Philips Model#:27PT543S37A Chassis#: L01.1U AC-7638

ktraskOctober 8, 2006

Ok, I have read of all kind of problems with this TV, they are so similar to mine but, it differs in few things...the bottomline is that it turns off by itsself, but I noticed that: 1st: since I have S-Video, it turns back on by itsself!!!, 2nd: If I change to snowish channel, it will remain shutdown, 3rd: if I change the channel to AV1 or someone that shows black screen, it will stay turned on forever. 4th: I do not have any kind of vertical or horizontal lines at all. I opened the TV, changed the fuse, even when it looked right, but it did not work. It keeps acting weird. The electro caps look good, I did not test them, but the solders are fine. The resistor in the CKT Board is not exploded or bad. 5th: After a long time set in channel AV1 or AV2 in black screen, I will be able to change to directv and watch TV for few hours without problems. Pee-Wee These are the references I can give you, there is no noise or weird things than these ones. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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