Extra TV for Directv hookup Possible?

chas045October 7, 2013

I used to have a pair of Dish Network duel TV receivers and a 5th (bonus) room TV that was split off one of the other bedrooms that could watch whatever was running on the first bedroom. We have switched to Directv with the Genie system of a main unit and three 'client' mini boxes. I currently have two HDTV receivers and two (+ the fifth now inactive) analog SD sets. The two SD sets are connected to the mini boxes by special cables that I guess are providing digital to analog conversion and go from an apparently proprietary connector on the 'client' to the Video/audio three wire (yellow red white) TV connections.

Initially, I thought I might disconnect one client box; move and reconnect it to the fifth room cable; and plug in the 5th set, but it didn't seem to get a signal. Perhaps the split from the first bedroom got disconnected by the installer. In any case, it actually seemed like to much trouble to move back and forth and I thought it might be worth just ordering an extra client box and finding out what happened to the 5th room cable.

However, while the nice Directv folks said that could be done, the tech said if I just wanted to watch a duplicate of the first bedroom that I could just put a splitter just before the 1st bedroom (just before the client) and run the split to the 5th room without needing an extra client box. But now that I have thought about it, I don't see how that could work since all the directv cables seem to go to boxes and not directly to sets; especially not analog sets. Were they missing something or is it me?

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