basement heating--help!!

lauriefreeOctober 19, 2005

We are finishing our 1200 s.f. basement -- just a nice, cozy rec room/family room and a workshop. I will never go down there, brrrr, unless it has an independent heat source.Any suggestions for such an area that would be safe, clean, renewable, affordable, low maintenance, and can easily cranked up at short notice (as opposed to heated with the rest of the house?) Or am I asking too much?



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If you're gonna try to make it "comfortable" at all; you're gonna have to do some insulating for sure. Concrete absorbs / transmits huge quantities of heat. That's walls, and the floor too. Trying to heat it up quickly with no / poor insulation is a losing battle . . it will never be comfy without it. A cold floor can make you feel colder that you really are; and unheated / uninsulated concrete will do that for sure.

By definition; cranking it up "on short notice" will require a much bigger heat source than bringing it up to temp over a longer period of time. Concrete; insulated or not; is a HUGE heat sink. Can't change the laws of physics. . . .


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