Chimney Lining

joy_unspeakableOctober 24, 2008

My husband and I are planning to put a wood stove in our basement to cut down on propane costs. The house was my grandparents, built in the early 70's. They had a wood burning stove in the basement for one year, after that their sole source of heat was a woodstove upstairs. We are having the chimney checked this month. If the chimney looks good with no cracks, etc. - is it necessary to add a new lining? (Of course, the chimney/fire place store around here recommends new stainless steel lining - $1200 if they install). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Not my field of expertise so youÂll have to do further research. Installing a high efficiency fireplace insert may require a matching stainless steel liner to provide the fireplace with the proper draft required for good air flow resulting in efficient, safe combustion.


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Don't under any circumstances vent two combustable appiances into the same chiminey. Have a competent Chimney Sweep or liner installer check out your chiminey.Some chimineys in the seventies were not lined which can allow dangerous combustable soot and creosote which can ignite into a nightmare. If you ever have a chiminey fire you will never forget it!!! It will DESTROY your chiminey and maybe your house! I installed a double flue when we built our new home 15 years ago and vented the woodstove (Basement) through a stainless liner in one of the flues. Best money I ever spent for peace of mind. It cleans up with a couple of runs with the steel brush about once a month and there you go. The oil flue lined with clay tiles, three or four times a year. When you invite fire into you home be prepare to control it. Good Luck, Mainah

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Thank you both for your input. Our chimney has three flues - 2 for the upstairs insert and one for the basement. We are having the chimney inspected next week and cleaned if needed. I'm in favor of the stainless steel liner for the peace of mind like you said. Not in favor of having it installed for $1200. I wonder if it would be an easy do-it-yourself job?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on a durable, relatively inexpensive wood burning stove? My family has always used CRAFT STOVE. I have researched and researched, but looking for input from those of your who have wood burning stoves. Preferrably steel not cast iron.

Thanks so much!

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I just got a quote last week from a chimney sweeps company to have a UL listed stainless steel liner system installed to accomodate a 6" collared woodstove insert. Cost of installing the woodstove, plus the liner, insulation around the liner was quoted at $1719.68.

Today, I visited a woodstove store, and they quoted me $1200 for the installation of the same liner, but not the install of the woodstove.

They also told me I could install the liner myself. My big question was: do I have to pull a town permit to install the chimney liner myself in order to be "up to code"? The answer was "no", as long as you have intalled a full liner.

So, you can save yourself considerable cost if you install the liner yourself. AND, you don't need a town permit, IF you intall the liner the full height of the chimney. For example, for me, a 26' stainless liner kit with flue adapter would be $740.

As far as woodstove recommendations, I've looked at everything from Jotel, Harman, Franklin, Quadra-Fire, etc.

The best wood stoves are stainless steel (because the cast iron ones crack), and the names I've narrowed it down to for my needs at Jotel and Lopi. Both have quality built wood stoves, have fantastic customer service, and are highly recommended.

I'm sure there are other names out there that I haven't researched that may be just as good. But, that's what I've got from my own research so far.

Like yourself, I'm also looking for folks opinions on their woodstoves, as I haven't picked one out either.

Good luck to you!

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