Samsung LN52A850

sconti_95October 11, 2008

Just bought the Samsung model mentioned in the subject box. Has good reviews, but would like to hear from you all that have experience with this particular Samsung model. Also bought monster HDMI cable, high speed 4.95 Gbps along with a TV video calibration service at the time of install. Purchased from Circuit City to be installed on Monday.Is that the right cable and what do you all think of the video calibration service? Would appreciate your input. Thank You !!

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Most new tv's come out of the box with the color and contrast controls cranked up to give the picture POP. But, the picture doesn't look real.

If the setup guys from CC get it correct the picture should be much more realistic. Getting it correct should involve a test dvd, blue glasses, some test gear, and much time fine tuning the picture controls.

If all they do to adjust the picture is done in 10 or 15 minutes, it is not done completely.

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jdbillp: Thank for the information. Will discuss further with the CC people before having them do it. They charge $149.95 for the video recalibration. Hate to pay that extra amount when I am already paying $2800. for the set. It reminds me of buying a new car, but have to pay for a tune up and alignment upon delivery. What about the Monster HDMI cables? Are they worth the price? The run from the HD box to the set is less than one meter. I had heard that Monster only makes a difference at 10 meter and longer. Again, thanks for the info. It is greatly appreciated.

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That's a good deal compared to what Best Buy wants for calibration. Their price, if I remember correctly, was $300 if the cost of the TV was less than $2000, and $200 if the TV cost more than $2000.
I saw what was supposed to be "before" and "after" TV's at BB and there was a difference.
I was also told that, after calibration, less electricity is used.

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i have the LNT4665 it has some great reviews! it is not your model but i am very pleased with it ,and bluray looks awesome on it.I personaly am not a fan of"monster crap" don't buy into the hype its just decroative over priced cable,unless you are over 10-12 feet away any hdmi 1.3 cable will be fine trust me!!!!!!enjoy the tv!!!!!!!

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jimisham: Thank you for the information. Install will be today, so will let you know what I think of the calibration. Glad to know that they were not over-priced. Guess however, that will be determined by the job they do.

netlos: Returned the Monster cable and just picked up a HDMI 1.3 cable from my Brighthouse cable provider along with a HD box. The actual run of cable is no more than 3-4 ft. Read good reviews about the TV. Thanks for your endorsement. Now I have to save up some money for a blu-ray DVD. Appreciate your post.

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Circuit City delivered my new Samsung yesterday and the Firedog tech arrived at the same time to do the connect and calibration. Spent approximately 30-45 minutes calibrating. Picture is outstanding. Never had a TV with such clarity. Less than 24 hours having my new set, but extremely pleased with the LN52A850. Hope my satisfaction continues. Thank you again to each of you that posted some invaluable information.

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Congratulations on your new TV. Glad to help.

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