Looking for foods like the Matol Diet ones

faithabJuly 13, 2006

Hi - I've lost 17 pounds since March 23 eating the Matol Diet foods. They are tasty, high protien and low carb and sugar, fill me up and are easy to prepare - just open a package, add water and cook. BUT....they are expensive. I'd like to continue but at $24 for a pkg of 7 meals it's getting too much. Does anyone know of a source of similar packages soups, pudding, drinks, etc? I even became a distributor to bring the cost down to $24 for a 7 pack but that still adds up. And I've 6 more pounds to go plus wnat to use them for maintenance.

Thanks for any ideas! Faith


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I had to do a search at Google cause I never even heard the name before...am I right that it is high protein but a lot of the protein is soy?

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Dear Ruthieg, Yes, the foods are mostly soy protien but with enough whey(milk)concentrate to make the amino acids complimentary. That's why I was so impressed.They have very high quality protien but are solow in carbs, sugars and calories. But they are expensive. I became a distributor to get them at cost. But they are still high. So that's why I am looking for similar foods at more realistic prices.


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There are some theories that soy inhibits weight loss...don't know any facts to spout but I have read that it does....and truthfully I really just believe in eating the real stuff...the real good stuff...

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