Computer + TV + Stereo?

laurie_ky6October 31, 2007

I have to preface this inquiry by stressing that my knowledge of technology is limited; so don't assume I know much. Here's the situation. I am about to replace my home computer. I will need to "revise" the TV situation in my house within the next year to deal with the conversion to digital. And, the CD player is on its last legs. I would like a setup that serves multiple purposes with the least amount of equipment possible. I work, watch TV, and listen to music in multiple areas of the house, including a porch; so portability is important. I don't have a fixation on large screens or remote controls. Every room, including the porch, has cable and phone connections. I do not currently subscribe to cable, and I have high-speed DSL.

If I were to buy a laptop that can serve all these purposes, what features do I need to look for? What ancillary equipment would I need to get? If I were to decide that a bigger screen would be a nice option at times, what considerations should I keep in mind if I were to consider buying a separate monitor for the computer? Am I forgetting to ask anything else that might be relevant? Thank you!

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I think you can simply get a laptop to do all that . I think all laptops can manage that,you can work ,watch tv and movies and liesten to music with it .If you do care about the pictures of the tv ,you should pay attention to the screen of the laptop and the video card, if you need fast speed you should pay attention to the cpu speeed . I think you can get an entertainment laptop , the HP Pavilion dv6607rs-b entertainment notebook is good you can have a look at it , it is on sale for $800:
Hope this helps anyway .

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Thank you! I'd given up on this post. Will check out the HP.

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Keep in mind that you have other options. For example, you can have a wired or wireless devise such as the iTV from Apple (it does not have to be the one made by Apple; I am giving you and example). With such a devise you can send to the TV anything you can see and listen to in you computer, from music to movies, family photos, Internet music, etc.. The TV is connected to the stereo system you may have, hopefully one connected via a HDMI cable.

You can do all this wireless (from the computer to the TV), or wired with CAT6 cables. Just look at all the options you may have before you commit to one thing.

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