What can you NOT say no to??

Tikanas2July 23, 2004

I have been thinking.....(not always a good thing)

What are my major temptations and when do I get that "Urge to Splurge'? For me it's right at the monthly "hormone rage" and the following are my weaknesses...

GOOD bread


lemon related sweets (lemon meringue, lemon bars, lemon custard..

rice, tortillas, pasta

(not necessarily in that order)

I curb my cravings for most of the month but... you know how it is... : )

I grew up eating really good bread from Greek delis. I have always been a starch-aholic too.

So, What do YOU all crave and why?

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Tikanas, Are we related? My list is much like yours except for the pasta. I would have to replace the last line on your list with donuts. But the good kind of doughnuts.....I can walk right by a plate of Krispy Kremes. ICK

I grew up with good bread in our house too. Where other kid's got peanut butter and jelly on white bread for snacks, I snacked on bagels with butter, rye bread with deli bologna, french bread with salami and breads spread with eggplant caviar and liver pate.

I seldom have craving for chocolate. I like fruit flavors and pastry far more.

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Oh, back again! ( I am posting instead of splurging!)

I have a doughnut maybe once a year, Wildchild, but it's a fruit filled one! krispy kremes? forget it!! Maybe we ARE related! :) i am on a "good carb program", trying to lose 20 lbs.. I am DYING for bread!!

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Bread is my downfall, but I have been making my own Whole Wheat Sourdough bread and having one slice with breakfast and that seems to satisfy me. As for the chocolate, I love Hershey's dark chocolate kisses and allowed myself 1-3 a day just so I wouldn't feel deprived. I would suck on them, not chew them, until they melted in my mouth. I'm out now and am trying not to buy another bag. I can live w/o them, you know! But they are soooooo good.

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Marshmallow Peeps---they call to me and I can NEVER say no.

And the bread basket at the restaurant, so I just tell the friendly staff person not to bring it.

Icing on a cup cake. One word: yum. I avoid cup cakes and cake with icing if at all possible....so what am I doing this weekend? --learning to decorate cakes with my kids. ARG-Y! ---- helllllllllp!

Oh, and dinner mints. If they're around, I'm into them. So, they're NOT around at my house!

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LEMON DESSERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hear how they talk to me???

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Looks like maybe the "experts" need to be looking at a lemon connection instead of the chocolate and carb connection to overweight. I can see it now. "The NEW Lemon Weight Loss Diet", lose weight while enjoying the lemon that's GOOD for you. The next diet craze, perhaps? LOL

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Wild Child,

Where in Calif. are you? e mail me please!!


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Pasta, pasta, and pasta....any kind, any shape, most any way. On WW, I plan carefully for it...about once very 2 weeks, and I measure it. Sometimes, I'll save most of my points so that I can really get my fill of it! ;-)

Growing up in an Italian house (in New Jersey...where else?), we had pasta every Wednesday and every Sunday. Old habits are hard to break.

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I'm having the hardest time giving up Dr. Pepper. I crave ice cold Dr. Pepper poured over lots of ice. I've tried Diet Dr. Pepper and I do taste a difference, it's not the same. This is killing my diet.

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Janet, what does Dr. Pepper taste like? I know they sell it up here in a few stores, but I've never had it. I do know that lots of people from down south drink it for breakfast!

Is it like Coke or Root Beer?

Just curious...

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I heard that it was made from carbonated prune juice. Is this true? I used to be VERY attached to diet coke. Now I drink water or Seltzer.
Sour dough bread is a big down fall... with real butter..


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Not sure if they still put prune juice in it (if they ever did) but there is a hint of prune taste to it. Only downside is the diet version has more sodium and caffeine than diet Pepsi. I've been trying the new Diet Rite flavors, made with Splenda, no sodium or caffeine.

Since we're on the subject of soda, does anyone have a good recommendation for diet root beer. I like the taste of Hansen's but a clear, colorless root beer float just doesn't work somehow.

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Gosh I "fell" badly the past few days - the worst - those danged frozen Cokes! I would ride my bike to get a newspaper and have one for breakfast.
I like lemon stuff too. I just wonder if we have heightened taste/smell - which might be why some people overeat and some don't.
A&W root beer is OK. Would rather have those cokes! Kathy

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MUG Diet Root Beer is wonderful; even my DH will drink it (and he hates diet sodas..."Mr. Skinny" doesn't need to watch his weight!)

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Hey wildchild how are the Diet Rite sodas w/Splenda? I'll have to give them a try, everything I've tried w/Splenda tastes great.

DeeMarie - I about fell on the floor when I read your post about never drinking Dr. Pepper. I didn't realize this was just another Southern drink!! If you've ever had a Mr. Pibb, they taste (almost) the same. My grandfather used to call it prune juice - never knew why he called it that though!!

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Janet I really like the Raspberry and the Kiwi-Strawberry flavors of Diet Rite. I haven't tried the Peach. There's Cola too, of course, but I'm not ready to give up my Diet Pepsi entirely.

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Janet, they sell it here, but I've never had it. It's not as popular as Coke and Pepsi. Never heard of Mr. Pibb either!!! Have you ever had creme soda (yummy) or celery soda (gross!), they sell them in NY delis!

Anyone else out there from the NYC metro area? Have you heard of Mr. Pibb?

This is becomming a lesson in regional foods! LOL

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