meal planning?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 14, 2008

Hi, I need some help. How do you plan you meals when beginning a diet? I don't know where to begin and the internet is loaded with suggestions but which to choose. Do you have a plan thats working for you? I need to lose about 30 lbs but want to take it slow. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi Joann!
Glad to see your posting. Welcome!
I have been focusing on balanced meals and have more or less followed weight watchers. I discovered a FREE EXCELLENT site that offers all of the same features as Weight Watchers online - complete with menus, support, forums and you choose the speed of weight you want to lose.

The biggest factor in my slow weight loss (32 pounds over the last 3 years) has been drinking water to flush my system, walking and eating a well balanced diet. My weakness is bread/starchy foods. I have to make an effort to add the fruit in my day because I'm lazy about that! Apples have been a godsend for me.

You may want to check the link for Spark People. You fill in a few things about yourself, choose if you want to get any emails at all and choose the calorie range you are comfortable in. They calculate based upon calories consumed how long it should take you to reach goal and you can track everything on your profile online.

Not kidding this is an excellent site which I have been using to help me stay on track and it is absolutely free with NO GIMMICKS.

If you want moral support there is a group of us here - all doing different diets - on the weekly support thread. Each of us are at different goals and mainly log in to keep our focus, encourage each other along the way and just a great group of folk all looking for a healthier lifestyle. We don't judge nor criticize. Our thread is to pull each other along.

I am so glad to see your post and hope we can help you reach your goal and stay the course!


Here is a link that might be useful: Spark People

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Hi Joanne,
Is there anything else we can do to help you?

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I've been to spark people & other ones like it. I joined & looked around but they seem so confusing or not what I'm looking for. I want a plan that tells me what I should eat
and how much. But I need to choose my own foods.......... does that make sense? If you find something like that let me know. Thanks, still plugging along. JoAnn

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Mmmn, you can pick your own foods on Sparks. Having said that have you checked out your local library? They have nutrition/dieting books there that you can check out and read over. Another item you can check at the library are the women's magazines, health magazines, fitness magazines - often they have diets.
Portions are something that get out of hand with many of us (myself included) - do you know what normal portion sizes are?
If you can find a few example diets - look at what, how much and when they suggest you eat. How do your eating habits compare?
Without sitting down with you and spending time, it's hard to talk you through all this online.
These are some other suggestions.

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