Bose sub-woofer tarry gunk removal from white ash -HELP

blueberrier1October 19, 2013

DH had not moved the Bose sub-woofer in years and today discovered that its four corner pads bonded to the white ash. I was able to remove 99% with pure lemon oil and much laborious rubbing. The 1% seems ingrained. The finish is lacquer on the TV base cabinet. He used lacquer thinner to clean the woofer bottom after I used a putty knife to get off the thickest glop.

I plan to place four fabric-like pads under the sub-woofer. It will be in an adjacent location to the left of his new flat screen TV. Is this the best solution?

Has anyone else had this problem? Your solution?

When I was looking at a Bose radio, I thought there were silicone 'buttons' underneath. Thanks.

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It sure does sound like lacquer thinner would damage the lacquer finish on the cabinet. If it's down in the grain, it's going to be tough to get out. You might consider touching up with some white lacquer over the spots. They do have spray lacquer cans. But try it somewhere out of sight first, as it may not match.

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