopping and lunching with friends over almost anything.

Jan~ ((((huggles to you and your sisÂ))))

Dee: I ENVY YOUR CRUISE. I have loved every cruise IÂve taken, but itÂs been too long now. I wanna go again!!!!

Peggy: Thanks for stopping by. My laptop got a virus, so DH took it way from me. (WAH!) Now I have to compete with the kids for keyboard time, hence my late-night postings.

NHSUZANNE! I wish we could ring in the New Year together! I, too, am ready for it. 2008, though only ¾ done, has been a little too much for me!

Patti! Very entertaining. Loved it! Hope Dave is feeling better After everyone here talked about tomatoes, I have been making tomato and cuc salads for the past 2 nights! I'll pop over and check the recipes!

Milkdud: Your new dryer sounds very efficient. My dryer in the house they tore down was AVOCADO GREENÂif you can believe it. It took about an hour and a half or 2 hours to dry stuff---and towels? Forget it! Lol!

QOD: I am a morning person---for sure. IÂm SO tired at night, running around after all these kiddles and cooking, and the rest of it, that after 2pm, I could fall asleep ANYWHERE. We go to bed at 11pm and DH snores so LOUDLY, starting any time between 2 and 4AM, that I wake up, go down stairs, grab another hour or so of sleep on the loveseatÂno couch here (my "bedroll" is always handy downstairs) and then IÂm up at around 5 or 6, reading, doing cleaning, or laundry and organizing and sorting.

DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A SNORE-ER? I hate to complain, but sometimes I think IÂm gonna go nuts for lack of sleep! I remember when HappytoÂs hubby passed on, she said she missed his snoring---I canÂt imagine it, but then again---I can.

IÂm going to call Maddie this weekend until she answersÂ.and find out why sheÂs been MIA!

All for now~ Nighty night!

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BJ, I live with a snorer, and so does DH (especially during allergy time)! We both make beautiful music together. Our master suite is on the 3rd floor of our house, so most guests who stay on the 2nd floor don't hear it. I have heard DH on occasion when I'm in the office (2nd floor) later at night!!

I leave at 3pm on the Holland America EURODAAM. It states "inaguaral" on the ticket, but I think she has sailed for a month or two overseas. We are just going out to sea for 4 days; no stops.

BJ, thanks so much for trying to reach Maddie. Sooooo worried about them. Also, I have her in the birthday pool, and want to make sure where she is before I mail anything.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful, restful weekend. I'm taking 2 books with me and 2 bathing suits, so I'll be relaxing.


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Good Morning,

Just have a minute, but I wanted to THANK everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Tara did great. We are having trouble keeping her down. But, the 4-7 days are supposed to be the worst. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Hope everyone is having a terrific week.


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BJ~I live with a snorer & your story sounds just like mine! LOL If Dave goes to sleep first then I end up on the futon instead of the bed. I know that I hurt his feelings b/c I refer to the bed as "his bed" but I hardly ever get to sleep in it. If I do then I get up between 2 & 4 & go to the futon b/c he woke me up. Then I'm usually awake by 6:30. If I sleep until 8 I think I've slept in. I definitely would miss his snoring. Almost losing him I know that it would be worse not to have it than to have it but I miss my sleep. I can't imagine having to deal with a family too. You rock! Hope the hacienda sells quick!

Dee~Bon voyage! Have a great, fun, relaxing time.

Jen~Thanks for checking in. Glad that Tara is doing so well.

QOD~I think I do pretty well just about anytime of day. LOL I don't know.

NH Suzanne~Thanks for looking over the polenta recipe. I posted it on the recipe thread.

Anyone have any labor day weekend plans? We may go to a blues concert at Cypress Gardens, just depends on the heat I think. And, probably on how Dave's feeling. Then we have to watch the weather too. I don't think Gustav is a problem for us but they are saying that there could possibly be as many as 5 in the forecast by next week. Ugh! Stay safe everyone! Patti :-)

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I'm married to a snorer, too, but since I've gained weight, I give as good as I get - ha! I just poke him or make him get on his side, and sometimes that helps buy a little time.

This morning I ate half a box of vanilla wafers with coffee for breakfast......can we say "EMOTIONAL EATER?!!"

Gustav is driving a lot of people, including me, nuts. It's still to early to tell, and I would hate for it to do harm to anyone, but I keep praying for it to either dissipate or go as WEST as it can, to save New Orleans and our Mississippi Gulf Coast from further heartache. My mind is spinning from watching too many weather reports, and hearing of possible highs and lows, etc. I can't even begin to think yet of the other ones that are out there.

My sister is home and has a home health care agency checking on her. They gave her a hospital bed, because she has not been able to sleep comfortably anywhere, including her bedroom. She is meeting with her oncologist today. She wants to delay further chemo because she is so weak. I can't say that I blame her. I know she's tired, even though her battle has been brief, only two months.

Stay safe, everyone and where you can, have a Happy Labor Day.

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Afternoon, all!!! It's hot and sunny here today, and I'm just now getting back to my cool, shady house.

Jan, I'm glad that your sister is home and, hopefully, in a more comfy bed now. I'm also fretting over Gustav, darned him!!!

My DDIL called yesterday, and Dson today, to make sure she and the little girls could come here to stay if it really heads toward Beaumont late Monday/Tuesday. Of course, they can!!! Hubby bought a generator to keep the freezer and fridge going in case we lose power. We're fairly well inland, and at 68 ft. above sea level, we're a safe port for them. Dson will have to stay there and work through it as he did with Rita though. :-(

BJ, let's hope Raeanne's St. Joseph statue does the trick for y'all soon. Nothing worse than trying to sell a house, IMHO.

Suzanne, the mail lady came to see me when I drove up today! :-) I LOVE that card with Sweet Pea on the front. What a gorgeous animal! And, I've got something sitting on my tongue as I type which I'm trying my hardest to analyze! LOL Whatever's in it is so good, but I have to admit to being stumped by the sweet taste. You are such a sweetheart to think of me like that. I'm going to pull out a frozen brisket to rub down "lovingly" and cook it on Monday. Thank you!

I've been a busy woman today already. I showered, shaved my legs, went to work out, got a haircut, then a pedicure ("Grand Canyon Sunset" - OPI), then grocery shopped, banked (8 miles out of my way), then home to meet our mail lady. Tonight, we'll meet our friends for dinner, then go to one couple's home to play Canasta. If they're willing to train me, I'm willing to learn! LOL

Patti, here's the solution - EARPLUGS! I buy the pink or purple ones at Wal-mart, and they do the trick. I don't even hear myself snore! :-)

Jen, that's great about Tara doing so well. I know you're relieved. I had both my sons' tubes put in at the same time, and it was awful for a day, then we were all good.

Dee, Bon voyage!!!

As far as I know, we're doing nothing out of the ordinary this weekend except for deep cleaning the house, then steam cleaning the floors. I've still got the hurricane boxes packed from Edouard, and DDIL would bring food, too, so we'll be fine on that count.

If you're one of the lucky ones going off to have fun this weekend, I wish you a safe and happy time. If not, you can stay here with me, and we can post and entertain one another.

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Hi Guys!

Raining like crazy here...and COLD!

My poor DD#2 (the one I just took to college) called and said she is going to a college football game over in Seattle this weekend. She called to ask if she could sleep in our house that's for sale. I asked why she wasn't staying with her boyfriend, and well, she said he cuddled up with someone else at a party last night and the girl spent the night in what-used-to-be "their" bed---so their relationship is done--after 3 years. Arg! "Men!" But I have to say "WOMEN!" too, cause the girl was one of her best friends--double ARG!

Well, I had a deer family of 5 in my yard this morning. The 3-point buck brought his lady, a young deer and twin babies. Got some fun photos.

This weekend:
Today: Cleaning, errands, and lots 'o' LAUNDRY. Gotta go to the market and grab some groceries too.
Tomorrow: Farmer's Market in the morning. I love that! Then, getting new 6 new garbage cans (whoopee-no garbage service here, so I get to visit the dump on a regular basis) and then having a couple from DH's work over for dinner. They have a 9 yr old and an 18 mo old, so maybe Baby V will have a playmate. I'm doing chicken and whatever. Bought a lemon cake from the the mainland for dessert.
Sunday: Organize the garage, pull the eliptical into an area out there where I can USE IT (lol!) and then, might take a walk on the beach if the weather clears.
And of course, calling Maddie all weekend.

Thanks to all who answered my snore question. Somehow, I feel better---misery loves company! In my new house, I have allowed room in my office for a chair bed from IKEA, so I can have a RETREAT place to sleep. We currently hear (loud and clear) DH from ANYWHERE in the house when he sleeps. It's a riot----not!

Bon Voyage-y, DEE!

I'll be here this weekend, milkdud!

And (((((HUGGLES)))) to all of you in "bad weather land."

RAEANNE~~~~~How's the fall festival planning going??????

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QOD - I am a morning person. Unfortunately the rest of my family never has been and never will be. I used to like the quiet time when the kids were younger. But one vacation I got up early and went to the beach and saw a school of dolphins at sunrise. They were all mad that I hadn't gotten them up to go with me. I tried to explain that if I had tried to wake them, none of us would have seen the sunrise or the dolphins, because we would have gotten to the beach at noon! LOL But seriously, DH works steady 3-11, so I can forgive him for being a night owl, but I love it when he has somewhere to go early in the morning and I can get up and start making noise right away.

As for the snoring issue, DH does snore from time to time but not enough to bother me. The problem with him is that he gets in and out of bed so often that it wakes me up. He can't sleep for long periods of time and it drives me up the wall when he is constantly up and down. Rather than get mad at him, I just slip into DD's old room and sleep there.

Jen - I was glad to hear that Tara did well with her surgery. Hopefully this will cut back on the ear infections. I know they(the tubes)helped my DD tremendously.

Wodka and Milkdud - I am keeping an eye on Gustav and praying that you are both spared. I think my DD would probably get some heavy rain, but should be spared the brunt of it. She is inland in Lafayette.

BJ - My real name is Marcia, pronounced Mar-cee-ah, with the accent on the first syllable. Almost no one pronounces it right and I get called Marsha 99.9% of the time. I too thought of changing my name to something no one could mispronounce, but my parents would be heartbroken. I changed my nickname from Marcy to Marci when I was 16 and my mother still spells it Marcy to this day. Good luck with the sale of your house now that you have St. Joseph buried properly! LOL

NHSuzanne - No dreams last night. :~(
At least when I dream, I know I fell into a deep enough sleep.

DeeMarie - Bon Voyage! Happy sailing!

Raeanne - Is this a busy weekend in your neck of the woods?

Patti - Those tomato recipes look good. I would like to try the Parmesan slices soon. I found a recipe for fresh tomato salad dressing that I will post as soon as get a chance to try it.

I am heading to the campground tomorrow for the day. My sister and her DH have their trailer and we will spend the day hiking, relaxing, cooking and sitting by the campfire.

The rest of the weekend I will probably be at home getting some last minute things ready for the start of school on Tuesday.


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Good Friday all,

TGIF - It's been a long week but the hay is in the loft! It's absolutely gorgeous and we horse people have rankings like wine people do and this hay scores a 97%. It's lovely I could eat it myself.

Milkdud, that came fast! I will share the ingredients with you later. I wish I were joining you for brisket however!

BJ, your lifestyle is beginning to sound a bit like market (which I LOVE) trips to the dump...I mean recycle center - waste station! LOL What's next? Mucking perhaps! DO report on Maddie if you reach her (fingers crossed)

Jan hoping you ALL are spared from Gustav. Will be thinking of you constantly.

Dee, bon voyage mon ami

Marcia, I hope you have fun this weekend.

Raeanne? Are you up to your eyeballs in fesival?

Patti, that polenta recipe is a keeper. Let me know if you try it. You don't need to have all those different mushrooms either get whatever you can find that's FRESH

QOD: DH snores but I only need give him a little shove to go on his side and he stops! I have been told that I also snore but I am denying it!! LOL Actually, I get stuffed up at night especially in the winter and I use the nose strips which work great!! DH teases me about them but they really work and I don't wake up all night long with my head stuffed up.

QOD: Definitely a morning person and so is DH and the critters. My favorite thing is riding at 5:00 am in the summer......sadly those days are already behind me. But fall riding is super too.

No plans for the weekend except a lobster dinner with in-laws on Saturday night. I love those crustaceans!!

Farm chores to do for sure!

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Could the "lobsta monsta" join ya?? LOL

    Bookmark   August 29, 2008 at 7:10PM
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You have to get the lingo down:

I heard the East Coasters call 'em "BUGS."

It's been way too long since I've had a lobster. Maybe when my house sells, I'll celebrate with a YOBSTAH feast.

Have a great weekend!

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Hi Girls,

I am having some lobsta myself today (and yes they are also know here as bugs!). We are having a little dock party this afternoon with lobster, steamers and corn on the cob. I am making some WW cole slaw, but I won't let anyone else know that it is WW. ;-)

Summer is definitely winding down. It is cool at night and dark so much earlier. I really hate that part the most. DS started football last week. He was at FB a call on Monday from the trainer stating that DS had a concussion and we needed to pick him up and bring him to the ER. Great. After a CT scan and 6 hours later it was determined that yes he did have a concussion. He is on light duty for 2 weeks, no contact. He is a little bummed out being his senior year, but understands he has to protect his brain! The week before he was at the dentist getting a root canal on his front tooth that he broke. It is going to be a long season.

I am hoping that all of you on the Gulf Coast are safe and far enough away from Gustav that you will not be affected. Wodka and Milkdud I am thinking of you. Patti are you in the danger zone?

BJ, any luck reaching Maddie? Good luck with the house...I hope St. Joseph takes good care of you. Sorry about DD. Boys are dumb.

Marci, good luck with your upcoming school year. I always loved the kids when I was at the school, it was the politics I hated.

Dee, I hope you are having some fun cruising off to nowhere!

Jen, (((Tara))) I hope she is continuing to do well.

Suzanne, glad you got a good "batch" of hay. Enjoy the bugs!!

I had my annual physical this week. I am healthy (pending test results, but I think I would have heard by now if something was funky), just fat! WW is in the same plaza that my Dr. is in, so I walked out of her office and over to WW to join in....again. I was attempting it on my own, but I am just now honest enough with myself. I need to be accountable to someone else.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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Good morning.

All this talk about lobster/lobsta is making me very hungry. Besh, your party sounds like so much fun. I'm envious of your cool nights. It will be a while before our evenings cool down.

I know it's still too early to predict, but it might be looking a little bit better, hopefully, for those of us along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are still on the "bad" side of the storm, so will batten down the hatches, and still have time to evacuate, if needed. The more Gustav goes west, the better for us, but I really want it to dissipate. Of course, hurricanes are fickle, and can turn on a dime, so anything can happen. I just don't want anyone to experience the heartache a major hurricane brings, and pray that everyone remains safe and sound.

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Good Morning,

Things are going good. I can't keep Tara quiet. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be her bad days but you can't tell it. She is on advil, didn't seem to need the lortab, thank goodness.

Hugs to everyone. Have a great Labor Day.


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Morning, all! Well, DDIL just called to say that they're getting the heck out of Dodge early this afternoon and heading over to stay with us because the voluntary evacuation has begun in Beaumont! I'm still trying to awaken my brain cells from a late night of Canasta, so maybe after another cup of coffee, I can start picking up and cleaning quickly. So much for the long drawn out cleaning I'd planned. LOL

Wodka, I hope it does leave your area alone, but it doesn't seem it will leave us alone this time. My DDIL and Dson are pretty gutsy and brave, but this time, she and the girls are leaving before the traffic gets bad.

Hopefully, the worst we'll have it is lots of rain and maybe power dips. Pray that we keep the power with all of them here. We must stay cool and entertained in order to stay off one another's nerves. LOL

Later, gators!

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With 2 staff off work this week I've been helping as much as possible with my buddy/boss to double time running around office buildings to get the plant watering/maintenance done. Each day we made sure to sit down and have a proper lunch - no choice we were burning calories like there was no tomorrow. Every night I reclined on my couch with the fan blowing on my throbbing feet - whew. I've slept 12 hours last night and it's noon! Next week I will actually be going in on Monday to water my babies because they don't know it's a holiday and it doesn't matter to me, I just don't want them fainting. At least it's back to normal again.

Today I'm cooking up a storm for my freezer. Still stewing tomatoes from the garden. Going to shred zucchini/onion/carrot/turnip and dump them in a 3 minute boil in chicken broth (just enough to cover) and cool it to freeze for winter soup base and I have about 6 black bananas that are screaming banana/walnut bread to me (I freeze that in slices on a tray, then ziplock so I don't have to take a loaf out.

Later, when I'm bored - hahahahahahahahaha - have to pick more tomato, beans and get them in the freezer too. Tomorrow I hope to pull spent plants out, work in my grass compost and plant lettuce, peas, beets and other fall plants (have to check my garden books again). I just love this time of year. I don't can stuff - YET - but that is on future to do lists - still organizing the basement junk and getting rid of clutter. It's better to can stuff - cheaper in the long run and less risky in case of a power outage but I'm not quite there yet.

Sorry for being MIA but it's been so busy this week I've actually just wanted to sit and stare at the TV at night. No energy to even play on the laptop at all.

This evening I will catch up reading all of your posts and get back in touch.

Love ya!

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milkdud, how do I say "thank you" and "I'm sorry" in the same sentence? Thank you for thinking of me, and I'm sorry that y'all are having to sweat out Gustav, too. There's still so much uncertainty before it gets closer to us all, and the weather channels will drive you up the wall. Nonetheless, I will be praying that he loses power (and y'all don't!) before he makes landfall, wherever that might be.

Be safe and enjoy your kids' visit, even though it's not under the most ideal circumstances.


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Hi Guys!

Love coming here on weekends and reading!

Well, I tried getting ahold of Maddie, but no joy. Her number's been changed, so I emailed the customer service address of their EBay Business. I know, it's a stretch, but I am pretty bent on keeping in touch with my dear sistah Maddie. (Maddie, if you read this, please don't be angry!)

Besh! I want to visit you again! I had so much fun and your life (minus DS's mishaps) sounds great!

I haven't had a physical this year yet because LAST year, my doc wanted me to lose 20 pounds and I haven't. Well, I lost SOME of it but I found it again! But now that my thyroid meds prescription has run out, I have to go. SOoooooooo...I'm starting September 1st....another diet.

McPeg~ I'm going to be YOU next year after I get my veggie garden in. I'm a freezer person, but should learn to can too.

Okay, I better get hustling. I have dinner guests coming at 6.

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Happy Saturday Labor Day Weekend Everybody!

McPeg, BJ, NH Suzanne~I put a zucchini relish recipe on the thread. I thought with all of the talk of canning & zucchini, etc. it might be good. LOL

Besh~We are having rain, perhaps from Gustav, but unless something unforeseen happens, which it always could, we will be safe from this one. There are however, several more out there that we are watching closely. I think "H" & "I" may already be named. I think it is "Hannah" & "Ike"?

BJ~Sorry that you weren't able to contact Maddie. Do you have her work number?

Wodka & Milkdud~I'm praying that you are both safe!!

Marci~Glad that DD is far enough away to be safe.

Jen~Glad that our Tara is doing all right. When they are ready to get up & play that is a pretty good indication. DGS#2 had his done this summer & wasn't down but the 1st day. They even called 911 the 1st night but I think it was just that they panicked.

Milkdud~Here is my problem with ear plugs. I'm afraid that since we are in an apartment there could be a fire & someone would try to knock on our door to notify us & I wouldn't hear it. If I was strong enough, I could push Dave out of bed & onto the floor & he wouldn't wake up!

Raeanne~Hope everything is going well with you,

Donna~Were you just giving us a little tease with your checking in last week? LOL

Dee~Hope you are having a great time!!

Hi to all I've missed! Patti :-)

    Bookmark   August 30, 2008 at 4:36PM
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Earplugs are out for me too. I have to be able to hear the babies cry in the night, so they don't wake everyone up!

Good luck with the storms, everyone. BE SAFE! And evacuate when they tell you to do so. You only have one life to live! :-)

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Milkdud and Wodka - I am a nervous wreck watching Gustav gather strength. I am keeping you and everyone in it's path in my prayers. DD wasn't as safe as I thought. Lafayette has now called for a voluntary evacuation. But DD and her SO headed for Austin, TX on Friday night, ahead of the traffic. Her office is closed on Tuesday and possibly Wednesay, so they will stay in TX until it is safe to return. I hate being so far away from her, but I am glad they already left and I know they are safe. Hopefully they won't have too much damage to deal with when they return.

    Bookmark   August 30, 2008 at 11:04PM
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Hey, peeps! LOL Since I haven't convinced anyone to try the eggplant pizza, you really are missing out IMHO, I posted a zucchini pizza. Check out the recipe board! Have a safe Sunday! Thanks to Gustav ours will be wet! Haven't checked to see how much rain he dumped yesterday yet. But it rained a long time & hard!!

Marci~Glad to know that your DD is safe in Austin! You do know that is TX's biggest party town, right? LOL

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Hope this post finds everyone healthy and out of harms way.

Just a quick check-in for me. We have been busy at work again and I wasn't home one night this past week with social obligations. Last night I had company and even though it was a lot of work it was nice to be home. The rest of the weekend should be a bit quieter.

I have to plead guilty to being a snorer myself. I never used to be but since I had gained a "few" pounds I am worse than my DH. He just kicks me and I do the same to him LOL.

BJ - I know exactly how you feel about going to the Dr. The last time I was there he told me how proud he was of me and I postponed my last visit because I didn't want him to see I had gained some weight back. If it wasn't for needing a mammogram referral, I probably still wouldn't have gone LOL.

Marci - I am glad that DD is out of town - you must be relieved.

I don't have time to respond to everyone individually, but know that I am thinking of you and promise to come back.

Please stay out of Gustav's way.

(((((HUGS TO ALL))))))

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Getting ready to jump in the shower and clean up. We've spent the morning bringing all the possible projectiles - plants, windchimes, patio furniture, rocking chairs, benches - I'm a sweaty mess.

As of this minute, we plan to stay, as do our neighbors. Unless, of course, Gustav makes a surprise turn towards Mississippi, which as Katrina proved, could happen. We've got a full-sized generator that we had installed when we built the house. The electrician said we should never miss a beat if power goes out. We're holding him to it! Also, have gas grill and burner, and two full gas cans, in addition to both cars already filled up. (The gas shortage after Katrina was so unbelievable.)

One of the meteorologists in New Orleans actually has expressed hope that the way Gustav is going, it might surprise us and be a cat.3, possibly even 2 storm when it hits, which would be so much better than a cat.4 or God forbid, a 5.

We have a backup plan, to evacuate to the same concrete, reinforced building where we stayed during Katrina. It's not too far from us, so we should have enough time. Again, just waiting and seeing.

I hope everyone in the storm's path is safe, and we get rid of Gustav sooner than later. And Hanna better mind her own business, too. I'm not in the mood for her.

The rest of you, enjoy your fun Labor day plans!


    Bookmark   August 31, 2008 at 9:52AM
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I will have to read and catch up.

Most of this weekend has been taken up communicating with several very close and dear friends in New Orleans and watching and worrying about Gustav. One family evacuated yesterday morning and we still can't reach the other friend, we hope because she has already left. One friend just moved back in their house last year - they had major roof damage in Katrina and had to tear down and rebuild. They left yesterday also.

((Hugs)) and good thoughts to all in this terrible storm's path.

Another friend, locally in PA, lost his dad this week. Bad week all the way around :-(

Will check back later.


    Bookmark   August 31, 2008 at 12:14PM
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