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captainOctober 10, 2010

My wife is trying to find a system on her PC to store CD's and downloaded music for the kids. The problem she's running into is the type format incompatible with the windows media player for CD's and Apple's downloaded music. Seems like all the different formats can't live together using the same storage software and be playable, without an extra step of converting the file type. I'm not computer music savy and my wife is driving me nuts with this issue. Anyone have any suggestions on storing the different media and having it available to other computers on the network and as a backup?? Thank you. PS getting rid of the wife is not the answer!

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Probably the most "User Friendly" Player, software, is Music Jukebox put out by J Rivers.
Probably had it for over 10 years now. It plays CD's, Mp3's
Wma's, even videos (Mpeg, AVI etc).
It's Library function is really nice and since I have a "Huge Collection" it makes it very easy to go to any song or artist or even type of music I want.
The esiest way to have the music available to other cmptrs is to use the Memory "Flash cards" well actually more like a "Memory Thumb" probably much like an Ipod, but since I not a "Mac Head" I can't tell ya for sure.

You just plug it into your USB port on your cmptr. the cmptr sees it as a drive, drag the songs, videos etc etc to it, then plug it in any other cmptr to play it.

Good Luck!


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