Cables and wiring? Cat6, hdmi, coaxial, ethernet?

tulips33October 21, 2013

I've been reading a lot on here about wiring our new construction for audio/computer/video....but I just want to make sure I get all my wires straight.
We're hoping to do some of the audio, security, etc wiring ourselves so if someone could direct me to the wires we should be using I could focus my research.

What we want to do:
~Hook the TV up to a cable or satellite service.
~Stream things from our computer onto the TV (if you can do that)
~Multi-zone audio with multi volume and source control (preferably using a smart phone or ipod/ipad) (want my sources or audio to be TV, music from ipad/smart phone or computer)
~security system with cameras
~be able to connect a computer to the wall and have internet access or access files on other computers
~wi-fi throughout house

My question is what cables do I need for each of the things on my list?

Cat6- it's my understanding that these are used to connect speakers to amplifier/controller and to connect computers and tvs to the internet. Is it used for anything else? (is this needed to wire security cameras to the tv/computer?)

Coaxial - this I'm familiar with b/c we've always used it to hook our TV and computer to cable and internet. Is this still needed or is cat6 used for the same thing?

HDMI - is there a reason to wire a house with HDMI cables?

Wire speakers - connects speakers to what - volume control in room? What if you aren't doing a volume control and wanted to use an ipod/ipad/smartphone would those speaker wires just run down to a central location?

Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks so much for anyone answering my dumb questions! I've just read so much and it'd really help to clarify these things so I can make sure I'm not missing anything.

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I just found this site:
Wow, that's a lot of info. Is there an easy way to do something like this, like an all in one cable?
It seems like a ton of wires, do I really need all of that, like all those phone jacks and coaxial cables, etc?
What would you want to have in the wall plate behind your tv for the main viewing area?

Here is a link that might be useful: how to wire a house

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basically what *I* would do with new contruction is to run 2 rg6 quad coax and 2 6pr cat5e/6 lines to every room, also prewire rooms for speakers and outside for patio, etc

cat5/6 will commonly be used for ethernet connection for hardwiring computers, video game, appletv, uverse, etc etc

you can run hdmi signals over ethernet if needed

so basically put cat5e/6 drops everywhere even where you thing you wont need it

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@ace_tx From what I've read a lot of people are suggesting what you said, so I'm thinking that would be a good idea....
can you just help me understand it a bit more?
Would I run all four of those wires to where the tv would be in the room? or only 1 rg6 quad coax and 1 6pr cat5e/6 lines to where the tv and they other 2 would be at a different location in the room?
(Then of course all those wires would run to the central location, right, and plug into what?, I'm not sure - guess I can figure that out later)

Are there any other cables I should have behind my TV in the main viewing area (assuming my dvd player and stuff are in a separate cabinet)?


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i'd run drops to opposite walls in rooms where furniture/tv arrangement changes, bedrooms 1coax/1cat5 on each side because you dont know which wall you'll put the bed on sometimes or place furniture

certain areas like built ins, above fireplaces, niches spots where tvs would go i'd put 2 coax, cat5, and prewire for speakers

and in say a kitchen 1 coax/cat5 for like a small tv

study, office, excercise, laundry rm etc you may want a tv or an ethernet/phone connection in there

so main rooms id do 2 drops of coax and category cable

and make sure to put at least 1 drop of each in other rooms

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Great thanks!!

just to clarify
you said "certain areas like built ins, above fireplaces, niches spots where tvs would go i'd put 2 coax, cat5, and prewire for speakers "
is that 2 cat5 as well or just 1?

If I want to keep my dvd player and anything else specific to the TV in that room is a separate cabinet than the tv (but still in the same room and not in the basement) what should I do?

Also, if I wanted to stream something from the computer to the tv would I run a cat5 or cat6 from the computer location directly to the tv?

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Hey @ace_tx
Since you've been so helpful and if you have time, I posted a lot more questions here:
You've answered a lot of them, but I was wondering if you'd mind going through this and answering the rest.
If you don't have time, I understand.

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