Cluster Fly Zapper?

andyfOctober 10, 2007

I was thinking of how I can rig my outside bug zapper which turned out to be useless to an in house cluster zapper. I'd put it in front of my old south upstairs window where they like to gather in the sun and play trampoline with my plastic film I install to seal the window for the winter(Ha!). We hope to change the window in a couple of years when we get to the upstairs windows.

I would take out the ultra violet light and replace that with a 100 watt clear bulb, then plug the bottom hole with a piece of cardboard. This way the flys can't get in other than by the static grid.

My concern would be bug accumulation in the grid when I'm not home and fire of course as these are meant for the outside, and of course that annoying zit zit.

Mfg cautions aside for the moment, what are the real odds these things are dangerous. I understand all they are is high voltage no current.


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well, you can use them indoors jsut fine. changing the bulb would be hard to find a replacement in white or clear. no need to plug the hole, they will come up the bottom as well.

the biggest concern would be that the smell and smoke from them french frying.

i have seen folks use a bug zapper indoors, always with unpleasent results.

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