fm antenna

sierraeastOctober 12, 2008

Does anyone out there know of a decent indoor antenna for a stereo reiever, or would it be best to put up an exterior raised on a pole? Thanks!

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By all means, an outdoor FM antenna is the better option.

Are you looking to receive a station that is a long distance from your home?

If so, I hope you understand that the tuners in most stereo receivers are designed for adjacent channel rejection and for better sound quality as opposed to many portable radios that are designed for longer distance reception.

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Thanks, It's a stereo reiever. Currently the outdoor antenna is sitting out on the deck. I believe out of town stations are brought in by way of a booster station up on a local peak, so i guess i should get the antenna up on the roof, more line of sight? Thanks again!

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Make sure that you have your indoor T Antenna spread out completely and as high as you can get it. I receive a station 6o miles away with this antenna with no problems...

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