Partying Mom?

HaggyJanuary 22, 2003

There's really nothing I can do at this point, but I thought you all might get a kick out of this. We are hosting a little Superbowl soiree this Sunday and I very carefully sent out specific invitations to our friends (no RSVP necessary). One friend of ours has her mother living with her (both women single) and I purposely put the daughters name only on the invitation. Through the grapevine we heard that the daughter can't make it but the mother is planning on attending!!!! She has started "hanging out" with our crowd lately and tends to get quite smashed at every gathering. New Year's Eve was extremely embarassing for the host as she went from person to person with very strange comments. We aren't a young crowd and are all nearing 40. This woman is 60 and insists on attending rock concerts and parties with her daughter and acting like a teenager. Honestly, she kind of freaks us all out. It's like she's trying to relive the 1960's hippie era with us. No one really has the guts to say anything to her. To me, it's like she's going through a midlife crisis or something.

Just thought it was almost funny and you might appreciate it. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. And moms, please be a parent to your daughters, not a drinking buddy. Even at 40 and 60 it's kinda sad.

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wow, how embarassing and annoying..... Obviously the woman cannot take a hint or read between the lines... Her daughter should know better and realize she has to restrain her mother and allow your group to be together without dear mom being part of things..... You certainly are taking it well, I guess you are stuck with her for your superbowl soiree, if you all agree to monitor her liquor intake, she could be bearable. Mix her drinks yourself and give her "fake" drinks. Is she more pleasant when she is "sober"?

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Would the daughter be offended if you explained the problem to her? Maybe she can help?

Lee AKA Fireraven9
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Hope your party went well! Hooray for Tampa!

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Thanks for the tips. Yes, she showed up and yes, she drank but she didn't get drunk. She was drinking lite beer and only brought a six-pack so that was great. The night turned out to be quite nice and everyone seemed to have a good time. I made it BYOB (that's how we have all of our parties b/c everyone likes something different and it gets very expensive for the hosts, for foursome dinner parties we wouldn't dream of that...we supply then) and it turned out fine. I think she felt a little odd when she looked around and saw that everyone was part of a couple but her. But, we included her in on everything and I was the perfectly mannered hostess! HA! Thanks again!!!!

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