60th Wedding Anniversary

joannepJanuary 15, 2003

Does anyone have any unique ideas for a 60th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents who live in South Dakota.

We gave them a surprise 40th, we had a 50th with a program,

barbequed a pig and served fresh pork sandwiches along with a variety of salads. Now we are onto the 60th in June.


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Hi - My brother and I had a 60th anniversary party for my parents last August.

We decided the following:

- tell them about it ahead of time (we, too, had given surprise parties before)
- have it at an actual place/restaurant (as opposed to back yard barbecues)
- ask them to choose who to invite - - they know their favorite friends more than we do. We didn't limit them to a particular number - they should have anyone they want there.
- make it a more formal event (not formal dress, but not a casual cook-out)
- make it a brunch, because many/most "older" people are less reluctant to drive at night.

We anticipated our parents saying "oh, no - - we don't want a party", but were pleasantly surprised when they thanked us and agreed. It turned out wonderfully, and planning the event turned into a nice thing that they got involved in together.

After a few weeks they gave us a list of about 40 people (more got added subsequently - they were trying to hold back so as to reduce our expense - but we really only ended up with about 50 people there).

I made up some photo boards. I just bought some display boards from Staples and taped nice family and friends photos to them and put them around the room. I also created a wedding memories board.

I got my nephew and niece involved so that they felt a part of it, too. We did a great thing (it wasn't my idea - so I'm not bragging!) ... we went out and bought flower pots, scanned and printed several old photos of my parents, my brother and I, friends, beloved pets, etc., then cut them into flower shapes, glued them back-to-back with a pretty pipe-cleaner in between, and stuck them into florist "stuff" (I don't know what you call that green stuff) in the flower pot, and filled the pots with Hershey's kisses. Those were the centerpieces, and people were out of control about them. Oh - - and I had the kids paint the flower pots first(they were terra cotta). My parents loved it, too, because the kids were really involved and not just tag-alongs.

Also, I made up a list of "How Much Do You Know About ..." (my parents) questions. I had questions and multiple choice answers - - some were funny. I printed them on pretty party-type paper, and during the "pre-brunch" time - - socializing, cocktails, the kids passed them out to people who were mingling. It really got people talking to each other trying to figure out the (sometimes obscure) questions/answers about my parents. Then we went over them after the meal and got people involved and joking about what the right answer might be. (This was something my folks didn't know I was going to do - - they were laughing at the questions, too).

Oh - I also had a surprise limo arrive to take them to the event.

This is a wonderful thing - - imagine being married 60 years!!! Congratulations to your parents. Remember that the family can have as much fun planning the event as you do at the event.

Best regards, Suzieque

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Great ideas Suzieque. My brothers and sister and I (six of us) are planning our
parents 60th for this August and I love your ideas. Thanks much.

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