Making used solar heat panels usable???

mycatsmomOctober 1, 2005

We have 5 solar panels that were removed from our roof when a new roof was put on. At one time these were used to heat water and to also blow hot air into the house through 2 air ducts. They worked fine for several years and blew very hot air into the house and provided very hot water, except for that one incident with a pipe breaking and flooding the house. The entire system stopped working years ago and the company that installed them had gone out of business. I would like to see if we can get these to work sitting on the ground, maybe on some sort of frame so that they would be angled. We live out in the country and have plenty of room to move them around. We could unhook the system and move it in the summer. I would like for hot air to be blown into the house. I have no idea where even the fan is that made this work. It has to be in the attic but I have been up there and have never seen it. Please any ideas would be appreciated.

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This is really interesting and has got me thinking. We have some old solar panels on the roof of our cottage that used to be connected to a hot water heater in the main house. For some reason it stopped working and we disconnected it from the hot water tank and later replaced the tank. The cottage is heated with electricity and never really gets warm enough in the worst of the New England winters. I wonder if there is a way to repurpose these solar panels to provide heat (electric or hot water radiators?) in the cottage... As you may be able to tell, I know little about solar power systems.

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