What's for WW Breakfast?

pink_warm_mama_1July 3, 2006

I know WW's works - as long as I can make myself stay on it. I do have a problem with breakfasts though as I am accustomed to a lovely banana, non-fat yogurt plus fruit Smoothie which takes up too make counts. If I switch to cereal such as Raisin Bran - the counts go up even further. Neither of these breakfasts holds me until lunchtime - can't face eggs for the same reason. What am I doing wrong? Any successful suggestions? Thank you for your help.

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Banana is 2 points...
ff- yogurt is 2 pints ...that's only 4 points for breakfast...I don't know how many points your fruit smoothie could be but why don't you make your own and put the banana in it...You could have a good breakfast for probably 6 points...

Truth of the matter is it sounds like you are trying to cram a whole lot of food into just a few points but it has been my experience that if you eat good solid food that is nourishing you will come out ahead..

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Thank you for your criticism ruthieg; however I would prefer helpful suggestions. My home-made and nourishing Smoothie is 6 points, but my main point is that it does not curb my hunger until lunchtime, which means - of course - that I would be using up more points to allay the feeling of hunger. It is my understanding that dieting should not leave one feeling hungry, and so I am trying to overcome that factor. Anyone else out there please? With breakfast suggestions as requested? Many thanks.

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I was not being critical...I was trying to help...please notice that no one else bothered to answer your question...Next time make yourself more clear in the question and maybe some one will help you...it sure won't be me...

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For goodness sakes you are STILL criticizing me - now saying that my original question was unclear. What is so unclear about requesting breakfast suggestions? Please don't bother to reply as your words have brought about my decision to completely avoid this forum.

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Pink warm mama --- Are you doing WW Flex or WW Core? What I love about Core is that I can eat as much as I want of the core foods. And the only points I count are WPAs.

Breakfast was always tough for me --- I'm not hungry at 7 and find it hard to eat but I'm starving by 9. With core, I can "graze" till I'm satisfied. Some mornings it may be scrambled eggs with ff cheddar cheese topped with salsa and ff sour cream. Other days, it may be shredded wheat with bananas. I find I need more protein than a moothie could give me. But mid-mornings are tough "munchie" times for me.

I've lost 16 lbs in 8 weeks with Core but it seems most WW leaders are "Flex" dieters. I feel better, have far more energy, sleep better --- I love core!!


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