umderming=sewer pipes damamged

bluzipDecember 27, 2009

My husband and I discovered back in October that the sewer pipes under our house are damaged because all the dirt underneath our home is washed out. With lots of digging and research, we found out our home was built on the site of an old lagoon.

We contacted the city we live in, they denied help to us and so did their insurance. Our homeowners ins. is calling it erosion and thats not covered. We have talked to our mortgage-they wont help either. we have contacted a few lawyers and they all said its a wishy-washy case because they need money up front to start and its not an open-and-shut case, due to that fact that the house was built back in 1987.

We have contacted a few contractors who have quoted a bandaid fix thats not guaranteed between $7-10K. We dont have that kind of money. We are at a loss about what to do. We plan on contacting our congressmen, state reps...just waiting until the holidays are over.

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What is "umderming"??? Did you mean undermining?

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yes..i was tired when i typed it.

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sorry for your troubles, the sound serious. but unless the original builder/developer is still in business you have little chance of any recourse. i assume you bought the house some time in teh last few years? if not and you are the original owners then things get even worse for you as anything is possible after over 20 years. but if you recently bought it maybe, MAYBE, you can go after the previous owners and realtors.

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