Magnavox Model #60P8241

tomnalenOctober 7, 2007

Hello I have a magnavox 60" projection tv. I got it for free about 2 months ago with picture issuse. I found the high voltage generator (HVG) was arcing across the primary side so I replaced it with a new one. The picture was ok but a little dark, I inspected the lenses and determined that the coolant needed to be replaced. I replaced the coolant and when I truned the tv back on I heard some high voltage crackling so I looked at it and determined that when I took the crt's out I may have desturbed the hv wires and they need some rtv to fix so I put the tv aside for a week. Today I turned on the tv and had no picture or sound. I looked at it and was not able to figure out why. I finally turn the focus on the focus block and the picture appeared. I attemted to do a convergence adjustment and the red has a lot of haze around it. Now the picture has to much red and I can't seem to adjust it out. Is this a convergence problem or is it something else?

Thanks for all your help

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