space requirements for geothermal heat pump systems

plyangOctober 6, 2005

My husband and I are interested in geothermal heat pumps for our home in Boston, but I'm not sure that this is an option given that we live near the end of a very narrow dead end street in Boston. What kind of machines are needed to dig the trenches and how big are they? I'm not even sure that they could be brought to our backyard--or even if our small backyard is large enough to accommodate the piping. Would someone be able to give me a basic idea of how these systems are installed? Many thanks!

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Your best bet is to ask your contractor as to whether he can get his equipment in there. Unless you have a very large lot, you will have little choice but to drill vertical bore holes. This could be done on a relatively small lot, preferably in or near the front of your home. I would also imagine that if they can get a garbage truck in front of your house that they could get a drill rig in there too. Holes could be drilled either in a front or side yard or driveway. ThereÂs almost always a way. Let us know how you make out.


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