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goal128July 9, 2011

I started the hcg diet drops 2 days ago (loading) and I lost 1lb a day on loading. I purposefully started on Thursday to give myself the weekend days 3and4 to start the VLCD. So far I'm fine today. Will see how it goes from here. In the last few weeks I quit all artificial sweetners and sugary drinks (mostly sodas) and cut my caffeine way back. So I don't think I'll be having any headaches from those things. I think of this as a cleansing diet. It is meant to reset your system and start you back to be eating the right foods. Not an easy thing to do when we're constantly bombarded with fastfood commercials and other such things. Based on losing on my loading days I'm excited to see what the VLCD days produce.

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I had an apple for breakfast. Then had brocolli and crab for lunch. It actually seemed like a lot of food. Although, I had a reverse of protein and veggies. I usually eat more protein and less veggies. I do think water and tea are key (fluids).

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