Appetite is out of control, want to lose 25LBS

koolkelleyJuly 12, 2011

Hi, I have tried many diets and exercises, many pills, and even tried starving myself. No way to all of this, I am 36 I am 4'11in, a muscular, wide bone frame. I wear a size 12 in jeans and medium to large shirts. I weigh 170lbs, but do not look bad, but need to lose 25lbs. Not sure how, I eat pretty good lots of fruits and vegetables and other types of food, just too much, and I am hungry all of the time. I do feel tired a lot of the time, and no motivation to get on my treadmill. Any suggestions to curb my overactive appetite?? Thank you so much for your help!!

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I've been thinking about your post. The very first and most important thing you can do for yourself is to see your doctor. If you are hungry all the time, tired you want to have a full health check. It may not be anything to do with your diet effort at all. There are many reasons to be tired and hungry all the time. If you can, is there a way to get referred to a dietician through your doctor? The doctor can do blood work to see what is going on inside. A dietician can work with you to help you choose better options during the day to customize meal plans for you. I've worked with a dietician and my doctor before and had tremendous success. I have had tremendous success with Weight Watchers but have found a FREE online same approach with full support weight loss program called SparkPeople (link below).

Given all your efforts I would really start with a complete physical - blood work, the whole hog. Make sure there are no underlying health problems. It's not like you are not trying - you are.

I'd love to know what you decide to do. And I am interested in your efforts.



Here is a link that might be useful: SparkPeople

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I don't disagree with Peggy but wanted to add some advice that I don't think conflicts because everyone believes it is good for you - add a heavy dose of fish oil (or krill oil) to your supplement routine. I'm taking fish oil in liquid form - kind of expensive - but I'm loving what it is doing in controling the cravings that I have had all my life.

I have always been a big eater - definitely clean my plate no matter when the last time I ate. But I went out to lunch today and didn't clean my plate! I'm taking a huge amount of the oil because I'm using it as the oil in the Shangri La diet (google if you are interested). I know I'm probably going to have to cut back but for now, I'm using myself as a guinea pig. But I'm slowly but surely losing - of course the rest of my diet is very healthy along with walking almost every day, yada, yada but even with this regimen, I wasn't able to lose until I started with the fish oil. I'm 65 so that adds a complication that you don't have yet but still think it would be good for you to try. (Also, try staying away from the wheat if you can - that sets off my appetite even if it is whole grains or even if I'm taking the fish oil.)

So I'm not saying you should take as much as I do but try a heavy dose - (check google for recommendations - Dr.Oz or Dr. Weil). Some are even using it in place of nsaids for arthritis which I have also and my joint problems seem lessened - a little early to say for sure.

Can't hardly go wrong with fish oil (unless it causes you to burp or leaves a fishy taste in your mouth - if that happens, some are saying it means the fish oil is rancid).

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Another suggestion is Chia seeds. Dr. Oz has talked about these numerous times. I start paying attention when he repeats himself. They help appetite but they also are source for omega 3s according to what he is reporting.

I've bought some and plan to use. Got mine at Whole Foods but they are also available online at and at and probably lots of other places.

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I juts checked out SparkPeople and signed up. Pretty cool. I am having trouble entering what I've eaten today, though. It won't add to my tracker for some reason. I'll have to do some reading up. What an awesome site for support and encouragemenst

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Hi, i think you should go for a strict vegetarian diet including lots of antioxidants also you can try a new approach and go for yogic exercises and deep breathing meditations so it will keep you away from feeling hungry and you'll be rather happy all the times, i hope you are away from any kind of intoxication that keeps us demotivated in many ways other than that you are doing well as you don't look bad.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You can try the intermittent diet which has been shown to be more effective than low carb or low cal diets.

Just pick 2 days a week and limit your carb consumption to 50 grams or calorie restriction and you must have 1 fruit on that day. Other days, eat as you have been.

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I am in my 6th decade - so I have a little experience. I have, for most of my life, had a moderate weight problem. The only time I didn't was when I was athletically active and burning 3-4K calories a day. That's a lot. Even then, I wanted to lose another 5-10 lbs to be more competitive, and I had a high enough fat % I could have done so safely. So, like you, I have tried many diet plans over the years. However, I have always tended to believe in whole grains, and consuming carbs, as my sport was endurance (road cycling). I always thought the Adkins and other hi-protein lo-carb diets were pretty much fads. I changed my thinking after watching a video about a recent study. It was a speech by a vegan (!) researcher, about a study he had done, to guage how effective various diets were in REAL life. In other words - with real life people, and with minimal controls - not where the people got their food portions from the researchers. Where self-control was also a factor - just like it is for you and me. And he found that people who started off following a high protein, lo-carb diet were more likely to lose more, and to keep it off. Study was longitudinal, period of time was 1 year plus.

I started using a little protein - roast beef, chicken, fish, kefir, as a snack instead of something carb. It is working, and has been part of me going from 255+ in April to 230- today, and moving on. May not be your thing, but then again, it might. Worth a mention. My diet has been a LOT easier this year than in past attempts.

The seminar was presented at Stanford U - pretty respectable - here is the link if you care to listen.

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i have 1 serv of hot oatmeal with 1 tblsp of peanutbutter stirred in for breakfast or rather my first meal of mid morning,and it keeps the hunger away for 3 to 3 1/2 hours.take care.:)

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I think I can definitely help you!

Based on the information you provided in your profile, it sounds like you have a high muscle mass (aka, 170lbs at just 4'11", yet only a size 12 and having a 'muscular frame but not looking bad'). It sounds like you are a 'solid girl' who builds muscle easily and still has some left over from more intense training days (this will actually work to your advantage).

I am exactly like you- the same build and used to have the same problem. You do eat the right foods, but certainly too much! My thinking was like this at one time too, how can you feel guilty about eating an entire plate of broccoli or whole grain pasta? They are good for you! But too much of anything is bad, even when it is healthy food. I used to clear a plate, any plate that was put in front of me regardless of how hungry I was. You are not alone, but this is a bad habit that you must learn to break.

Your out of control eating is a sign that you have a fast metabolism and burn quickly, but you constantly tax your metabolism with too much (good) food. There are a few things in your diet and lifestyle that you must correct that will fix this.

First of all, you are always hungry, which means you are never satisfied. Eating the right foods that are both healthy AND satisfying will be critical in your weight loss journey. You will want to incorporate a high amount of healthy fats (monounsaturated fats specifically) that are heart healthy and will also satisfy your cravings. These will also keep you full longer. I have found that the flat belly diet or paleo diet work great to assist with this.

Your lack of energy is attributed to your overeating: I know I have struggled with this as well- I was very well known to come home from work each day and immediately raid the fridge because I was starving, only to then be too full to workout. I would sometimes make myself workout anyway, but would find myself tired and sluggish and struggling with energy. This occured at other times in the day too when I would eat a large meal and then not have energy to do other tasks. Your body is focusing on digesting all the food which slows the rest you down. Don't do this to yourself- stop at 80% full! You don't need to feel obligated to finish any plates, just eat what is the right amount for you. You will learn over time what is the correct amount your body needs.

A few tips that will be crucial to you:

1) Cut the sugar! This is killing you (lots to read about this online, sugar causes cravings, mood swings, spikes in blood sugar witch affects your hormones, impairs your immune system, reduces healing time, etc- once you cut this out you will find yourself having more self control and not an out of control appetite). Sugar is found in many processed food souces (table sugar, syrups, lactose sugars in milk, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, agave, etc).

2) Exercise MUST be the number one priority in your journey. Specifically cardio. I would recommend HIIT training (which is high intensity interval training-- this burns the most fat in the least time- you can do just a 20 minute workout a day for great results). Add in fun strength training workouts too to keep you motivated: Try aerial yoga, yoga, silk, rock climbing, etc,

3) Keep a food log. If you have to write everything down, you are less likely to keep eating (as this gets soooo old after a while!). You will also be more aware of what you are eating which is necessary to understand what and when and (ultimately) why you eat how much you do.

4) Music! Music will help push you through your workouts so you you push yourself as far as you can. It's like having a personal trainer or good friend to yell at you :)

These tips should help- don't stress, if you COMMIT and do the right this (as I've outlined above), you WILL lose weight, no doubt. But you must be willing to put the work in to achieve the results. I have faith in you, this worked for me and I'm so happy to be down to a normal, healthy and comfortable weight! Good luck!

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I actually use the dramatic weight loss in dunwoody to lose my weight. I have learned a lot about meal choices and building your metabolism. I also use beaded fastin to help control my hunger. I have lost a total of 50 LBS and now I am just maintaing. I hope this helps.

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