Self-serve cake buffet for wedding

kms4meJanuary 9, 2009

I've been asked to make 6-7 14" cakes for a cake buffet for a June Wedding. The meal is served, not buffet.

I have no problems with the job; however, I wonder at how having the average guest try to cut and serve their own piece from a large 14" cake is going to work? Also, what about lines/crushes at the buffet?

Has anyone had experience with this or have any ideas about it? I don't know if this is the right place to post this; if not, please let me know of a more appropriate forum.



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I would precut the slices and if there isn't room to plate and set out the plates, leaves the cake intact but cut with a server per cake so guests can help themselves. But if you had room to plate and spread them out, the line would move more quickly and the crush would be lessened.

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I agree with you all the way. But the couple wants the cake table to look pretty and decorative--I suggested that while the guests were eating the main course, someone could come in and cut/plate the cake--but they seem to want that part casual or maybe don't want to pay for someone to serve... I can just see all sorts of licked fingers touching serving utensils, icing smears on clothes...

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FWIW: I've been to large dessert tables where pies, cakes, etc., were pre-cut and you could select and plate what you wanted. I've also been to large dessert tables where there were one or more servers who would ask what you wanted, and then they would cut and plate it for you. I didn't see too many fingers licked at either, and the servers all wore plastic gloves, but we were all adult professionals. lol!

I agree that if it's "self serve" the cakes should at least be pre-cut.

Are you making the individual cakes of different varieties? (i.e., yellow cake, chocolate, marble, carrot, etc.). If so, that's cool! :)

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party music,

Yes, the cakes will be individual varieties. The wedding colors are ivory, black, and a touch of red. Two cakes will be ivory wedding-type layers, one will be carrot, one red velvet with ivory buttercream, and one silver cake with raspberry filling... She hasn't decided about the others yet.


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In certain areas it's common to have a dessert table...or a sweets table.
The cakes and pies and tarts are cut and plated and the guest picks what looks good. Usually there are also platters of things like cookies and brownies and mini tarts, chocolate dipped strawberries, truffles etc.
I suspect that's what they are doing and you will be doing the cake portion.
Will all the cakes different? What will you be making?
Linda C

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