Onkyo DV SP406

bus_driverOctober 3, 2011

My Onkyo is the only upconverting DVD player I have, no BluRay in my house yet. The Onkyo has started to skip and freeze on DL discs. I though it was the discs, But they play fine on an old Toshiba player. I did buy the Onkyo used on eBay a couple of years ago and it has been used sparingly since then. I can imagine that two-way shipping plus the cost of repairs means that I should just toss it. Repair quality might be uncertain also.

Suggestions for alternatives?

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If the discs are only skipping on dual layer discs, it could simply be a dirty lens on the laser assembly.

To clean it, take the cover off and you'll see the laser assembly near the spindle, with a lens on top - the assembly moves from the inside of the disc out on two small rails. Use a Q-tip with a little glass cleaner on it and VERY GENTLY wipe the lens in a circular pattern - it moves up/down within a coil, so be careful. Sometimes a little can of compressed air to dust off the area beforehand can be helpful.

While in there, also clean the disc contact area on the lower spindle - often rubber or felt - with the another Q-tip. It can get dirty and sometimes cause slippage.

If you're going to have to replace, a Blu-Ray player is almost what you need to purchase by default. My first choice would be Panasonic, but since models vary, check online reviews for a particular model.

I'm not aware of any Japanese manufacturer who actually manufactures Blu-Ray/DVD players in Japan anymore, and almost all of them are simply made by OEM manufacturers in China.

If money is no object, and video quality a priority, check out Oppo DVD players! :-)

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Thank you for the response. The local TV repairman is a friend and although he does not service DVD players, told me the same as you. Have now cleaned the laser lens as suggested. Did it myself at home. Difficult to access. The Q Tip came out blue! Neither he nor I have any idea why the blue color. I played it for few minutes after cleaning and it seems OK. Will watch one of the discs that skipped earlier as a real test. The blue color is a mystery.

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Maybe you really do, or did, have a "Blu-Ray" player after all!

Of course, if it was Windex, then that is already blue, if not, maybe just ink from production marking stamps around the lens assembly.

Please do update the results - layer changes have always caused a hiccup in DVD players but most newer players have really minimized, or even eliminated it.

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Thus far, the player has done well on one movie and part of another-- I watch bits at a time as time permits. So my cleaning did no harm, at the least. And apparently did improve the performance. The blue color is still a mystery.

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Now have watched 3 movies on the player after cleaning with no problem.

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That's good to hear!

One other thing to watch out for is fingerprints or smudges on the outer edge area of the disc.

DVDs, as well as CDs, read from the center of the disc to the outer edge, the reverse of what a record album does. Most dual layer DVDs are what's known as a RSDL (reverse spiral dual layer). They read the first layer from the center out to the edge, the player then re-focuses the laser up another .55 mm into the second layer, and are then read from the outer edge back to the center.

Fingerprints and smudges are common in this area from handling and can also cause skipping/layer change problems.

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Thus far, no problem at all.

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Now that's even better to hear! Sounds like you may have solved the problem.

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