Today I'm getting serious...

kate75July 16, 2007

About sheding this extra ten pounds I put on. I'm going to start out slow and "hope" to get back in shape. Weaning off the bread and sweets is going to be the hardest part.

I used to workout 4 days a week. But I just got "tired" and now I can't eat like I used too b/c it SHOWS!

I'm off on my run/walk, I hope in a few weeks I'm back to my 2 mile jog. Sad thing is, I "KNOW" what works, I just got lazy :-(

Wish me luck!

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Good luck Kate!
I am in a similar boat. I too know what works but finding the motivation has been so hard lately. I don't know why I can go along smooth sailing for several weeks and then all the sudden just not have the will to keep going. grrr!

DH and I have decided to jump back on the boat together which means portion control and exercise. We are going to Chicago for Christmas so that is going to be our short-term goal and we'll set another after that.


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Thanks amare,

Maybe we can keep giving each other encouragement. I know it not easy... I have 7-10 stinkin' pounds that won't budge :-) But I'm really trying to stay focused. OK, I'm off for my run.

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