Dealing with stalls and weight fluctuations...

teresa_nc7July 21, 2004

Anyone have any experience with these? I've been at nearly the same weight for weeks - only 12 lbs. lost in 6 weeks. I know, I know that averages 2 lbs. a week, which is good, but I'm getting discouraged and have a lot more to lose.

I have such wide weight fluctuations, 3 lbs. or more from one day to the next. It has been very hot here lately, so maybe I'm retaining more water. I have kept well to my low carb healthy eating plan all along. I do a lot of walking on the job, which is a good thing as it is too hot to walk outside right now. I feel pretty good, just have the bothersome menopause problem that the doc and I are checking out - nothing seriously bad found there.

Help me stay focused - please....! Would appreciate your thoughts.


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OH, Teresa! I feel for you! (I know you from the cooking forum! )

I am doing a "good carb" plan too. I have weight fluctuations too. BIG fluctuations! It's that time of the mo. and my scale is up 7 SEVEN pounds!!!!

I feel puffy all over. Still, I know that my overall loss has been good. I find that if I expect no more than a 1 lb loss per week, I am elated at anything that beats that number. ( I hate to be disappointed) I have 25 lbs to lose. I do pretty well the rest of the month and am snacking on cukes and cauliflower and celery with Bob's lite bleu cheese dressing as a dip, and non fat yogurt.

Drink lots of water (or me, I like seltzer water). i also make a non fat version of a starbucks iced coffee drink which quells both my sweet tooth and my feelings of "being deprived" email me if you want recipe)

I walk to Curves every darn day early in the AM. I am so darn proud of myself for doing Curves ( guess I'm still sleepy Ha ha!) that it psyches me out for the rest of the day. I then can't bring myself to " blow it" : )

I am learning to cook gourmet on the "lite side".



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I have been on a stall for over a month with Weight Watchers....I've had a 23-25 lb loss since February. The good news is that I'm not gaining; I'm holding steady. I'm grateful for that, and I'm not giving up.

We can all do this Teresa. I need to lose another 50 lbs, and I can do it. It may take a lot longer than I would like, but it's better than going back to the old "me" and eating everthing in sight!

Good luck and eat healthy!
Wish we all lived near each other so that we can have a long walk together!

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Thanks Tikanas and DeeMarie for you encouraging words. I know I want to stick with this way of eating for the long run and not consider it a diet, but the way I am going to eat from now on. I've got 50 lbs. more that I would like to lose and I get discouraged if I don't see a loss every week.

One thing I have noticed, I usually do show a weight loss when I think I have overeaten the night before, so sometimes I think I am not eating enough? This would be overeating the good stuff, meat, veggies, salad - no bread at night, sometimes a little fruit or yogurt for dessert.
I'm going to be more observant about the size of my portions, especially at the evening meal and see if that jump starts a weight loss again. Maybe I should eat more during the day and much smaller portions for dinner?


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Teresa, I heard an expression that you should eat like a King for breakfast, a Queen for lunch, and a peasant for dinner. Don't know where it came from, but I know a European woman I work with eats like that, and she's a size 4!!!!! She has HUGE breakfasts, including soup and sandwich some days. Apparently, she works it off during the day.

Good luck!

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You may be right about not eating enough -- there might be something to the theory that if you don't eat enough, your body goes into "starvation mode" and metabolism drops, but I know it varies from person to person.

Also, I know there's a hormonal factor that plays a part in it. I did a low carb diet for seven weeks and I stalled out for 2 weeks just before, during and just after my period. It was very frustrating, but I did start losing again and I had the same experience of 2-3 lb fluctuations from day to day. That's probably why the experts suggest that you only weigh once a week, but I just can't do that -- must be my obsessive/complusive nature because I've just got to get on those scales every morning.

Unfortunately, I fell off the diet wagon 3-4 weeks ago and I've been having trouble climbing back on. Had a friend's birthday dinner at the end of June, family in for the 4th of July and then my mother became suddenly and seriously ill and I just gave up (too much stress, eating on the run and trying to get my dad to eat to keep his strength up). Anyway, I've had my little break and I'm ready to get serious about it again. I've been scaling back my carbs gradually this week and tomorrow will take the plunge -- no more than 20 carbs per day. I want to work really hard for next month until we go on vacation, then take a break for a week and then back on the diet until the holidays.

Are you exercising?? I haven't been and I'm sure that would help me a lot -- I probably need to start doing water aerobics again.

Hang in there and have a good weekend!!


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