atkins -- no can do!!!

chery2August 16, 2008

DH and I decided to try the Atkins diet, what with all the updated good reviews. After the 3rd day of "Induction," I went to the library to get an overview. What I found in Atkins' Diet Revolution book was a list of prescription meds that "might hinder or prevent weight loss." Each of us takes at least two meds in the list!

So I took the book home to show DH, and we're back to the drawing board w/ a low-calorie regimen. What I need is a website with a comprehensive list of all foods and their calories.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't know why you dumped the Atkins program. It is true that certain meds cause weight gain but going on a low calorie diet is not going to change that. You'll still be fighting the effects of the meds.

If you Google you get all sorts of sites listing food calories. None of them are going to list ALL foods and most do not differentiate between brands of prepared items like breads.

While you're at it Google for listing of calories in restaurant entrees so you can make the right choice when you dine out.

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While this is a great idea of checking on Google and planning your restaurant choices prior to leaving your home are great ideas. I recently read an article that about different types of diets. It actually mentioned about using a low carb diet, but not totally cutting out on all of your food for calorie count.
Also here is a new diet plan that I found online, I have not tried it, but it reads like it will work out really well for anyone. I am pondering taking it on myself, but do not know yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Have not tried it, but read on it.

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Check out - it's totally free with a ton of tools, menu ideas, support...or inspiration.

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