gang? burglary and animal abuse

garnet150December 9, 2003

I was burglarized last month. A few days later, the neighbors came over. During our talk, they told of their own burglary, and said they COULD'NT prove it wasn't their son! I think it was. There was an incident where these people were gone for the weekend, and their son and friends were out yelling and making other noises, at 3 am. I called cops and reported them. Next thing, I get broken into, door kicked open, and frame and screen also need replacing. There have been rocks, golf balls, and other assorted trash found all over my yard. A few weeks before the burglary, someone was throwing rocks into my patio. In trying to figure out where the culprits were, I decided they were behind a brick wall in another yard. They were throwing the rocks to terrorize my 17 pound dog. She is in a fenced yard, and is no threat to anyone. There have also been rocks thrown into the window of my front bedroom, where the computer is. Funny thing, I can never spot anyone, when I look out. But in trying to figure it out, where are they when they throw the rocks, they almost have to be next door. I'm wondering if I should report this to police or gang squad or try to talk to the parents? I think the parents would want to know if this was being done to us by their kids. I'm almost as upset over the burglary and the loss of all our jewelry, gun and camera, as I am about them terrorizing my little dog. Can you nice folks give me some feedback on talking to the parents? Thanks.

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Have you asked the police for extra patrols? Do you have a Neighborhood Watch organization in your neighborhood? or a civic association to go to? First thing I'd do is get my pet indoors. They're liable to maim or kill her. If the kids are throwing from the yard next door, can you see footprints? I'd go to the family and ask if they are having this same kind of problem based on the fact that you both had similar burglaries. See what the reaction is.

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I assume since a gun was among the items stolen, the police were initially notified. I'd set up some video cameras cleverly around the house and see what evidence you can collect. I don't know the age of the boy involved but it does sound as if the parents realize he isn't a candidate for angel of the month award. Whether they'd admit their concerns to you that he could have been involved is another matter. I'd certainly do what I could to protect your dog.

We had a neighbourhood robbery that turned to be one of the teenagers on the court.

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My dog is safe inside the house now. In any case, the incidents of rock throwing all seemed to stop after the break in. It's in figuring out where they were when throwing the rocks, at the dog and at the front window, that I concluded it was the kid next door. I need advice about how to talk to his parents.

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it is pretty important to consider the age of the boy. assuming he is under 18- just begin with the facts--ending with your concern that "could it possibly be their boy" and LOTS more concern--focusing on the fact that this could be a boy in trouble and that you do not want your dog hurt ( do not focus on the material stuff). do not add alot of extra stuff and then BE QUIET. give them some space to ramble a bit and come to their own conclusion. Have thought out what you would like them to do-- just to know, to give him a consequence?, just for all of you to be "on the same team" for the child's sake and your dogs???

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Methinks any talk with the parents will work out better if you have hard proof. Chances are they'd find denial an easier route than any other.

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Be prepared to be totally dismissed by the parents. This kid didn't get that way because his parents are such strict disciplinarians. We had a kid in our subdivision that was a living nightmare. His parents were professional people that both worked while he ran amok. He blew up mailboxes...did wheelies in the street on their riding lawn mower, broke into homes, cars, stole children's bikes just for the sake of being mean. All his father would say is that "Boys will be boys". Whoever complained against his evil spawn was the villain in his eyes - not his precious fledgling Satan. You can't imagine our joy when the father's job required that they transfer out of state. You never saw a subdivision band together so tightly to help these people move. Our problem was lack of proof. Just because we saw it ...was not enough to get him to face legal consequances. They wanted solid proof. To many of these cops - this may have seemed like petty complaints - but it surely made our lives miserable while it was happening.

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