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bostonterrier00October 16, 2006

Hello All,

I am so behind the times I know because I am planning

on purchasing my very first Ipod. I have a few questions before purchasing it though and I wanted to know if anyone could answer them. I basically want to store all my cd's on it and I am curious as how to download them on. Is there a special software that comes with the Ipod that enables me to add them on, or does the computer recognize the Ipod is connected to it and does the math when you put the cd in the disc drive. This is my main reason for buying an ipod and if I can't add my cd's on to it I don't want to waste the money. Thanks for your time,


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Download iTunes from the Apple website and install it on your computer.

You can put a music cd in your computer and using iTunes copy it to the iTune library.

iTunes is free and you can load your cds into the music library on your computer before you go buy the iPod.

Then when you buy an iPod you hook it to your computer, iTunes recognises it and copies your library on to the iPod.

It is painless, but a bit time consuming.

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Thanks for all your help!!!! I have Itunes installed on my computer and ready to run.

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You'll love the iPod.

Check out the podcasts when you get time too, almost all are free and many are excellent.

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I am thinking about getting an Ipod for my 13 yr old. Is the Nano outdated?

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Maybe at Ridgemont High.... :-) Seriously, if I were 13 and being given an iPod, I wouldn't be very concerned about how ultra-cool it was. iPods are cool anyway. The nano is still being produced, though the very latest versions come in colors other than black or white. If you can live with being a "generation" behind, there really isn't much difference between them. It's a fine device and nowhere near obsolete.

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Thanks Steve o, Just wanted to make sure I don't buy it and the new and improved version comes out the next day. It's going to be a Christmas gift for a very hard working Irish dancer.

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You're probably pretty safe. The last update to the line was in mid-September. Keep in mind this is a consumer-electronic product and manufacturers have a vested interest in changing something to make them "new, new new!" every few months. Don't be at all surprised if there's some fairly minor improvement to the product in late January/February. No guarantees that will happen; it's just 5-6 months after the last update.

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Thanks, Now to find a great deal or even a good deal.

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She'll love the nano. I do step dancing too. The nano is so light she'll never notice she's wearing it.

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Now to find a great deal or even a good deal.

Two places to look are Apple's online Store, where they sell refurbished and discontinued models, and Small Dog Electronics, an on-line etailer that is just opening up a bricks-and-mortar store in Vermont. My iPod (a third-generation bought when the fourth came out) was an Apple Store refurb and you would never know it didn't come out of a brand-new box. I've dealt with both Apple and Small Dog on more than one occasion and have been pleased with all of the transactions.

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