Solar water heating

marknmtOctober 4, 2007

We're looking at a "Mazdon Solar Array" for supply our domestic hot water needs. It's not cheap, but then we pay out over $400/ year for hot water now, and the system "should" pay for itself seven years (five for the smaller version which might suffice.)

Claims are that they perform even during the winter and on overcast days. Electric backup is part of the deal.

Does anyone have any experience with or comments about this or comparable systems?

We're in western Montana, about 47 degrees north.



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Who pays to replace a PV panels destroyed by a hailstorm?
This is a serious question as the local utility is pushing their
use increasingly in this area. Since my house has had to have
a new roof twice in the last 15 years due to hail and cars have
been badly damage at least an additional time or two. I think
I'd Sh!t if hail took out a Solar power array I'd just installed.


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