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lunchlady1948July 23, 2006

HI!! Ladies:) This is dated different because I am going on vacation during that time and I am hoping that this will keep our thread going.

WELL, I think we have had enough of this high heat right??? It was 108 here yesterday with rain, wind, lightening and thunderstorms. My kids were at the beach 45 miles away enjoying themselves. The animals and I were here with the crazy weather and the electricity going on and off every 20 minutes. It was getting on my nerves a bit, so I did what I do best when feeling stressed I ate:( I think I ate something off program every hour on the hour! POOHIE!!! Been doing better today.

We are so hoping that the weather is a bit better during our road trip up north, we shall see. The first two hotels we are at in Mammoth and Tahoe do not have AC, since they usually have mild weather~~just as long as it cools down in the evening we will be fine. I do get a bit edgy and feeling closed in at night if I am hot so I am taking a fan:)

I have packed alot of 100 cal snacks to take and will throw some apples in my ice chest along with plenty of water. It will be easier for me to stay on program while traveling.

WC hope you are resting and feeling better, I know you must be hot where you are and I think you mentioned you have no AC:(

Ruthie, take it easy with the exercising during this heat wave.

Drink lots of water you two~~~

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Yes we are sweltering. I'm sitting at the 'puter with 2 fans, my feet in a dishpan of cold water and an icepack on the back of my neck. I keep soaking my head and I am MISERABLE.

Tried to get out to a local mall today for respite and wouldn't you know.....they had to evacuate the entire mall because a transformer or circuit board blew up. You should of seen the gridlock with everyone trying to drive away at once. I just hung out in the "shade" of the building for about 40 minutes 'til traffic congestion eased. I'd hate to see what would happen in a real emergency.

Last night I drove 30+ miles to a 24 hour Walmart and hung out there 'til around 4:00 am. Stopped to attend a party at a watering hole along the way. Drank one beer and a lot of water and went on to breakfast and then Walmart. When I got home it was STILL hot. Never got those cooling ocean breezes we're famous for.:0(

Today was supposed to be cooler but was actually hotter than the day before. This evening is a bit better so hopefully..... In the meantime I am staying in a holding pattern of weight control. Best I can do for now.

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HEY!!! Ruthie and WC why haven't you been posting????
We just got back YAHOO!! The weather was wonderful each place we went:) I loved it and it is even cooler here at home at least for now:)

I will not lie and say I stayed on program but I did my best and still enjoyed myself. I feel I have gained a couple of pounds but they will come off fast. We walked everywhere that we could so I think that helped alot.

I will be leaving this Friday with my DD to go up north for her swim meet then into San Francisco~~I hope the weather stays good. We will be walking all over SF and my DD is a tiny eater so maybe that will help me also.

Ruthie are you still doing your work outs?? Did you check out he yoga yet?? I am when I get back from this next vacation.

WC how is your leg doing?? It has cooled down in your area too eh???

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Hi Lunchlady. My leg took a turn for the better on Saturday and seems to be continuing to be much better. Thank you for asking.

Our Bay Area weather has been great this week. Actually a bit on the cool side. You will definately need a light jacket and maybe even a coat at night in San Francisco. When that fog rolls in things can get pretty chilly pretty quick.

Where is your DD's swim meet? Will you just be here for the weekend? Are you flying up or driving up? Questions and more questions.LOL You know I live less than an hour away from SF.

I haven't seen much of Ruthie anywhere the last couple of days. Yoo-hoo Ruthie check in.

I really hope my leg is all better soon. I actually found an affordable Pilates class through adult ed that starts in Sept. I also found there are some free movement classes for seniors also. Tai Chai anyone?

It is so much harder to stay on program when my movement is restricted. For now I have decided that maintainence should be my goal for now. I will just disappoint myself otherwise and we all know how weight loss is as much mental as it is about what you eat.

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WC glad to hear your leg is better:) My DD's swim meet is at Stanford U. We are going to be at a hotel in Santa Clara, supposed to only be 13 miles from the meet. We are driving up there as soon as she is done teaching her last day of summer school on Friday. My DH will drop me off at her school since it is right by the fwy we need and we will be off. She swims Sat~Sun and early Monday morning. Then we are off to San Francisco for the rest of our trip and leaving there on Thursday morning.

Pilates are supposed to be great. I have always wanted to take Tai Chai, most times it is the hours or where it is at that prevents me from joining things. But, I am going to get with it and do something else besides my CURVES.

I have gotten back on track today so far. But my quilting pals want to meet for dinner at a Mexican resturant:( SHEESH! That is always the worst!! I will be looking for a salad:)

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Santa Clara? I thought that might be the case since they have a pretty famous swim club there. You'll be right in my backyard. Don't want to post TMI here. Gotta run but expect an email this eve.

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