6 Week Body Makeover Program??

janet_ksJuly 6, 2005

Just wondering....has anyone ever used Michael Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover Program? If so, what did you think of it?



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I tried it acouple of years ago, but did not have the determination to execute the plan he wrote up.

In my opinion, it takes a lot of resolve and a very hard-driven person to get results this way. It also takes a fair amount of personal time, which I didn't have.

I wish you the best.

Go for it!

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My husband and I are currently trying it. It is NOT an easy program in some ways, yet very easy in others.

NOT easy because you are giving up Caffeine, Dairy, Sugar, Salt(which to me at first was FLAVOR), Fats, and many processed foods

EASY because it tells you what to eat when. Example I can eat 2 ounces of protein and 1/2 cup carbs at breakfast (example 2 egg whites, no yolks, and oatmeal) So I am not "running out of food" at the end of the day like I would on other plans. I've only been on it one week, let's see..it will take me way more than 6 weeks to make a difference, and I haven't gotten myself into the excercise part..which doesn't seemdifficult, I'm just having a hard time getting motivated.


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I should add too...no processed food means no bread. That is hard sometimes. So it means a potatoe and some chicken for lunch with a salad, not a sandwich. Rice replaces bread sometimes, etc.


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Found out a few days ago that a friend of mine has the program. She purchased it then didn't follow thru so I borrowed it and poured over it this weekend. There's no doubt in my mind that the program works, but I'm not sure I can do it. I'm a body type A which means mostly fish, but I'm going to need to add turkey and chicken or I won't be able to stick with it. No sugar and no bread or pasta will be hard, but good for me since I have blood sugar problems and of course, my favorite fruits are the ones I shouldn't have. And, I'll miss dairy as I like cheese and cottage cheese. I think the worst part of dieting is the planning that needs to go into it -- it's hard when you're on the go all the time.

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I've been doing it for two weeks now, as is my husband and son. Husband and I are A's, son is a B. We do mostly chicken, couldn't do that much fish. We got over the dairy pretty quickly (thought we'd miss it more, we didn't). The SALT is what we still miss the most. BUT on the otherhand. DH has lost 20 pounds and his legs are SOOO much less swollen (he has high blood pressure, should have given up salt long ago and wouldn't), and I've lost 14 pounds. SOme days are harder than others. WE have a LONG way to go, but this is doable.


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Congrats Vickey (and hubby) -- that's a wonderful start!! OK, I'm now inspired and going to give it a try. Would love to have 40 or 50 pounds off by the end of the year. You may already know about it, but I found this website with recipe ideas: http://chat.provida.com/forum/tt.asp?forumid=35. Thanks and good luck with the program!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe Exchange

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Update now 3 weeks, I'm down 18 pounds, and My husband is down 20 pounds (we cheated a little, went to the fair shared a SMALL fried cheese curds, finished off the kids SMALL dippin dots, and split a small malt). SO we were happy with the results.
DH Week 1 -11, Week 2 -9, Week 3 -4
ME Week 1 -7, Week 2 -7, Week 3 -4


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Me -8 this week. Total in 4 weeks 28 pounds
DH -2 this week. Total in 4 weeks 24 pounds


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Wow Vickey - CONGRATS!! I think the hardest part is just sticking with it. You guys are doing fantastic! You just might convince me to try this diet once again. A friend who was trying to lose some post-pregnancy weight recommended it to me last year. I tried it but had a hard time giving up salt (though my husband was successful at it.)

Two more weeks to go...Keep up the good work!

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dog mom,
The salt thing is the hardest part I think..okay and the drinking water for me, I really have a hard time, but there's a long story behind that. I don't know how long it takes to get over not wanting salt. I've tried to research the salt craving thing and can find nothing. I've heard once you give it up and then have salty things they're REALLY salty, but so far when I've cheated (yes I've cheated), all I can say is YUMMM SALT (think Homer Simpson and food). But I am amazed it is working. I am concerned that I am loosing too fast, but I think this weeks was because it is FINALLY that TOM (getting close to menopause, so I can't judge when TOM is coming anymore), and so average for last two weeks is 6. Which is still a little high. But their website says that the more you have to lose, the more you will lose at first (and I have a LOT to lose). I have to admit also that I haven't been exercising, I need to start that, but ...

Again the salt thing, work with the book, go to the website. There will be days and meals you just choke down and you know not to use them again. But there will be others you say FINALLY FLAVOR!!!


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When I tried it, I was a type C (meso endo). I lost a couple pounds, but nothing drastic. I don't have a lot to lose (maybe 10-15 lbs), but it seems that the older I get, the harder it is to lose despite the fact that I am exercising more.

I hate limiting my food choices, so I decided that if I was going to have that ice cream that I'd have to work out. I do Jazzercise 4 times a week, I walk the dog over two miles every morning and lift weights once a week. I'm a few months shy of 40 and I think the metabolism just took a siesta! I changed bcp's a few months ago and that's when the extra 10 lbs crept up on me. I had been trying low carb for a few weeks but it was just too much of a sacrifice of my favorite foods - fruit, sugar, potatoes, etc.

So maybe I will give Provida another shot. Who knows, maybe this time it will work!

PS - I bet if you added a little exercise, that would keep things moving. Just do a little walking everyday and see what happens!

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I really need to get motivated and feel like I could actually lose this fat I gained from quitting smoking.....Vickey or dogmom, could you explain the program to me.....

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Ruth, it is set up by body type, and depending on your body type (and sex) you eat certain types of food every two to three hours. Example I'm a type A (i don't remember more than that right now) for breakfast I eat a protein and a carb. Than a snack of a protein and a fruit. Lunch is a protein, carb and veggie. Afternoon snack is a protein and fruit, supper is a protein, carb and veggie. There is an evening snack, but I don't eat it, so I don't remember what it is, probably a protein and fruit. You can eat all the free veggies you want with any meal or snack, but NO SNACKING inbetween these meals. You are also to drink 100 oz of water a day. No salt, no sugar, no dairy, no added fats. No refined foods..meaning no breads. It is not really easy at first, but not reallyu hard either. The hardest part for me was: 1. giving up my morning latte (no dairy, no latte), 2. no salt meant no flavor..salt to me is a main flavor! BUT we are both seeing results. So we're going to keep trying.

It is spendy (but so was weight watchers), but you have 6 weeks from the day you purchase it to see if it will work for you to decide. If after a month you decide it wont work, return it. (Don't wait 6 weeks and 1 day, I've heard they are really sticklers about the six weeks thing).


Here is a link that might be useful: 6 weekmakeover link

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Thanks so much for the info...after I read your post I did some snooping around the internet and got at least some info...thanks for answering....

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I'm a big fan of the 6week bmo. I was on it for 3 weeks and lost 25 pounds without exercising. I have not gained any of it back in 3 months. I decided yesterday to start again and lose more. This time I'm going to exercise.

The reason I decided to start again is because I went to one of those bariatric surgery seminars to learn about that. Well, after the surgery you are on a diet that sounds exactly like the 6wbmo. AND..no sugar ever again, because you get something called an insulin dump which makes you feel sicker than you ever have been in your life. That's just not for me.

The 6wbmo is work. There's a lot of cooking involved, but it's good food. You cut out all the processed stuff. It didn't take me long to get used to the lack of sugar and salt. It makes the foods you used to love taste awful!

Anyway, just my take. Also, they have an awesome chat forum with a lot of support and great recipies so the food isn't so bland. provida.com

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We have a yahoo group dedicated to this weight program so if you need more support come by....


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clg.....I just don't get the reason why so many want to have that surgery either...It's a mystery to me...they have to do the exact same things to lose weight wether they have the surgery or not and yet they are willing to put themselves in a very dangerous situation. It's just too scary to me...

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OK makeover fans if you did another board just come and join us ....

we changed the name.....

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Have you tried the salt substitute? I have been reading all the materials and this is my first day on the program. It seems a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure it will work. There is a lot of prep work, but if I can get that down to a science and just pre-make all the food into containers to grab, it would be much more doable. I'm not giving up...I have 70 lbs to lose.
BTW - the salt substitute for salt free diets and Mrs. Dash seem to be great! I hate bland food - but Morton Salt makes a sodium free salt substitute that tastes like the real thing. Just an FYI...the divided baby plates with lids in the baby department are the PERFECT size for our portions.

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Ruthie G-I can't get in the group. Can you send me an invite link? Thanks!

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Missy I think we are the only ones still posting on this topic! I am ordering this plan today! I am not sure which place to order it from....I want to start eating the plan today, can you tell me where to find a list of what I can and cannot eat before my kit arrives? I dont' want to wait! I already did the profile, I am a type C. Have you stuck to it? THANKS!!

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slahgirl-I ordered the program a couple of weeks ago from Home Shopping for $99. plus S&H.They probably still have it on their website.I got it within 5 days of ordering it,and it has a 30 day money back guarantee.I did send it back though because it was much to complicated and time consuming for me.

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Has anybody had success with the Michael Thurmund program? If so, can you give me some information as to how hard it was, what body type you were, how long it took you, etc. I have ordered the program and should have it in about 2 weeks.

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Hi Kathiefc. I did the 6 week body makeover. I started Oct 06. I lost about 35 pounds by January. Missing the salt was the hardest for me but I love Mrs. Dashes marinades- my kids like them too-that's a plus for the whole family. After losing all the weight I was easily able to keep it off even when I cheated. I found that walking was the most important thing for me. If I stopped walking the weightloss was sluggish. I think once you get down a system that works for you -it;s easy. I bagged up all my food for the day and took it to work with me. I even took baked potatoes (in my pocket) to soccer games. I really tried hard not eat out for the first 4 weeks- but when I did I was just really careful at what I ate.
I have gained about 10 back but that is due to having surgery and not being able to move around or eat the way I need to. I am happily back on the diet to get rid of 10 or more pounds this time. Good luck to you!!

P.S. I don't have a treadmill but I walk in my house everyday- too cold right now outside. I find a good DVD, pop it in and walk in place for about an hour. Time goes by so quick!

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What's your guess as to the suitability of this program for vegetarians?

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Hey everyone :-)

I'm a B... or I was... I retyped and it seems I'm now a C. I've lost 29 pounds, with 6 more to go. I have the cards for all 5 body types for men, and all EXCEPT the C for women!!!!! Would anyone be willing to share with me what the combos are for the 6 meals? I've been doing homework on the Provida site, pouring thru the recipes, trying to figure it out... I think I have most of it, but I sure would appreciate someone sharing the women's type C.


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Hi I have a 14 yr old daughter who wants to lose about 20lbs. Is this plan for all ages? I feel younger teens need different things. She is working out 30min in the evening but I told her its not called "going on a diet" Its just a healthy diet for life. Does any one have any advise. Iam considered underwieght and iam tring to gain so Iam needing advise so her and I can be healthy together. HELP

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I did the 6 week body make over diet a few years ago. I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks. No doubt that it does work but you have to be committed to it and it is very limiting. Even so, I am toying with the idea of doing it again. I had trouble with the caffeine and sugar. I love my coffee with creamer and sugar. After cutting it out for 3 days I got a terrible headache. I cheated a little and made a cup of coffee. After just a half cup the headache disappeared. I had no problems after that.

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I have tried the 6 week body make over and have lost 32 lbs and have been able to maintain the weight loss for almost a year. To me it was an easy diet, you just have to be serious about losing weight. In addition my wife has lost 32 lbs and has been able to maintain the loss. Over the holidays I cheated and gained about five lbs. I got strict and was able to lose the five lbs and four more. This has been one of the easiest diets I have been on and plan on eating this way the rest of my life.

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So, I'm really thinking of doing this. In the last year I've had two surgeries including a c-section with my 3rd daughter. I also quit smoking and I was Jb grad school before that. So, needless to say, ivw put on a lot of weight. I've always been a bigger girl, but I want to get to a more manageable weight. I cannot see myself at that ideal weight for my height ever. So, question, can you use sugar substitutes like splenda? Also, what about just one cup of coffee a day? What about diet soda? There are just some things I can't give totally up like caffeine. I've gave up cigarettes, so the caffeine has to stay. I just want to know what I'm getting into.

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Do you have to follow this diet for the rest of your life? That's pretty extreme to me. I'd prefer a diet I could live with so I don't set myself up for failure. But everyone is different. Whatever you decide talk to your doctor first.

I live with Weight Watchers

I wish you the best of luck,

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You can have coffee and tea on this diet... So I'm not sure why some comments on here say no caffeine...

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I didn't get the impression that you couldn't have caffeine, it's just what you take in your coffee that's the problem. No milk or sugar. You can use sugar subs but nothing for the milk.

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I actually ordered this product in 2005, tried it for a day and gave up. I didn't send it back; stuck it under the bed to collect dust. Now it's March 2011 and I dusted it off and started to really read everything. I'm a B with a slow metabolism and was a B in 2005 (re-did the questionnaire). I didn't want to be a B because there is no red meat (not to mention no milk, butter, and bread for now), but I made up my mind last weekend to do this. I read everything over again, started on Monday and I've lost 4 pounds in 2 days, so it works. I'm 55 and haven't exercised in years and working myself up to a full mile walk on the treadmill this week (currently doing about 1/3 of a mile twice a day). I will start looking at the toning exercises within the next couple of weeks. This is NOT as difficult a program as I originally thought in 2005. I must confess I've already cheated by using a little half 'n' half in my coffee and a tiny bit of salt. Old habits are hard to break, but I've still lost weight. So, those who don't think it works are sadly mistaken. Perhaps you didn't do the questionnaire properly to obtain your correct body type. But, if you are honest with yourself on the questions and have a little determination it will work and you need to remember, it's not forever, and simply a lifestyle change. You have to really look at the card for your plan, if you don't like what's there, it tells you what protein, vegetable, etc. to use and you just pick a substitute from the handy little book they give you. You don't go hungry, you eat a lot to the point it's almost annoying! If I may make a suggestion... on a weekend, read the book thoroughly, then start on a Monday, and review the book as needed. It will work and I hope those that are skeptical will give it a try. Those like me who had the plan and stuck it somewhere and haven't followed through, please do so. I firmly believe it's the best decision I've made in years and will be yours as well!

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Like Lauri B said, Some may not be answering the questions in the questionnaire right. I purchased this program 3 years ago, did it for two days, then quit. I let one of my friends review the book and,it, mysteriously disappeared. I re-ordered it, placed it in my truck, then my truck was hit. We took everything out, in trash bags, placed them in them garage and threw away the trash, by mistake, along with my 6WBMO. I re-ordered the book, again, and have, finally, started the diet. What needs to be available for this diet to work is dedication, maturity, and motivation. I don't want to weigh myself until my second week. I am on my 5th day and am noticing a difference in my waistline and knees. I am a hairstylist and, usually, after standing on my feet and shifting from leg to leg over 12 hours, my knees begin to hurt. I haven't experienced any pain/discomfort - my knees seem to be improving. I've cheated slightly -my kids had pizza and I took a slice of yellow and green bell pepper off a slice, and,,today, I didn't have my balsamic vinegar (which seems to help my sweet craving) and placed a half teaspoon of ranch dressing on my meat for taste).
What everyone needs to understand is, this is a better, corrected way of eating for your particular body type. What's more important, pizza or a heart attack or diabetes. The foods we eat are something we need to learn to control, mentally. We eat processed foods - all the wrong foods- not looking at the big picture in the end. I would rather do this program with regular foods than food I have to purchase which is loaded in sodium or being dependent upon diet pills, or surgeries, for the rest of my life. In advance, I thank you, Mr. Thurmond and will keep u all posted on my progress.

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While I was pregnant, I had diabetes...and then high blood pressure. I was on a strict diet for the diabetes. I lost weight while on this diet (it's much like the 6wbmo diet). After I had my baby, my diabetes was gone, so I pigged out on sugars, cereals, etc. I am seriously overweight, but porportioned, so it never looked too bad until the last 3 months (from pigging out on suger!). I was up at 3 am one night feeding the baby and saw an infomercial for this program. I was so amazed that I wrote it down and the next day ordered it online. I received the package last week and started my diet two days ago. I cooked all day on Sunday...made my entire weeks worth of meals. This makes it so much easier to follow...having a schedule of what to eat and when. I miss the salt (like many others), but I have already noticed my level of energy raise, my motivation is skyrocketing and as of this morning, I have already lost 5 pounds...which they say if you are substantially overweight, you will lose a lot in the first couple of weeks. I am so excited to lose weight and finally know how to go about doing it.

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Could anyone help me on the substitutions, I bought the program never got into it really but want to try again I have everything but the book that tells me what I can use to substitutefor the different types of food, I'm body type A. If someone can help me pls let me know and maybe we can email each other thank you so much!

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I ordered this program Jan last year tried it for a couple of days couldn't do it. I thought it was too hard, no salt, lot of time preparing meals. Since then I gained an additional 10lbs trying every fad diet. I'm going to give this another chance started today. Not as hard as I thought, I have no choice but to stick with this if I want to see result. Fingers crossed.

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I'm thinking this is the "plan" for me. Which site is the best to purchase from? The website seems pricey..any suggestions?

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I have been up and down in my weight for years....I lost over 100lbs and kept it off for almost 8 years but then it crept back up on me.....I've tried everything in the past few years and my weight kept creeping back on......i started this diet 6 days ago and I've lost 13lbs...yes it is very time consuming, and I have 6 teenage boys living in the house that I also have to cook for! I cook my meals twice a week and just heat them up when I'm ready to eat. There is a great chicken noodle soup recipe in the book that is easy to make in 30mins and full of flavour! I have tried over 15 recipes and I think you just have to find ont that's right for you! Even my boys like some of my food and they enjoy some meals with me! I am having problems with the egg whites! Does anyone have tasty ideas for morning breakfast?


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I did this diet five years ago and lost 36lbs in 4 weeks and I thought it was great,the only problem that I had was with milk, I started to crave it. So I started to let myself have soy milk once a week and that seemed to help.
If you want something good for breakfast with egg whites look up the recipe for french toast, I thought it was really close to tasting like the real thing without using bread.
I am getting ready to start the diet again, because I did so good and quit it when I got pregnant and never started it again but now I am to the point I need to do soemthing taking to many meds for health issues.

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I tried this program about 4 yrs ago and went through the whole program, the first week is the hardest because your body wants all the stuff you don't need, the bread,the sugars,salt.But after the first week the cravings stop. I was a size 12 180lbs when I started,at 6 weeks I was a size 4 and 120 lbs.I loved the results I was seeing my legs were firmer, my arms smaller,I was starting to see a 6 pack ab I must say that all my pains,migraine headaches,sinuses,joint pains,neck pain, all went away when I was on the Program.I stopped the program at 6 weeks only because my metabolism was super fast at this point and I felt I was losing way too much weight, I still kept the weight off for 2 yrs, I have since gotten a bit of the weight back but I am ready to start all over again with the exception that this time I plan to stick it out for the long haul in other words after the 6 week is over continue with the modified after 6 week version. I loved the way I felt back then and the exercises are reachable and not difficult. I did recently try the P90X and I couldn't handle it, the exercises were too difficult and lost interest. I highly recommend the 6 week body makeover to anyone just starting out on an exercise program you eat all day lose weight and 15 minute exercise you can't beat that. oh and by the way I promise you wont crave the sweets as the fruit takes care of that problem just don't cheat and you will see, your taste buds will learn to love the fresh fruits,veggies,meats without the salts or sugars.

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All of your stories are very encouraging, and are making me want to try this program even more. My only problem is that I can't afford it. Is there anyone willing to share theirs with me for a lower cost? Either make copies, or if you're done with it, sell it to me cheaper? I don't make much money and am beginning school in the fall, but I have high cholesterol and really need to lose 20-30 pounds. If anyone cam help me out, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you, and good luck to every one!

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Congrats to all that have lost weight on the 6 week BMO by Michael Thurmond. I have a question, I would like to lose up to 110 pounds and I know that it say 6 weeks. Do you start the program from the beginning of every six weeks? How does that work?


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I really would like to try the program but I can't afford it. Anyone out there who would be willing to lend copy or sell at a cheaper price? Just starting out on my own and need to lose 30 lbs. Thanks so much.

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I really want to try this program-would be happy to drop about 40lbs. my problem is this..the milk thing...can you have skim or 1% milk? I have a bad stomach and many times the only thing that helps is milk..help!

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I have purchased the program but it has not yet arrived. I am very encouraged by all of your posts since I don't really eat bread, pasta, or sweets. I do think milk will be my biggest problem. I quit smoking, got out of a bad relationship, then had some major troubles in my life...all in all, I gained 80lbs in 2 years and now I can't lose it. I am somewhat active as I walk about 3 miles a week and play tennis about 4 hours a week. I do admit, I eat a lot of take out because I am a really busy single mom of an equally busy teenager. I certainly hope I can make this work.

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Hi, I purchased this program and have not received it either yet, but very excited, and now looking at all the posts, encouraged to do this..In 2001, I weighed 420 pounds, alittle over 2 yrs ago, I decided to lose the weight..I started the gym, (still at it) and today I weigh 220 pounds. As you can see, YES, I have come along way..and still plugging at it. But NOW, Im just "maintaining" my weight..its been since Feb since I really couldnt drop any weight..people telling me, well maybe your just dropping inches..doesnt look it?! I go to the gym 5 days a week, treadmill, elipitical, and sometimes the bike. But people say you can be doing to MUCH cardio..well, I decided to try and stick to this..I found out Im a type C on this program..Im really hoping it will help out..GOOD LUCK to you all!! *Peace*

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Can you eat any oils on this plan, such as olive oil, flax oil, and fish oil. I am thinking of doing this plan, but I like to eat oil, especially for the Omega3 fats that people say are important for the brain. Also I can't imagine eating veggies without some sort of dressing that would usually have an oil....It sounds like people are getting great results but I would like to know before ordering if any oils are allowed and also if fish is allowed? thanks

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I just saw the infomercial for the 6wbmo and after reading all of these posts I would love to try it. But, I'm also a student and I'm not sure I can afford it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could obtain the program another way? Please email me.

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I pruchased this program several years ago and set it aside. The other day I saw a commercial on tv and decided to dust it off and give it a try. I've read thru the whole book and found that I am a body type C. The only thing that bothers me about this program it that other then telling you what amount of protines, carbs veggies and fruit you can eat at each meal or snack, the list of choices is very limited. There are very few recipies in the book. I did not see any recipies for egg whites that are supposed to taste like french toast nor did I see any for soup. I've been trying to figure out a weekly menu that will fit into my day without eating the same thing over and over. I sit at a desk all day and can not get up anytime I want to heat up food. Can some one help me with meal planning?

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Hi I am just in my first week of the program and I am wondering if there is a book or site to find suggested menus?? I don't want to get bored with the same foods but I am not a good cook and run out of ideas quickly. Thanks, Jean

    Bookmark   June 23, 2011 at 6:36PM
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I recently purchased this an i am waiting for it to arrive.
Will post an update shortly.

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I started today with just taking notes from a friend. Someone asked about recipes and if you go to this link there are some. I havent fully explored those forums yet but so far I checked out some recipes, they tell you what body type they are for also. Wish me luck, I have about 50lbs to loose. Reading everybody's comments here have motivated me alot!

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipes and support website

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I just ordered this program a half hour ago and am slightly regretting it after reading these posts. I have said it often that my vices, caffine, wine, and chocolate are three things I absolutly can not give up. I can give up salt, dairy, bread, most sugar (already drink my coffee black and do super dark chocolate). I only need to loose 15 pounds, but since my thyroid problem developed, it might as well be 100. Has anyone lost weight on this plan without giving up everything they are told they have to?

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hi everyone i just read all the great comments on the 6wbmo and im very impressed my problem is i live in Guyana south america and i was wondering if anyone think we can get the ingredients to make the meals in this tropical country...and also if anyone is done with your programme can u plz sell it to me..

    Bookmark   July 2, 2011 at 10:01AM
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I lost 97 lbs on 6wbmo. It came off pretty fast. It's not really hard to stick to but the meals take a lot of preparation. I was cooking for my family and then for myself and packing all of my containers of food to take to work with me. I have been off of the plan for about two years and gained about 55 pounds back. Recently I started a meal delivery plan which is very convenient and very easy to stick with but I'm just not getting the same results as I did on the 6wbmo. I'm thinking about going back on it to lose about40 more pounds to get back to where I was plus a few less. 6wbmo is the best plan out there if you have the time for all of the cooking and packing.

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second day on the 6 week body makeover, I like that the food is spaced out but every time I finish eating I find it's time to eat again. I am going to have to make a whole bunch of meals and put it in little containers. I can't even get to leave the house....lol. But all in all I don't find myself hungary, I was wondering if I started to walk more will the weight come off faster do I need to increase my carbs...I don't want to screw up a good thing....

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I just received my kit and I'm so excited to get started. I'm going shopping tomorrow, preparing food on Sunday and eating on Monday! I am so ready for this Fat to be gone!!!! My only issue is giving up my Mt. Dew :/ Also what is a dressing you use for your salads? If you will please share with me, Thanks!

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Use Vinegar on your salad or Walden Farms makes all flavors of dressing with "nothing" in them. No fat, calories, sodium, carbs, nothing. They are so tasty. My favorite are the Italian and amazing 1000 Island. So good!!

Good luck everyone!!

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I purchased this plan in August of 2007 and did lose about 12 pounds the first month but I did cheat during that time. Life got in the way and I stopped eating according to the plan. Now that I am no longer under stress and motivated to get back into shape, I've dusted off my copy and am starting again. I have not found it too difficult to give up sugar, dairy (which is so high in mucus), caffeine, etc. It's just getting rid of bad habits and you feel so much better!!

I just turned 65, post menopausal so the weight gain has been difficult. My goal is to lose 50# YEA!!

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Hey, Everybody: I just joined this site and have been reading your forum conversation. I, too, purchased the 6-week body makeover about 3 years ago, but I mistakenly categorized myself as a B instead of a C body type. I wasn't losing anything and gave up! Then this summer, I redid the questionaire and realized I was a C body type. I lost about 35 lbs. in 10 weeks. What I reallly loved was that I was only required to walk, but as I started to lose, I wanted to jog a bit and swim again. I have since gained back about 15 lbs. due to eating like a pig for 4 months, but - because of your encouraging words - I am going to restart the 6 week body makeover and finish losing those 40 lbs. Thanks, you guys. Good luck to you!

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Hello my name is Tabatha and I am new to this. I recently bought a Michae 6 weeks body make over program off of Ebay. Well to my surprise I am missing the note book. infinite food planner, my exercises description pages for the exercises for my body type, quick start cd, and exercise cd. Bummer. Anyway I am in a dispute with the seller,but would love to get started. Is there anyone who could send me a list of the proteins, carbs and vegetables for body type c? I have the fast track menu card. But I know chicken will get old soon. Thanks in advance. Hopefully she will send those things of I will be able to get my money back.

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