A Rose by any other name is NOT still a Rose

Tikanas2July 24, 2004

Otherwise entitled "Who are you REALLY"?

I post as Tikanas, the Greek word meaning "Hi, How are You?" My name is Patricia and half my friends call me that and the other half call me "P.J." as my middle name is Jeanne. I am from New York but live in Southern California.

I am 44, newly widdowed and have 22 lbs to lose. I am the outdoors type: I like to hike, bike, camp, etc. but I gotta have my nails done.I have a huge community garden plot just around the corner. I want to build /design my own house. I am not sure if I want to stay in Calif. I want a dog but will settle (temporarily) for my cat, "Oreo" I have 2 kids, a grown DH who lives on her own and a 15 yr old son who I homeschool. He is double crediting for highschool and college. Both our birthdays are in August. I like Classic rock and Country music. If Eric Clapton comes to town and I don't get tickets, my kids will never be forgiven. I am kind of daring, always trying new things. I love to read and have committed myself to reading the classics for the next year. I like gourmet cooking, (just not everyday). I am a critical care RN (worked with fresh open-heart patients) and a home health nursing supervisor. I am on sabbitical and temporarily do home health chart audits which I hate but let me be home so it's worth it! I am also a Life Coach wsith 4 current clients.

The French Lick thing is right up my alley! I like the anticipation as much as I like the event.

Since I am trying to get to know you all, I would like to know something about you too. How did you pick your screen name? what should I REALLY call 'ya? What are your interests?

I bared my soul, and you??

Do tell!


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Thanks for the intersting info, Tikanas! I always enjoy your posts.

My posting name is indicative of my personality. I post with my real name "Teresa" and I live by "what you see is what you get." I am very practical with a sentimental and romantic side to me and emotions that are often toooo close to the surface. I don't play sly games with people and unfortunately for others, I more often now call a spade a spade. Many women when they reach their 50's (I am 56) find they are done with pleasing people and being "sweet" and compliant.

I am divorced with 2 grown sons and a hyper mini-poodle. My job at a textile corporation involves desktop publishing, event coordination, and other duties as they see fit. I spend a great deal of my free time quilting and teaching quilting classes. I also like to read, travel, and garden a little.

Today I am up to 13 lbs. lost, but still have 50 or so to go. I am eating healthier than I ever have before, very little white flour, sugar, pasta, potatoes, and white rice. I still need to up my veggie intake and work at drinking more water. May 10 was my start date on this new eating plan combined from elements of Atkins and South Beach diets.

Would like to hear from others on this forum too! Share your eating plans, successes, and stumbling blocks.


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Hi Tikanas!

I'll answer to this!

My Diet Chat name is Wild_Chicken because one of my favorite things to hear and see are the wild chickens, while hiking in one of my favorite places, Kauai. Some people call me BJ, my initials, but I prefer to be called Wild_Chicken to keep my privacy in case any of my relatives or friends are lurking in on me! :)

Married, I have 4 kids, all girls, and no pets.

My interests change every year, as I am always trying some new hobby or sport that I find I enjoy! I immerse myself in it for a year or more and I'm off to something else. However, I have always enjoyed hiking in whatever place I'm visiting. I hike at a fast pace and enjoy it! I like taking a camera and getting nature shots while I'm out there.

I love talking with my kids, hot climates, watching things grow, seeing GOOD, non-violent movies, and cooking meals for people. I like reading in a library setting and get a library card at the local library as soon as I hit town!

Lastly, I like to believe you're never too old for anything if you're in shape to try it...so take care of your health and see a doc yearly!

As far as weight and diet goes, I am on a HER athlete-based sort of a plan: whole foods, no preservatives, and I eat SMALL meals every 3 or 4 hours, about 6 meals a day total. I try to combine a little protein and carb in each meal. This has keep me on track and I'm not hungry. Most of my food is refrigerator stuff, fresh and from the outside aisle in the grocery: veggies, fruit, whole grain, nutty bread, yogurt, and nuts. This, I find, keeps me CHARGED UP and ready to go! It also reminds me to get out there and MOVE!

I have lost over 50 pounds (on WW, SS, and the HER althlete-based plan) and have 12 more pounds to lose B4 I'm at goal! I am hypothyroid and take meds for that; it doesn't make losing weight any easier! I detest sit-ups and push-ups, but try to do them anyway....lol.

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